Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chilly Jay Chill presents ... 50 Portraits by Malick Sidibe


p.s. Hey. Today the masterful writer Jeff Jackson who plies his language around here as d.l. Chilly Jay Chill gives a big show of the beautiful photographs of Malick Sidbie, and, taking an educated guess, I would think your pleasure is foretold, even though pleasure is an autonomous thing and entirely in your hands, so, enjoy? Tell CJC what you think? Would be cool. Thank you, CJC aka JJ! ** David Ehrenstein, Yes! Well, the fine filmmaker and d.l. Aaron Mirkin messaged me the other week to point out said George Miles, former twink porn star turned escort, wondering if I knew of him, which I did not, strangely. One can mostly assume that he or whoever named him knew of my books, but, yeah, there you go. Trippy. ** Steevee, Hi. I third David's astonishment retroactively. Yeah, I was happy and piqued to not only find an escort so rashly political but who sold his looks so daringly as well. Exciting that you get to see the Godard. I've only seen a piece of it, but what I saw was really incredible. ** Bill, Hi. Yeah, I thought they were perhaps a slightly more charming batch than usual. I guess Konstantin is counting on there being some deep-seeded need amongst potential clients to get off by becoming subject matter? Doesn't seem impossible. That George Miles has his appeal, but, it's true, not so particularly to me. Points for the name though, duh. I think if the new Ohle has 'less of the fractured insanity' then I'm going to skip it since that insanity is kind of a -- if not the -- big appeal of his stuff for me. Thanks for the book report. ** Thomas Moronic, Cool, the escorts finagled their way into your imagination-plus-fingers-based output. Very nice and multilayered and subterraneous dialogue, sir. Thank you! ** Kier, Hi, K-ster! Thanks, buddy, about my luck with the escorts this month. I do sometimes wonder if people read the escort ad implants and are impressed enough by one or more to hunt through all the escort profile sites out there and find and hire them that way. Well, I know it has happened a few times because I've gotten the odd email from satisfied customers thanking me for the tips. And, on similarly rare occasion, I'll hear from an escort saying, 'Wow, weird', in so many words. Yeah, Zac and I seriously tried to make a doll of that video boy. Problem was, one, cost, of course, and, two, that the special effects company we approached said the video screen grabs weren't enough to go by if we wanted a truly realistic looking doll. No, I don't know Elias. I wish. Peter Sotos, who knows the Iceage guys, told me Elias is a fan of my books. I did meet and talk/hang out a bit with Iceage's bass player, who is a super lovely guy. Your arms are such troopers. They're always getting mildly trashed. You go to Oslo in two days? Or is it one day by now? That's so exciting. I can't wait to hear everything you can spill about that. Take photos! When you come visit Paris, I'll take you to Le Manor de Paris. It's really not a bad spooky house at all. My Monday was all right. I did the usual bit of not enough work on the novel and new theater piece. Made a blog post. Conferred with Zac about stuff, and got to hang out with him in the afternoon whereupon I gave him one of his birthday presents very late because it, or, rather the three thematically connected things that formed a collective it, took forever to get here from Japan where it/they originated. He seemed to like them. We found out about a scary possible problem with something to do with our film and the imminent editing that I can't talk about and that we hope very much will be resolved this morning with a gigantic whew. Walked around, ate stuff, blah blah. It was good. How was Tuesday? Are you busily getting ready for your trip? ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Shit, it's only two days until the vote, right? Nerve-wracking, but I read something yesterday that it made it seem like 'Yes' has a seriously good chance, holy shit! I'll go hear what Irvine has to say, thanks! Everyone, here's _B_A with a share to those of you who are interested: 'Irvine Welsh gave a most eloquent, impassioned interview on Channel 4 News about the Independence issue. Some nimble-fingered person has it up on YouTube already, and IW says his piece from 03:30 onwards here.' ** Popzeus, Popzeus! Man, how seriously awesome! I mean that you came in here! Hugs! Oh, Forest of Fear! I've never had the opportunity to check it out, but it has seemed exciting enough in theory that I think I included it in my last two (2012/2013) Drool-worthy Halloween Spooky House posts, so I think I would seriously recommend that you go. Man, I would love to go. I would kill to, kind of. But I'm pretty sure I won't get to NYC until maybe the 29th, and I see that FoF very strangely and illogically ends on the 26th. Shit. No, you should definitely go. And tell me about it. I am having a great fall. And you? I pray you are as well. ** Misanthrope, Hi. I haven't checked out Daniel Tosh yet, and thank you for the red flag. Yeah, but Marvin Gaye looked really good, and he fit into the conventional body type of the sex symbol soul singer. Vandross (at one point) and White were big, big guys, but women were throwing their undergarments at them and stuff. Theoretically, it seems like that kind of mix/match could happen again, but I don't know of any examples. Obviously, there are very good artists/singers doing stuff in the soul realm. Steevee mentioned Frank Ocean, who's the obvious example, I guess. That Madden glitch is funny to imagine, you're right. I might even look at a youtube example. I didn't know those things about you. You are now more clarified. That's cool. I just tried to think of things people don't know about me, and I ended up feeling like people don't know everything about me, which, to me, was an interesting thing to realize that I thought. ** Postitbreakup, Hi, Josh. Nice, meaning-impacted and yet mysterious phrase, right? I thought so. How are you, pal? ** Sypha, Hi. Weird that a company would use the name Muzak given that word's really negative connotations. Unless that company has been around so long that they coined the term and it was subsequently dispersed through culture and degraded. ** Rewritedept, Hey! Very cool and no huge surprise that The Breeders were amazing. Nice. This week? Maybe towards the end of the week. The next few days are packed, but, yeah, maybe towards the end? Talk soon. ** Right. Now continue to enjoy the photographs of Malick Sibide, won't you, and feel warm and lucky re: Chilly Jay Chill's sharing of them? See you tomorrow.