Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meet tinydancer, BOUND2BYKANYEWEST, EspeciallyRhinos, shit, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of February 2014


Mario184bit, 18
Therapist said come here and meet friends and learn about me. I like to feel helpless and weak like defenseless to a guy whose in charge. I started jan. 1. Started what? I don't know. I moved from Portland in Oregon. Moved to LA just couple months. Am to be for guys now to be whore like for guys. Be a boy he said for men and guys. Here I am. Finishing high school now. I go to high school in North Hollywood where I live. I live alone and I work delivering pizza.


TrashMyCarAndMe, 24
Love to watch a dom guy trash my car barefoot. Slam your feet on my dash, stomp dirt/food into the carpets/seats/dash, ash all over it, leave footprints all over the windows...totally disrespect it!

Respectful greetings to those SUPERIOR to me and 'HI' to my fellow brothers who exist at the bottom.


WorthlessNothing, 21
To be honest i don't feel like a real man, maybe it's because I'm small and short. Sometimes i fantasise about stop pretending to be one. I believe there is a pecking order.

Seeking to be forcibly turned into a mindless drone.

Begging to be owned no limits nor moral, want to be a peice shit on ground.

Spit on my food and feed me food you chewed. Wanna eat the food you chewed.

You talk for me. I move my lips but you talk for me.

Those pictures are me but i want i want them not to be.


AllEars, 22
I've discovered that I love having my ears pulled and tugged hard; the rougher the better. Clamps, clothespins, and anything else you can think of would be fantastic!

I would love to meet with guys who really get into it and wants to help me reach my goal of making my ears stick out more. Willing to travel just to experience these stuffs.

Some people seem to think being a dick is the same as being a dom. It isn't.


tinydancer, 18
Im looking for someone to put your hands behind my head spit in my face and maybe my hole SIR or just be a hole for you to jack off in or piss in Sir


Hogtiemenow, 18
being my age on this site seems to be a big deal...it makes me somewhat of a pariah....or maybe a Mariah...i don't know which....a diva or a deviant...why should I be embarrassed that I wasn't alive when Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees were popular? should I be embarrassed that I don't have an 8 track of the album somewhere....of course, nobody will be embarrassed thirty years from now that they listened to Royals and Blurred Lines, will they? who knows, you just might like a daft punk and get lucky....but if you are radioactive, I might get locked out of heaven...and if you don't know what the hell I'm rambling about, well, that makes two of us.....I am submissive, obedient and only show a picture if you have any interest...so many of you are so selective and choosy....and you know what? why shouldn't you be? this website is all about being cocky, getting cocky, being cocksure, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter's ol' tool... anything else you want it to be...that leaves all us younger slaves with wishful thinking...so if you want to needle me, why not? at least, I know you're into piercing....probably, mildred piercing, ugh...I'm not into scat... if you mean ella and sarah...and I'm not into buggery..that's way too much baggage....or maybe it's too much buggage...I forget which....and as for my interests...I run the gamut from a to z....agnes (who couldn't use more head?) to zsa zsa...(do you think if she ever gave any head -- it might have given her crow's feet)


Want big dick every moment.

Meeting me is difficult due to several reasons.

kiss & lick your dirty heel.


slave4GOD, 22
Whorish seriously twisted forever cunt cum-dump seeking a MASTER GOD to fuck me numb or destruction to change me.

Also, would You like to go balls deep in justin bieber? Then You would love to fuck me. I'm like fucking Justin Bieber.

I need to move to Pittsburgh ASAP. If You live in Pittsburgh and want a live-in spermdump, PLEASE!


Canyousaymama, 19
Hey guys, I'm 19 years old and always been a bit weird, some femmy tendencies too. Love history, graphic design, and music.

