Monday, November 30, 2015

Meet Alaskan, CONTAGIOUSSCREAM, HatesLife, djdjdjdjdkkekslsksksks, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of November 2015


Ilovedonedreamman, 22
I loved one dream man, now I am lone. I dont know what I will do now...

I am here for remove out of the world forever no for dates please understand it

...and stop asking me about my personality


slave201455, 20
I know sound strange but dont weant be human want be striped of humanity become a animal . would love to lose my mind thru drugs and surgeony and head damaging and become mindless animal/slave. I isn't a fantasist just something I crave life willing to do anything on it.


Alaskan, 19
I am searching for a home.
not married, no kids, single, no allergies/health issues, non smoker/light drinker.
need a master or something.


1st master was 400 lbs didnt want to use me sexually,(oral/anal). he had an amazing dungeon, 250k worth of stuff. he ended up moving out of state for work. i was 14 and wasnt seeking a LTR.

2nd mentor turned out to be a switch, which really was a turn off for me. he had a great dungeon as well, for Milwaukee it was great. he fucked me and had me suck him. GREAT man but he died of pancreatic cancer.

3rd mentor also didn't fuck me or have me suck him. he is a lawyer/professor and has a pretty big ego. i remember hearing the Chicago city traffic outside of his building... and i felt so happy. things didn't matter to me like it used to etc.

4th master stalked me for weeks before drugging me. i was kidnapped to another state. he was insanely into me and very vicious, violent. his live in bf had a major issue with a 16 year old becoming a 24/7 live in slave. so i walked away from situation was very hard to do.

It stays with me and know as I am.


Anonymous - 31.Oct.2015
i wish i can be a toilet for him


Anxiety, 18
I am depressed and wanting to try something. Therefore I'm willing to try anything with a Dom/master no matter how raunchy or painful just to stop my depression.

I've only seen this in porn. Now I want to try it.

I am basically looking to be distracted by sadists.

I am not interested in just having sex unless it is VERY SEX.

I am French I am using Google Translate.


noveltyisdead, 22
It is a model, somewhat successful. It has done campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Jeremy Scott, and others. At 16, encouraged by others, it thought devoting its life and career to becoming a walking-nontalking vehicle for its attractive looks would erase the pain caused it by the average, uninteresting nature of everything else about it and inside it. It has tried this approach for years, but that has not happened, not at all. So now it is here where it should always have been.

It is ready to become a model of a different kind, of the ultimate kind, a gimp. It wants to have its identity, including its all-important looks, taken away. This involves being fitted into a bondage suit designed to cover the head and body completely including the hands and feet, fitting it closely. There can be suitably placed zippers, so nipples, ass, cock, and balls will be accessible to Master while the suit is worn.

It expects to be gagged at all times only to be removed for meals and to suck Master's Cock. It will learn to communicate with eyes, moans, and body language. It will be completely sealed off from the outside world so that it's mind is trapped within the suit itself. The suit creates a prison, keeping the body trapped inside of it for as long as Master desires. At some point it will be permanent, only taken out of the suit once a week for cleaning.

Being a gimp will free it to surrender upon the deepest levels, no name, no face, no identity. Being faceless will remove all guilt it may have about agreeing to model nothingness, to have a Master take away its looks, its only reason to exist, and encase it in a life of anonymous motion. Upon acceptance by a Master, all pictures of it will be removed from this site. Only Master will know what it will look like.


whorehousewhore, 24
I am whore in the whorehouse.....i am tired different men come to be my boyfriends....i wont waste your time just for money sack.....i want one man.....i can do everything......i know about thisa lot of things i working than one year in whorehouse.....i request narrow showering sympathy to stay away.......i can do everything you want iff we will speaking about it.


Anonymous - 04.Nov.2015
Had him. This guy is a rat who could only make a sharp impression on rats.

Anonymous - 04.Nov.2015
agree with the entry under me to. a really hammer horny slut pig in bed, doing everything so that you become addicted. but he's too slut, too pig, and can not spray properly.

Anonymous - 04.Nov.2015
What a weirdo

Anonymous - 04.Nov.2015
The guy is insane piece of shit in bed. Prostitute through and through. I fucked and fucked and fucked him but not forever.


