Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween: Rerun: 88 (orig. 09/26/13)


Hey. It's Halloween! What are you going to do tonight? I have no idea what I'm going to do since I wrote this four days ago while I was still in Paris. I'm sure I've figured something out by now. Do it up!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meet Hyena, deadtwinkswontsayno, Bag, LittleBittyBuck, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of October 2014


Whateverhappen, 24
SM is a good word. I thought it was bad but in fact I felt it very attractive.

Safe is first then some unsafe.

I think I like
Choke/ fist

Don't know what I'm liking yet.

All that you want and a little bit that I want?

Thanks I did the procedure.


MyLifeSucks, 19
Hi there, thanks for taking the time to give this a read!!! I guess I should start off by saying I'm a bit of a novice, but I make up for this in eagerness and enthusiasm!

So, my wish is ... Make me FAT!!! My current goal is about 300-350 lbs. I want a guy who wants a fat slave, loves it and revels in it, molds me like clay, splashes me like a puddle 24/7/365.

It's about the journey and transformation for me: What is that food doing to me? what am I doing to myself? Why am I the one it’s happening to?


SlaveAnimalNoGame, 20
Slave Animal/object/tools/pig totally EXTREME or else forget me.

I totally SURRENDER 1000000000% to the Master minimum 50 Years to 90. if you believe Im talk to much, or to much ass hole,Just say SHUt UP and TOOK mE.

i have not save word or limit. some master need to read dictionary for understand the term reality and no limit.

with me no limit pervers sadist violent horror. if you have an apartment without dungeon, forget me.

That not want mean, i not cry,not scream or try to escape, fight, protect,im looking for reality , not performer of bdsm gamer , that never game for me,only real thing,and I can do a lot of a different thing.

YOu DECIDE ,NOT ME because you can also decide permanent ABUSE until the end. if you don't want THE END of me come on guy ,Wake UP, change of book, the marquis of sad,see the book Hostel, or saw, much better.

you make i sign all contract you want , no limitations,i want contract for termination or forget me. write and solve everything.


ITakeIt, 20
Looking 2 get used, fucked in MY Head, have guys Jack off with their DickHead in my Eyes, Fuck my Eye holes, Piss & SpOOgE in them. Nose Fucking, Cut my NOstrils open big enough, Throat Rape, Ears Fuck, Stab a entrance in my Ears first, Rape my Ear Holes, Stab holes in my Head, Rape Them---->PISS all over my place (TV Carpet Laptop Desk etc), THROW EGGS all over my ROOM...I'll cover ga$ and more. Hot Boy Pig.


LuminousSphexHideaway, 24
I need to save me from myself, and all this heartache this bullshit world has given to thee.

I've only been with a guy drunkenly once, where he but raped me, and I liked this world.

I'm a former model - decided to call it quits because of the vanity driven environment - I don't think it's good for the soul.


Farfaraway, 20
First of all, i am sexaddicted and cant Control my own sexuallity.
i am slim and is ok lokking due to other Men.
Am i a sexslave or a slut?
As a slave i knoww i cant have any limit but i dont like scat and piss.
i have start thinking that i maybe not is a sexslave after all, maybe i am just a slut.
i wondering if a dominant Man, Master, Owner or what ever You call Yourself can tell me what i really am.


BottomsUpFeetFirst, 24
Hi older jock dad types (generally about (35ish to 65) that are a lil on the taller side white and black guys.

If you cant tell already i love having my feet toes and soles licked kissed and bitten and getting pedicures too.

I want to have a reg daddy pay for my expensive pedis and get to worship and tickle my feet after as a reward (sorry not into other guys feet only receiving).

Also curious about getting fucked.

I promise im not ugly.


nolimitfuckingshitslavelegend, 22
gold ass.
it's impossible to write about myself in such a small square.


LittleBittyBuck, 21
my Master is very clear about what i am. He says, "sissies like you arent real men, thats why they need to be kept ridiculously femme, for all to mock them and know just what they are."

Starting in October, i have to go to Club Silverstone in Tacoma on Thursdays so everyone can see what i am in my full sissy attire. i will buy you a drink if you piss in my diaper. i am required to have my diaper sag below my dress by midnight. i must lisp and prance around the entire evening.

i am looking for Men to have coffee with during the day on Friday and Saturday while i'm in full sissy attire.

On Friday night i will go to the mini-dungeon in Tacoma where i will be humiliated, tied up, paddled, violently degraded, abused and fucked. Please ask my Master then if you want to fuck me.


aussiejock19, 19
I've got a superman fetish. I like being tied up in costume and roleplaying the defeated superhero.

Can also play the villain if you fit the costume and can act the part.

I would also like a really sadistic coach to help me with swim practice.

Will pay for motel. Just show up.


whole-blood, 18
Scared newbie looking to be owened and put to sleep.
18,but I've been told I look younger.
Do what you do, no far is too far, once you start thinking like that, you bore me.
Or at least as long as you want to keep me alive.
Kinda scared and nervous,but wanting to.
Honestly always wanted to get killed.
It's the souls purpose of my excistence.

NOTE: The statements that previously were on this page were written by a boy who was having an adverse side-effect to a psycho-sensitve drug. He was on this drug because of a severe disability. The statements he made at that time do not reflect his beliefs or his situation. He is currently under the care of doctors and caretakers, and his situation is being closely monitored. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Hop3ful, 23
if u dont have a fido im not interested looking for a master who will share me with fido

also only very obese old master in ur 70s or 80s whos not died of a stroke or heart attack

looking to be squashed by a very huge n very old guy whos a fido owner in Melbourne only

i dont like plastering my face all over the internet because of an incident at work


Bag, 22
Take me away I don't care.