I really strive to be completely regressed into being younger, 2 or 3 years old. 100% realism. No holding back.


openmewithurtoys, 24
I love to be abused but not to much
I love big cocks
I love to expresses how much i love you if I do
I also love if you are young


Nuts, 21
Please no Face Pic, just your Big big big fist, looking for big big big fist,
Don't need a face pic, just your big fist


Strikinglysub, 19
Mix blood. Half blood, Half alcohol.
Read my stomach.
* Not for the faint of heart.

looking for one last GOD.


facelessbottom, 21
I had an accident about 3 years ago, that left my face with severe damage. But my body is still good, and needless to say I'm horny as all hell.


obeyobeyobey, 22
looking to be fisted regularly. i think ive done it once but i was unconscious.


ultimateslave2014, 24
hey masters ,

Ayrans= wellcomes
SSkinheads = wellcomes
SSadistics = very wellcomes
BBrutals = very very welcomes
Murderers = very very very wellcomes
Extrems CBT= wellcomes
88 = wellcomes
666 Demons Lords= wellcomes


EspeciallyRhinos, 19
Deeply attracted to male animals. Have a huge male animal fetish. I also love the sea. Seeking a Master who will enjoy molding my mind into such a thing.


veryveryverycurious, 24
I am seeking a Master to cut off my cock and balls and make me a bulb. Or take just my cock and leave me horny and frustrated but with no way to relieve myself for the rest of my life. I seek removal of limbs, nullification, implants. A sexless toilet built into the house with my mouth permanently held open and available. A dog with my legs cut off at the knee and my hands turned into stumps, my vocal chords severed so I can only bark grunt and whine like a real dog. A doll with a completely flat crotch and the largest breast implants possible, paralyzed so that I can never move just like a real doll. A baby girl with my genitals removed and my muscles weakened to where I have the strength and control of a 1 year old. Are there any Master that want and are able to keep and modify me like this?


suckyouforever, 18
i live in shangahi with my aunt
i go to english school
i am tiny and small
we soon move to another country as my aunt got promotion
i very much wish to find a much much much older sadistic man with a real dungeon
i love so much this dark world of yours
once we moved i will be able to leave my aunt
i cannot tell much more here - please send me a message


slv4sacrificenDeath, 23
slave is looking for to be taken, used, extremely and brutally tortured, sacrificed and disposed and offers its flesh to be consumed. slave is very serious and is only interested in this extreme type of position. slave has a prepaid phone that nobody can trace the name and where Masters can call. my only request is that Master uses a recipe for meatloaf that i will bring along with me to prepare my flesh for consumption. it was my mother's recipe. she's dead.


shit, 18
This faggot needs to make amends for 18 years of lying to my family and girlfriends and now needs to pay for these offenses by paying YOU to abuse me.

You will have access to finances, bank accounts, credit cards, ebay, amazon and paypal as you wish. (Don't let my being 18 years fool you, I'm wealthy as shit, long story)



want_RAW_TOP_master, 23
23 yo btm handicap guy and using wheelchair SO what

It's ok for slavery


p.s. Hey. Okay, two things. First, obviously, you're getting your monthly slaves post a little early. And, secondly, the reason is that, late this afternoon, Zac and I will set off by ship for Antarctica where we will be spending the next 11 or so days and nights. As I mentioned before and somewhere around here, that means the blog will be going on hiatus while we're indisposed sans phone and probably without any internet access down there. I.e., this is the last post you will see and the last fragmentary p.s you will read until I'm safely back from Antarctica and in Paris again on March 12th. Assuming I survive, and assuming you survive whatever happens to you between now and the 12th, I will see you with a new post and a long catch-up p.s. then. Take care.


DavidEhrenstein said...

Casper David Freidrich makes a perfect slave.

DavidEhrenstein said...

To get you into a South Polar mood. . .

Bill said...

Bon voyage, Dennis!

For some reason, Mario184bit's text reminds me a little of Ben Marcus. I'm really enjoying his new collection; more domestic than I expected.

Hogtiemenow, wow. He'll probably end up in the comments section of this blog soon enough.


Bill said...

And I have to say, a slave with a prepaid phone and a meatloaf recipe is the kind of organized, responsible slave that one might consider.


Thomas Moronic said...

Mario184bit - Is it fucked up to say I’m fascinated by how he’s losing his focus?

TrashMyCarAndMe - I started thinking of when I saw one of the Hulk movies on a plane.

WorthlessNothing - I often tend to think that there are things hidden and embedded deep within the texts; things you’d pass by. But this time, that last line is where the magic is.