Hi, 21
Hi. my name is Cydd, and I have a rather unusual request. I live in a world of constant chronic pain-severe enough that I am bedridden most of the time. There is no cure and very little that can ease the pain.
All I really have to pass the time are my thoughts, imaginings, and fantasies.
I'm hoping to find at least one friend who wouldn't mind stepping into my head with me and exploring all these thoughts.
I can't offer you anything, and I have nothing to give except my heart and my mind-it's the only way I can be your lover as I'm too sick to travel.
If you have the time to spare, I would love to hear from you! I'm very open to all fantasies, nothing is off limits so long as it pleases and satisfies us both!
I will answer all, and all are welcome!


Oraphiel - 14.Nov.2015
Sex with him is like a mirror; choose what you think you see, not what you see.


Young&reckless, 19
Hi, im new Teen guy from little moravian village but now i live in London and i want you to enjoy every one second of my life!

I have a high sex drive and i love cock ever since i tasted my first at 10 and i do anything you want for hours or days for cock.

You will have the best time of all time with the best ass you can think of, especially your balls will have adventures.

Besides being gangraped, i also enjoy playing soccer, felching unicorns, fisting kittens and delousing the homeless.

I still need 4077 fucks and loads to get into heaven and i am discovering new things i want to do by the hour. Don't be startled if this page changes dramatically!

Oh and £££ if you know what I mean.


HatesLife, 18
Hates Life my life and wants to die so if any master want a slave with no limits or just someone to torture to death send me messages


1dirtymouth, 18
While there could be many other things in life that I could do and that would make me happy, I really am certain now that my greatest wish, the thing that fills me with greatest pleasure and fascination, is to start learning to become a true n limits slave in a real and serious 24/7/365 relationship. This is something I want more than anything else in the world.

I'm sure most people couldn't even imagine that in a relationship and daily life together where one partner is kept in chains, without clothes, without equality, head shaved, in chastity, and is being tortured, raped, fisted and made to drink his Master's piss and shit regularly, there could be such things as affection and love. But I am sure that there can be, and I'm sure all the real and serious Masters know it, too.


deadlypolice, 25
"It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious." - Bill Hicks

"I was just thinking about the life of a pumpkin. Grow up in the sun, happily entwined with others, and then someone comes along, cuts you open, and rips your guts out" - Buffy Summers

I'm straight and engaged. My fiancé thinks its sexy to watch other men dominate and fuck me. I need to get so fucked up that I basically lose consciousness when I do it. That being said, I'm not on prep YET so I definitely prefer condoms.


djdjdjdjdkkekslsksksks, 19
I am young punk boy, who lives in Russia. I LOVE my butthole. And honestly, fat and old conservative guys make me horny. I am proud of that although I am a little embarrassed about that.


Youngdollboytotransform, 24
Looking for a very brutal, violent man who'd like to beat the living shit out of me for real. It should be someone who's turned on by body destruction, at least breaking my fingers, preferably also my arms and legs or ankles, and I'd like something much more extreme as well. I'll show my face on cam on Skype, not here. I look young but haggard.


Focusonme, 18
If You Don't Laugh During RAPE At Least Once, You're RAPING The Wrong Person.

== Results from ==
97% Submissive
92% Degradation receiver
90% Experimentalist
87% Non-monogamist
81% Bondage receiver
78% Primal (Prey)
72% Slave
66% Ageplayer
64% Voyeur
63% Exhibitionist
62% Brat
59% girl/boy
55% Masochist
54% Switch
45% Vanilla
34% Sadist
17% Pet
15% Dominant
14% Brat tamer
12% Bondage giver
11% Degradation giver
10% Primal (Hunter)
10% All-Rounder
9% Owner
8% Daddy/Mommy
7% Master/Mistress


I'm a normal young guy interested in being turned into a twink. I'm looking for men who only want my epidermis and don't give a fuck about me as a person. Also I have always dreamt of having my cock rubbed by a pair of pretty feet. I would love to fulfill that with the right individual. Not into shoes.


HelloFromHeaven, 22
Hello from the other side. I must've called a thousand times. To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done


OwnedByMTA, 23
It am the proud slave of TiggaExpressMTA

Its only task is to go to my master now.

Why it, however, currently lacks the money.

That's why it got from my master the order to seek alternatives.

This profile is used to finance the travel expenses to its master.

It hopes that it succeed with this profile of the task to do justice to.

Obedient greetings and hope numerous use it to allow the journey.

