Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cal Graves presents ... VHS LOVE


p.s. Hey. Today the heavily talent-infused Cal Graves has applied his gifts to the food of the gods, i.e. gifs, which, I have it on high authority, is all those picky gods will eat. And the result is smart, saucy, and so much more. Nothing is guaranteed in this life, but I'll wager you had plenty of fun, at the very least, scrolling down to this p.s., and why don't you tell Cal about that presumed fun in your comments du jour? Thank you a literal ton, Cal. ** Nick Toti, Hi, Nick, Welcome to here! And thank for penetrating here. Yes, it's crazy, but I somehow completely spaced on the euthanizing roller coaster while I was gathering the coasters for the post, an oversight that boggles my mind. But, thanks to you, I can slip it in belatedly. Everyone, kindly blog visitor Nick Toti would like to direct your attention to a roller coaster that makes all the coasters I showed you yesterday seem like milquetoast. If you don't already know of it, it's a roller coaster that kills its riders via euthanasia. You want to see/know this coaster. And you can. Here. Thank you again very much! Please come back anytime! ** David Ehrenstein, I couldn't watch your ROLLER GIRL due to the video being withheld from people who love in the country in which I live. Sucks. ** _Black_Acrylic, I know, right? I forget what Battersea is actually being transformed into. Let me guess ... luxury apartments? ** Steevee, I haven't played Roller Coater Designer or Roller Coaster Tycoon, another coaster-building computer game, but I've watched people have at them, and I've observed some youtube demos, and I really need to play them, that's for absolutely sure. Have you? 'Gueros' is noted, and I will investigate it asap. On an entirely different note, today I'm seeing 'San Andreas' on opening day on a huge screen in 3D, and I could not be more excited, but disaster movies are catnip to me. ** Misanthrope, Man, the waiting game. When should the serving happen? Candles lit, sigils drawn, gods prayed to, authorities paid off, and everything else I can do from here to make it happen easily. I have to scrunch into most coaster cars myself due to height issues. No, I never raise my arms, not because I'm scared but because I think it's uncouth. ** Paul Curran, Hi, Paul. I know, about Battersea, sigh. They should wrap one of those around the Louvre. Yeah, I've definitely thought about the positives of skipping Tokyo summer. We'll see. As I think I said, it'll be a trip both to Tokyo and to Australia, so it's a biggie, and we need to find a considerable swath of free days. Taiwan, that should be really interesting. Never been there. Have always wanted to. Cool. 'Japanese Democracy' ha ha. 'Japanese "Smile",' at the very, very least. ** Kyler, Hi, K. Space Mountain is nice, but it's kind of wussy. Not that I'm saying you're a wuss. It only. Why has the competition at WSP grown more competitive than it was before, if that's what you mean? Who are your biggest competitors? Do let us know when that guy does that thing with your book. Sweet. I'm good. The new piece with Gisele is going to hugely surprise people at the very least. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi,T. I think the only ones that will possibly become real are the ones proposing to use advancing tech. The ones that are 80% fantasy will likely remain so. Sadly. ** Bill, Whoa, the Legendary Pink Dots. That's a massive oeuvre to explore. They're very awesome, as you already know. Gosh, ... 'The Maria Dimension' is incredible. 'Asylum' is as well. I could go on, but those two are really up there. Hm, I should do a LPD gig. Maybe I will. Fine day to you, Mr, H. ** Okay. Wiggle back up into Cal's sterling stack, please. See you tomorrow.