Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Experimental horror novella adaptation with gifs and magical ingredient #3 (for Zac)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13



p.s. Hey. Page loading time apologies. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. That's very interesting about Bill and Roberts Blossom, and thank you for the 'Early Plastic' quotes. Sometimes I feel like Bill has known everybody. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. I'm sure Mr. Wallis saw your thanks, and I thank you/him too. Oh, re: your FB thing yesterday, I think a strong case could also be made for the greatness of 'Bits and Pieces'. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Ah, a brief 24 hour delay. May your fevered anticipation pay off big time. Yes, if I didn't already offer a prime spot to announce and celebrate Art101 here, let me do so now with bells on. Cool, excited to hear how the meeting went! ** Steevee, Hi. Then it turns into 'The Corrections'?! Wow, it's sounding less compelling by the moment. Me, a picky reader? Ha ha, probably. I'm just not much of a fan of magic realism, in fiction, in movies, etc. Don't know why. My imagination hits a wall in that case. I like Marquez more than I like Rushdie, but I gave up on the latter pretty quickly. ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. Thursday or Friday should work, I think. Let's check in as those days approach to figure it out, There's a never ending batch of impending film stuff to do, but it should be just fine. Getting the Sleaford Mods album is on today's agenda. My music listening has been hampered of very late, and it's been mostly involved in finding some music we need for an upcoming scene which takes place at a somewhat apocalyptic electronic music gig. Oh, I o have an advance of the Sunn0)))/Scott Walker album, and it is quite fucking incredible. So, there's that. Interesting about the new Gibson. I must admit I haven't read the last number of his novels, but I adore his early books, so, despite its daunting length, I think I'll go page through it at Shakespeare & Co. and hopefully pick it up. He's great, and such a sweetheart of a guy. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G! Super glad to hear that your birthday was so much fun even without the originally hoped for context. Wedding cake are the magic words. I wonder if the French make or eat wedding cakes. I don't think I've seen a real, old fashioned wedding cake since I've been here. Yummy. I love mashed potatoes. I mean truly love. You can keep the seafood, of course. Yeah, I don't think you would make a very convincing sow. But I suppose that's for others to decide. Enjoy your first day of suddenly being one year older. There's something kind of magic about that first older day. You just have feel it or something, man. Or I don't know what I'm saying. ** Sypha, Hi. RS is such a funny press. Listing your book before signing the contract. It's kind of crazy, but I like it. Next few months? Like I said, they're funny and crazy. Crazy like a fox or whatever. Great news! ** End. I made another horror novella out of gifs for Zac today, and you're highly invited to see if you'll enjoy it too. So do that. I'm going to Euro Disneyland tomorrow, but I should be able to do the p.s. before I split, so see you then!


gucciCODYprada said...

India is crazy. I'm loving it so much. My computer might have just crashed for good which would be poor timing, but it's okay, just adds to the third world experience, force me to do all my writing by hand.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Today has everything but The 9/11 Falling Man

who was echoed in the opening credits of "Mad Men"

Sypha said...

Dennis, yeah, the contract is a formality at this point I guess. At the very least, I hope the book will be out for next year's NecronomiCon event in Providence. You might recall how I went to that last summer. They skipped doing it this year, but it shall be back next year. Actually, they're getting Ramsey Campbell as a special guest next year so I'm excited about that, being as I am a huge fan of his short stories.

Were I to ever do a 3rd weird fiction collection, I think I'd want to entitle it "Random Monster Encounters."

Still reading Mieville's "Kraken," which I think may be my favorite work of his. Almost halfway through Kafka's "The Castle," which I'm not enjoying nearly as much. Yesterday I got Thomas Moore's new one in the mail and I thought it was really great.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: And Now the . . ."Clarification". . .

steevee said...

Over the past decade, Common's music has gotten increasingly watered-down and self-righteous, but I'm surprised to find myself liking his new album, NOBODY'S SMILING, as much as the new Shabazz Palaces. The lyrics are largely inspired by the rise in Chicago's murder rate over the past few years, and Common manages to address this in a "positive" manner without getting preachy. He collaborates with a number of unknown, young rappers, all of whom prove to be quite talented. (I was inspired to download female rapper Dreezy's mixtape this afternoon, based on her verse on "Hustle.") The music draws on '70s funk and blaxploitation soundtracks - the first song samples Curtis Mayfield.

_Black_Acrylic said...

This is an experimental horror novella adaptation for the ages! Seriously though, I love it. I didn't quite get what the magical ingredient was, but then that's how it works its magic, right?

Myself and Andrew had our ART101 meeting earlier this evening and it was only via Skype but still, there's a palpable buzz. As of next week we'll meet every Monday teatime to review the footage until it's ready. We're aiming to launch the project in September and there'll be 1 episode per week for 4 weeks. I've been keeping quite a low profile on blogs and social media lately so that when this is unveiled, it'll be all the more spectacular.

@ DC, thank you so much for allowing this place to be used as our stage! I'm thinking the Day would be in October, once all the series is online, and I'll have a think about what eventual form it will take.

Kyler said...

Bravo, Dennis. It (and you) are a work of art. Always amazed by what you do here. I should scan the pictures of me parachuting when I was 21!

steevee said...

I don't think people are quite as ignorant as judgmental about depression as they are about as addiction (at least we don't arrest people for the former), but a friend's FB thread about Robin Williams' suicide sure brought out some assholes. Would they be as callous if a relative committed suicide? Or do they think being rich and famous solves all your serious problems?

Misanthrope said...

I forgot to say yesterday that I really like Mr. Wallis' post. Duh.

Dennis, Hmm, do the French have weddings? Okay, I know they do, but I wonder if they're anything like American weddings. If so, they've probably got wedding cake.

My mom didn't like the cake, but my nephew and I loved it. It had that sort of out of this world sweetness that only a wedding cake can have but not so out of this world that you pucker your lips at each bite. Almost a sort of vanilla-y sweetness that a lot of wedding cakes tend to have. And the icing certainly had the familiar texture rather than that greasy type texture that a lot of birthday cake icing has. Anyway, yeah, I ate the last piece tonight. :D

Strangely, it was strange being a year older, now that you mention it. Unlike a lot of people, getting older doesn't bug me at all. I guess it's because I don't really worry about things I can't control, and adding a year every year is just something I can't do anything about.

But yeah, it did hit me yesterday: Oh, that's right, I'm 43 now!

Well, if you're ever in DC, you're certainly traveling the 18 miles to my house for my mom's mashed potatoes. Haven't met anyone yet who doesn't think they're the best. I hate to compliment her too much, but she does make the best I've ever had. And I've had a lot. No lumps but thick and milky and buttery and potato-y.

So this is entry #3. I think you've got something going here. Just out of left field, any of this got anything to do with your novel at all?

Bill said...

Another intriguing stack, Dennis. Do I detect an ongoing falling theme here?

Robin Williams yesterday, then Lauren Bacall today. Wow.

Sypha, I really enjoyed Kraken as well. Not sure if it's Dennis' thing though.


Hyemin Kim said...
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