OwnedByMTA (Sven)


TiggaExpress - 12.Nov.2015
To hurry things along its Master adds these bigger-ticket uses

Fist it
Strangle it
rancid grimy Cocks
Groups, 3 / 4p
Insemination (anal, oral)

Payment (min. 350 Euro)

Its Master


TiggaExpressII - 08.Nov.2015
Its Master allows these uses to its financiers

Abusive talk
Fuck incl dp (protected)
Light pain
Groups, 3 / 4p
Other (ask)

Pay what you want (min. 30 Euro)

Its Master



Lustaholic, 24
I want you to fuck my vortex
In ultra white star cum spasms
Bury yourself into my crescent moon
Watch it through a microscope

I want to see you see me when you fuck me
A transient lunar phenomenon brought us here
Would you bury me in triggered mass graves
Through landmines, molten tunnels, obscene harem

If you hold me I'll let you rip me to shreds
Naked and bone in black, blank space
Clashing down on all fours into debris
It'd be an honor to have you erase my name


wasused4sex, 19
Few months back i was used at party and fount out a guy rented me out to his mates I was scared didn't know ..

I want it again don't know how can anyone help

Fair warning I am a bug boy


iam4theLORDOFSEXonly, 23


slaveanimal, 23
I am a castrated slave animal, my balls had been taken in the year 2012. The surgery was done by a doc in the Ukraine. I am circumcised to be 100% nude, and my penis shrunk due to i have almost no more errections. There are only max 4cm slave penis over an empty scrotum left.

Slave is completeley hairless, except eyebrows and head.

The castration was done by a masters decission also the circumcision. He thaught i was born to be 100% slave and now i am.

I am looking for a Master who want to own me forever no way out. And than of course no limits at all.

Wishing and crossing my fingers for my sickest Fantasy to be made a reality. I'd like to be stuffed in a box,bound blindfolded buttplugged deafened and gagged. Locked shut and then stuffed deep in a old closet or cubbyhole and left there until long after i am dead.

Thanks, slaveanimal


Anonymous - 10.Nov.2015
The man!


hihihello, 24
I want to be turned into a baby again...forced to wear baby clothes and diapers and only say goo-goo and make baby sounds and then forced to go all the way back to nursery school and forced to go all the way through school again. I want to have my life since I was a baby completely ruined and destroyed.


Goblin, 18
im graduating high school student and self supporting due to living in a foster home in dayton . but unfortunately i was fired from my last part time fast food job 2 months ago . . and i cant apply for new work coz ill be too busy for my on-job-training that is part of the high school curriculum . i know im very cute but im not into sex coz of early life abuse, sorry, but im really into getting haircuts . im looking for someone to give me one every few weeks in return to support me financially . im willing to have any haircut, but it has to be relatively "normal" because of my school . i just really want to graduate and find a good job soon .


YourLastDestination, 21
At the bar, I see you
I sip my Rose
Hoping you come my way
You order a crown and coke

I almost choke as you
Are right next to me
You check my ass with your finger
The aroma lingers there

You hold it to your nose
It’s intoxicating
Your eyes are fixating
To show that you enjoy it

I follow you to the men’s room
You choose the biggest stall
Mm you’re so tall
Your grunts, my scents all make sense

Mmmm shit this is so legit
You slick my slit with your spit
My creamy center lands on your face
You sneak a taste

As we end the session
There’s definitely a connection
I met you tonight for a reason
Not just a season


pozrapeaddict, 20
Been poz for 2 years and med resistant getting worse sick need master to take care of me