AllEars - Cool how his name shares a title with one of your books, Dennis. Again, I really like the last line and actually it feels like one of the truest things that I’ve read in months and months of studying these things. I’ll raise an imaginary glass to that!

tinydancer - How’s he making that tension so strong in just a simple and grammatically incorrect sentence?

Hogtiemenow - I know you’re trying to confuse me and it’s working. So fist with the obsession with age I figured that maybe you were older than you were pretending to be, but then something else started playing, I don’t know where it came from … listen, I’m too paranoid for this … I haven’t spoken to my counselor for over three weeks … I saw her in the flesh on Monday but she was busy and booked up … I’m fucked and paranoid and so scared to lose things that are important to me … sometimes I’ve gotta just admit that someone has a better grip on things that I do … I know it isn’t a competition … (and you didn’t say that it was which says … something else about me??) … I’ve got nothing: you’re going to have to carry on working this out on your own.

BOUND2BYKANYEWEST - Obviously I want to know the reasons.

slave4GOD - Again and again more questions – what are you running from?

Canyousaymama - The regression thing … I’m always interested in stuff like that. My earliest memory is from when I was 3. It was my first day at playschool. I already knew that I was adopted by then and when my mom left me in the playschool and walked out the door and the woman working there said something like “I’ll be your new mommy for the day” I was convinced that I was being adopted again. I screamed, backed into a corner and pushed a bookshelf as hard as I could. I could push it over fully but it rocked hard enough to scare a girl on the other side.

openmewithurtoys - You sometimes know straight away that people are looking for (the right?/wrong?) things in the wrong places.

Nuts - The name tells you more secrets than you’d think.

Thomas Moronic said...

Strikinglysub - Sometimes I think they know they’re being vague. Sometimes I think they’re making references to things that they expect us to get. This one is the later and he needs to know because something about it tells me he’d be disappointed to not be understood.

facelessbottom - Oh shit. If I was still in the same mood that I was last night, I think that this one might make me cry. Today has been better, thankfully. I’m so needy and lost that it’s almost pointless.

obeyobeyobey - Hahah, I can’t say why at the moment but this guy may as well have had a peek at one of the chapters in the novel I’m working on at the moment. But back to him … it’s like wanting to test out a dream in real life or something. Actually, no it isn’t.

ultimateslave2014 - The wants list is probably standard for these things, the spelling are quite new and different to the usual typos. And I got my number fix for the month.

EspeciallyRhinos - You know when I stand next to the sea I feel something that feel nowhere else? I’m guessing it’s probably natural, but it’s still a huge thing for me.

veryveryverycurious - Back to the regression thing but different. I can’t remember when I was 1 thank god. That’s when I was still healing up, I guess. The physical stuff mostly sorted itself out (hahahaha - sort of!) but then the other stuff – nah. Let’s try and get away from this stuff for tonight.

suckyouforever - Your world is as dark as you want already. It’s just depends where you choose to put the shadows.

slv4sacrificenDeath - Specific recipe ideas. Bonus points?

shit - If it’s true then it’s showing genuine trust in people.

want_RAW_TOP_master - Is it weird that all I keep thinking is why the so is in capital letters?

Thomas Moronic said...

Safe travels Dennis!

steevee said...

Did you know you're featured in the ID channel's promo for its program on JT Leroy in the series "Impostors?"

white tiger said...

god damn these get better every month dennis you are on fire lately inbetween the reruns i cant wait to see yr antarctica pix after that japan reel of insane quality

BOUND2BYKANYEWEST oh man wish id thought of it wish id thought of it


DavidEhrenstein said...

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DavidEhrenstein said...