Loved my face punching, best night of my life.

I have a thin face with a look very pig.

I took the punch on the face.


Snakebite, 22
I want to do kinky stuff can u help me make everything louder?

I am not the girl boy that u are looking for because I am damn so silly.Silly in away that I talk none sense ..

But I will definitely be the slave that u are looking for. Because I will give u all the love and ass and mouth in the world. (that sounds so cheesy) but its the only way u can say it!

I am not totally ur ordinary girl boy ..

I love to write but I don't know how. I love sing but I am so out of tune. I love to draw but every stokes seems so wrong. i know how to dance but not really. I like cats. I also like puppies but only when they're in bag in the river.


Deathiseatingme, 21
I'm a scumbag horror slave. obsessed with all things gory especially if it could be me - boom. with blood and rage of crimson red ripped from my body so freshly dead together with are hellish hate you will slaughter and char me this is my fate. cannibal corpse. ingested. basement torture killings. gorelord. butchers harem. toecutta. fetus eater. hear my music @ - boom.


deadtwinkswontsayno, 21
i dont know, what to say.

so u are bored about normal People?
im young pig bottom,but i don't know how long i stay in warsaw.
just few days maybe longer, depends...

into poppers, roughed up, slapped, tossed around, spit on face, sticking fingers in my mouth while u r deep inside me sorta thing.

u can't forget me after sex. its challenge


Hyena, 18
Hello | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) I'm a 18 year old, Pansexual, dyslexic kid and vegetarian from Broughty Ferry who has the humor of a 12 year old and constantly makes bad puns and "that's what she said" jokes and who loves to play with his ass.

I've been playing with my ass since I was 8 and it just got hungrier and hungrier. When I'm not fisting my ass I'm either watching Creepypasta, studying or at the pub.

Never really came out, just don't want the fuss.

Piss Enema I.e. I'm interested in tunnel plugs to open my hole and fill with piss or cum
Gang fist (more the merrier)
Double fisting (I can't do it alone, I tried)
Slavery (I am usually in control of my ass, would love to let someone else have a go)

Good smell (from head to toe!)
Need a new phone - and ready to do anything to get it

I know im curvy
I know i have bomb ass eyeliner skills
I know that i look like a female
3. YES I HAVE A DICK, do not message me creepy shit.


Teenagedrobot, 20
Found myself afraid to submit so had hypnosis used with mind control techniques to make me unable to resist. Have implanted triggers to help the Master enslave me. Any Master who says or writes the trigger phrases below will cause me to not only do but crave what they describe and whatever else the Master thinks the words mean.

Psycho Torture
Whip Torture
Carving Torture
Enema Torture
Fire Pain Session
Toilet Drowning
Ass collapse
Chem Overdose
Stop Breathing Experience
Death Resurrection Service

Call me now. Rapid organization.


slave194use, 21
im slave who want to be experimented on i total no limits , i been tortured whipped flogged burnt want it all over again not afraid of anything ,
i dont want meet someone and all they do is talk i dont want someone to care about me i want someone that will use me and make me a slave that is hurting all time make me feel liek a slave

i am looking f for someone to publically mark me were it can be seen i aint afraid i do anything

dont message me and ask me what i am after or into because i am what you want


TheSummit, 18
I'm young.
-by definition. I'm 18 years old, LOL, *wink, wink* More young than you can think.

I'm fresh.
-my mouth's fresh. My eyes are fresh, too. I taste fresh. I sound fresh.

I'm clean.
-keep your lubricants ready at all times! I'm willing to get carried across every bridge,Face the hurricanes and go through tornadoes, do anything at anytime w/ a guaranteed erection!

I'm cool.
-I'm cooler than fire. Normal temperature: 36 degrees centigrade.

I'm fun.
-want jokes? want awesome jokes? want inappropriate jokes? want corny jokes? whatever. bottomline: i can and will make you laugh, if ever. I'm a happy person but grieving inside.

I'm quiet.
-loud music is my home. I want to be deafened, tired, drained, warned-out, hunted, lost, broken, confused, angry, bleeding, biter, betrayed and unhappy. With all the events of my life that taken recently, some of them reached the very mysterious dense.

I'm crazy.
-i heard voices since a kid that dictate w/c is forbidden in the air, to do BAD.

I'm honest.
-base on others testimonies, they thought me at first that I was cute and very strange at the same time. And believe you, they always get irritated when i used to tell jokes esp. to those people who I newly encountered because i can't stop, it's a mania. But flattered to know, after they get to know and fuck my body, i was inversely and a counter part of those description they used to describe me, that what they said.

What else???
-at least, you have little ideas on your mind on how i appear personally which will be you basis at the same way to decide whether you want me to own or not. But honestly, my whole personality ... its yours. I don't care about it. Feed it up.

-some cash wouldn't bother me.


Craig, 22
So I don't really like to suck dick or get fucked or anything gay but what I just love is to give Extreme pleasure to gay guys so tell me what you want and if it isn't gay I'll do it if that makes sense.


MakeMeFetch, 24

I eat out of dog bowls, drink out of toilets, crawl on all fours, sleep on the floor, only bark/ growl, relieve myself on newspapers, that sort of thing. I have many friends who have never heard me speak a word of English.

Then comes the sex part. I'm in my early twenties, and sex is awesome, I really don't give a fuck.

I want to be deprived of human functions and transformed into an absolutely rubberized toy dog. I want no contact with anyone I ever spoke English to again.



NeedToBeSnuffed, 19
Good looking young guy who is too fucked up and should go away wants a hot leather man to come and put a bullet in my head in NYC.


p.s. Hey. And today you get a brief respite from the reruns thanks to this fresh batch of slaves. You guys know what to do. I hope all is/are well!