p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Two out of ... I forget how many isn't bad. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. I like pop too, despite appearances. I'm interested in how, in many cases, it's not only an aesthetic calculation re: sonic appeal but also tries to calculate crush-worthiness and erotic attraction. It's a big, ambitious form in a way. ** Sypha, Oh, my pleasure, bud. Thanks again! It was big fun! ** Tomkendall, Hey, Tom. Late with your email 'cos stuff got swamped, but it's thought-out and just in need of the typing part. That Locro stuff sounds fucking delicious. Wow. Maybe I'll see if there's a Peruvian restaurant here with it on the menu. Corn-based food is a big up. That article you alerted me to looks very interesting, thank you. It's set for a reading at my first patch of autonomy. Uh, maybe, I can't remember, but maybe the archeologist thing sprung up because when I was in, like, I don't know, 4th or 5th grade, this thing in Egypt called the Aswan Dam Project happened where they dammed up a river which fated a bunch of Egyptian ruins with being forever submerged, and there was one amazing endangered ruin -- the Great Temple of Abu Simbel -- that inspired a big worldwide campaign to save it and have it moved to higher ground, which was an incredibly expensive project, and I got obsessed with that and joined the mission and spent part of a year trying to help raise money to get that done by soliciting people in my neighborhood and kids at school and stuff. That's my first memory of archeology interest. I'm very excited by the description of your new work. Very! ** Jonathan, Mayhew! There are undoubtedly a bunch of extremely interesting plays in text form that wold be heady and useful to read. I'm just a bad one to direct you. Beckett, most obviously. If you find great stuff, let me know 'cos I should delve into that realm. There was a cake in my weekend, a modest but nice one that wasn't on my list and was chosen because the vast majority of really good ones don't go on sale here until, like, Tuesday. I didn't eat it, though. I bought it for someone as a gift. Maybe I'll get a bite if there's any left. Good weekend, though. Hung out with the visiting Eileen Myles and her g'friend. Zac and I took them to see 'The Ventriloquist Convention', and they really liked it, so it was all good. And work. What did yours consist of? ** Liquoredgoat, Hi, man. I have no general feeling about Katy Perry, but I will admit that I have what I would presume to be a guilty-pleasure-style obsession with this one hit of hers, 'Firework', that has an addictive, endorphin-producing effect on me for some reason. Oh, ... well, yeah, you can run post ideas by me if you want, but, really, you can also just make whatever post you want to make with the guarantee that I will both launch it here and shine like the sun in its regard, That would be awesome, man! Thank you for the thought! ** Steevee, Hi. Carly Rae Jepsen ... I know that name. No surprise that Cibo Matto was the only entry in Sypha's concert whom I own stuff by. 'Reel to Real', sure. I was a massive, diehard Love fan from their start to the finish. Honestly, I haven't listened to that one in a long, long time. At the time when it came out, I didn't like it very much. At the time, it barely even qualified as a Love album since it was basically Lee and studio musicians. I'm definitely interested to get that new edition and try it again. But, back then, I thought it was the worst Love album. Even 'Out Here', which is a mess, has a handful of really great tracks on it, and 'False Start', another spotty one, also has some great, great things on it. But I remember 'Reel to Real' being more in the realm of Lee's solo album 'Vindicator', which isn't very good at all. Anyway, blah blah. I'll go stream 'RtoR' and see what happens. And I'll no doubt get it for the bonus tracks. ** Misanthrope, Hi. Oh, good, that the post is still a plan. Ha ha, you really must be lazy if making a list of 15 or so songs is a toughie to find time and energy for. I'll remember not to leave the ownership and curatorship of my blog to you in my will. God love ya. It sounds like you have malware or something. That happened to me, but then I searched my hard drive and, sure enough, found malware and deleted it whereupon everything became only normally, annoyingly intersected with ads. I don't even remember the cremation scene in 'Enter the Void' Weird. I think my favorite is still when Tim Roth shoved Eddie Furlong's dead body inside the incinerator in 'Little Odessa'. Oh, we're okay here. The French and the faux-French, i.e. me, for instance, are resilient toughies, man. Fingers crossed. ** S., Hey, well, somebody's got to eat all that meat out there, it might as well be you. I think I might have phobias. The idea of going into outer space is the one that immediately springs to mind. Riding buses makes a little antsy. I'm fairly mellow, though, I think. LA made me that way. It's nice finding someone whom you think is right. That's always cool and surprising. Especially when they wrote books and are dead. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Yeah, that was a nice juxtaposition, but I can't take credit for it since I only realized that exciting clash right now. Spring? That's, like, ... okay, it's not that bad. Bad enough, but not, like, a killer. Galleries over here would show it. We're cool and not big scaredy-cats over here. Gabrielle Wittkop ... hm, no, maybe not. Not familiar, I mean. Cool, a new lead! I'm on it! Thank you, B-ster! Oh, shit, so real life rears its head again today, I'm guessing. I'm sorry. Hugs. ** Right. It's the end of the month (again?!) and the slaves are here to see you out. Enjoy them in that particular way. See you tomorrow.