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grant maierhofer said...

hey dennis!

that is so fucking awesome, man. i've always wanted to go to antarctica. i wanted to write quickly just to ask if you'd ever read 'and every day was overcast'... seems like the ultimate book. gonna order it soon. very excited. i'm currently revising my next novel and converting from first to third person and doing some other shit that feels really good. i feel much better this go around doing all the edits entirely on my own and thinking through all the shit before speaking with anyone really about it. i mean. i wrote the thing and it sat around and i emailed some presses, but never really had my heart in the submissions, just kind of hoping. now i'm kind of realizing why. the thing stands a chance of really becoming what i'd hoped my first novel might be. it will take a bit more work, but i should be done with the edits and sending around some excerpts to publications in the next few months, and this will be the first place i stop if anything promising happens. i turn 23 in june and for some reason in my head i really hope to have something pieced together before then, but who knows. birthdays are always super fucking depressing for me and maybe ten-fold since i started writing novels. almost done with undergrad though and have started looking into some mfa programs that don't seem like a waste of money and are in cities i am excited about. anyway. i really hope this trip goes well and you'll share your thoughts about it soon. that's so fucking great, man. also, the author of and every day was overcast has what is probably my favorite tumblr currently, so if you're bored (doesn't seem likely) in the next few months or whatever, scrolling through these pages reminded me of how excited i felt when i first read smothered in hugs. http://toxicshock.tumblr.com
safe travels to you and zac, dennis.

DavidEhrenstein said...


Sypha said...

have fun Dennis!

Misanthrope said...

Dennito! Be safe. Or as safe as can be while having as much fun as possible. Loved the pics on FB the other day. Now's the meat of the trip, enjoy it as the only meat you'll have had in over 50 years. ;)

RE: what Steevee mentioned (and you mentioned a while back), my mom comes into my room yesterday and goes, "I saw a friend of yours on ID last night."

I'm like, "Who? Rob Kreider? He's not on there till the 2nd of April [he's a national level bodybuilder who's been doing some acting on ID episodes and has a big one on the 2nd in their "Kidnapped" series]."

She's like, "No...Dennis."

Ahhh...the Impostors series! Haha. My mom thought it was really interesting. Now she knows about the George Miles cycle. And she said, "He's really skinny." I'm like, "Mom, he's naturally skinny and he's been a vegetarian since he was a teenager." "Oh." But then she went on into the details, she watched it very closely and thought it was a really good show. I haven't seen it yet. I hope to catch sometime soon or on OnDemand.

The craziest thing about that (and I'm sure I've told you this before and we discussed it) is how there are still people who either think you were in on it or who think that you figured it out right away and just played along to see how it would play out. That's as crazy to me as the actual events themselves.

So yeah, carry on and be frozen and have a great time. I'll see you on the other side...of the 12th. :D

DavidEhrenstein said...

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etc etc etc said...


Just checking in to say bon voyage. I'm still on the last legs of dissertation writing, hopefully coming out back into the natural sunlight in May. How exciting about Antarctica -- makes me think of the doctor's final pursuit of the monster in Frankenstein. Many lucks & monster-avoidances in the north!


Thomas Moronic said...

Lovely tribute to Alain Resnais, David Ehrenstein.

DavidEhrenstein said...


Latest FaBlog: Who Wants The Pizza Boy? (He Delivers)

les mots dans le nom said...

Hi Dennis, hope you are more than surviving. Library finally got providence DVD and now I am watching it to understand your inspiration in TMS. Hopefully, I can report my response later, if it's inspiring to me, when you are back. Ok, I am going back to a full screen move mode. Oh gosh, I feel harassed by this cold weather here, though it's better than spring melancholy. I am hoping your travel is different from my life torment & boredom in this weather. It's not bad for working, but I miss a long walk to a park and somewhere else. PS. "Nuts" is very funny. I don't know why, to be honest, since one day, escorts and slaves are simply cute and lovely.

DavidEhrenstein said...

So far this is the picture of the year.

les mots dans le nom said...

http://youtu.be/dEeINnC-ygA only 55minutes of Prxvxdxnxx

DavidEhrenstein said...

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Pilgarlic said...

Okay, anybody else see the headlines about the "massive storm" off the northern coast of Antarctica ? Looks pretty serious, and I hope it doesn't mess up his trip. Here's hoping he doesn't get frozen in place or acutely seasick. They say the cure for seasickness is to lay down under a tree. Unless there's a potted one on the boat, he won't have that option until he gets back to Argentina when he'll no longer need it.

DavidEhrenstein said...

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DavidEhrenstein said...

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rewritedept said...


sent over a blog day. hopefully two more done today.

was argentina loads of fun? and antarctica? tell us all about it. and please tell me yr camera was able to handle the cold. i want to see pictures! did you see any penguins?

reading a lot and watching lots of movies. it's the only thing i can do to keep from screaming most of the time. in the last couple weeks, i've watched 'broken flowers,' 'the darjeeling limited' (which i gave short shrift the first and only other time i saw it, but actually enjoyed a whole lot; to say it's one of anderson's lesser films only neglects to mention how high the bar is for him as a filmmaker compared to other, particularly modern filmmakers), woody allen's 'husbands and wives,' 'last year at marienbad' (which BLEW MY MIND), 'brazil' (which i thought i'd only seen half of once before, but found i had in fact watched the whole movie back in high school), 'the 400 blows' (which i enjoyed a whole lot, why were you meh on it?), 'serial mom,' a bunch of christopher guest movies and probably some other stuff. reading a bunch too. currently working on 'the boys from brazil.' have some philip k. dick to read and some other stuff. finished the recent yo la tengo bio the other night. enjoyed that.

let's see, what else. got the last plimsouls record the other night, i've been spending a lot of time with that. hoping i have enough fundage to order 'teenage satanists' part 2.

'hey ma...' publication is delayed yet again. it's my fault, but i'm working on some new art stuff i want to launch with it and finishing recording and other things. i'm so used to things getting pushed back that it doesn't even bug me anymore.

went and saw queens of the stone age a couple weeks ago with my mom. that was interesting. she's becoming really difficult to be around, so i spend a lot of time in my room, reading and listening to music and playing guitar.

oh yeah, as of last sunday, i am officially older than i ever thought i would be back when i was 15. it's funny how when you're a teenager, it makes so much sense to die early and then the older you get, the more you realise that you don't know anything and there's still so much shit to do. but, yeah. turning 27 was my big freak out age, as i think i explained last year. the whole 'most of my favorite musicians were either dead or had released their defining work by that age, and i still haven't really accomplished anything of consequence' thing. i've been comforting myself with the fact that yo la tengo and guided by voices didn't start to get notice until both bands were well into their 30's and that most of my favorite writers didn't really start publishing until around then as well. and, yeah, now that i'm 28, i can quit worrying about that and not freak out about my age until i'm 40 or something. yay!

on the plus side, i can say comfortably that i've only become better with age.

the next five days will be boring, as the last couple weeks have been. i always get so lonely without our semi-regular check-ins. get home safe!

talk soon.


rewritedept said...

oh em fucking gee did you see GBV put out a new album while you were gone? i didn't even know it was expected, but damn it's good.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: “Popular!”

Scunnard said...

Hey Dennis, don't have much to say, but looking forward to your return so I can see how your adventure went. Oh and on my post WAAAAY back when looking for a copy of my video from that show: Marc saw my post and was really lovely and sent me the dvd.

Paul Curran said...

Welcome back, Dennis! You made it. Can't wait to hear the tales!

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Product Placement

torn porter said...

welcome back DC!

can't wait to hear how all the travels went, and hope to see you next month once i'm in paris. talk to you soon,


_Black_Acrylic said...

Welcome back DC!

Misanthrope said...

Dennis, I hope you've made it back safely. And with little lag. Meantime, while you were being cold, I got a cold. Nasty bugger, that. But it's over finally.

Will be nice to see you virtually once again. :D

alexp336 said...

Welcome back, Dennis. I'm guessing you won't remember me; 2011 was a long time ago. Hope Antarctica was everything you thought it might be, not to mention more.

Creative Massacre said...

Dennis - Hi. Hope you didn't freeze and hope you're well. HaHa.

James said...


Welcome back home! It has been very lonely here without you!

We patiently await ghostly photos of Antarctica. =)



Empty Frame said...

Welcome back, Dennis! Assuming you haven't been eaten or buried beneath an avalanche, haha.
Amazing time?
All's well here. Bagged a coupla painting commissions, so wolf kept from door etc.
Can't wait to hear about your trip!