Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotlight on ... Drew Daniel 'All Sound is Queer' (2011)


'Drew Daniel, along with his partner Martin Schmidt, compose the recording and performing unit Matmos. Matmos can be said to have begun when Daniel, now 37, was an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley and making some money as a go-go dancer in a gay bar. One night, Schmidt approached Daniel and offered to teach him how to edit sound on a computer, which he concedes is about as lame as pickup lines get. But it worked. The pair shared an interest in experimental forms of music such as glitch, noise music, and musique concrète. Soon they began messing around with computer music gear — a sampler, a sequencer, a laptop equipped with music software — and eventually created a bit of dance music that people seemed to like. That emboldened Daniel and Schmidt to compose more, until they had enough material in 1998 to produce their own CD, Matmos, a reference to the kitschy science fiction film Barbarella. They pressed 1,000 copies, figuring they might end up with 800 of them stashed in the basement, but sold them all and had to press another thousand. A decade later, Matmos has issued seven recordings, toured the United States and Europe multiple times, played at Lincoln Center and other of the world's great venues, and performed around the world and on record with the pop superstar Bjork. Daniel is also an assistant professor in the Department of English at Johns Hopkins University. Daniel also has a personal dance music project, The Soft Pink Truth. He is a contributing writer to the online music magazine Pitchfork Media, and wrote an essay about the Throbbing Gristle album 20 Jazz Funk Greats for the Continuum Books series 33 1/3.' -- collaged

Lil' Louis 'French Kiss'

from 'Shall We Dance' w/ Fred Astaire

Einsturzende Neubauten 'Kollaps'

Annie Gosfield 'Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery'

John Duncan 'Blind Date'

Led Zeppelin 'Whole Lotta Love'

Donna Summer 'Love to Love You Baby'

Throbbing Gristle 'Catholic Sex'

Venetian Snares & Hecate 'Nymphomatriarch'

from Josef von Sternberg 'Blue Angel'

from Chris Watson 'Outside the Circle'

from Douglas Quin 'Antartica'

from Luc Ferrari 'Presque Rien'

from Hildegard Westerkamp 'Cricket Voice'

Lil' Louis & The World 'Club Lonely'

Matmos Official Webpage
Soft Pink Truth Official Website
Matmos @ Myspace
Matmos @ Matador Records
'Ultimate Concept: Deconstructing Matmos'
Matmos interviewed @ Aural States
Matmos interviewed @ Butt Magazine


p.s. Hey. My gratitude to d.l. Ultra VGA without whom this post would not exist. Oh, and even though it's obvious when you enlarge those scans, I should probably say that the Drew Daniel piece was originally published in The Wire some months back. As for me, my flu continues to vacate, improve, get outta there, etc. ** Kiddiepunk, Hey, you Punk! Today is Sonia's last day at the Recollets. Sad. ** Wolf. Oh, wow, thanks. That 'Le Joker de Paris' or whatever it's called looks the most promising. I've stopped into maybe four of the shops that you found in the general search while I was out and about, and they had zip, nada novelty stuff, but now that I have a game plan, thanks to you, I also have a mission, which is better than a remission. Or something. Anyway, you're one thoughtful wolf. ** _Black_Acrylic, Those behind the scenes, in-process shots of 'THE SHAPE' have a weird charisma, and ... Everyone, a few teaser, behind-the-scenes shots of _Black_Acrylic, a.o.'s impending and much anticipated THE SHAPE are right here. Hey, you're filming tonight, right? Merde! ** Empty Frame, Hey. Yeah, wasn't that a good Verwoert talk? I thought so too. Tomma Abts in the house! ** MVdA, Great! And, oh, I should forewarn you that Catherine R-G broke her hip about a month ago, and it's not certain that she'll be there for the event. She's hoping to, but, if not, she'll handpick a substitute to do her talk/ presentation for her. Well, there are three events on Saturday, so I'll be pretty tied up that day, although maybe we could visit around them. Either that or sometime in the day on Sunday won't be a problem. I guess if you come up and say hi at the Pompidou, we'll make a plan then? Excellent! ** SwAmPeX, Hey. Cool, indeed. Oh, who or what is the guy you wanted to show me? Thanks! ** Tomkendall, Tom, old pal, buddy boy, comrade! I'm really glad to hear you're over the rough hump and that you're headlong into getting your novel in the shape that you want it to be. The shedding is fun, right? Don't you think? You know I dig that part. And you're off to Peru tomorrow! Dude, enjoy the shit out of there. I haven't been to Peru since I was 13. I forget what you're doing while there? Are you just seeing the sights and stuff, or ... ? Yes, if you can get to Peru, there's obviously a will and way for you to get to Paris one of these days. ** Alan, Thanks to direct link to the New Yorker article. I think I might be able to read it today. I'll give you my thoughts once I have. ** David Ehrenstein, Those fire pics looked pretty spectacular, but the fire itself was all flash and no substance really. It was in the parking garage under the super moneyed and chic Place Vendome, and the fact that it was in possible reach of The Ritz, etc., is what got people freaked initially. But it was ultimately nothing, a few burned cars, no injuries, a little soot to be wiped off the windows of some suave shops, and that's all. ** Steevee, Glad it was simple as a little oil. I hope that quick fix puts your mind at ease. The halal meat controversy is big news here, yeah. Well, yeah, it's a controversy created by the Sarkozy election campaign, which is full-out doing every sick thing it can at the moment to try to get Martine Le Pen's racist far right followers to vote for him because, one, he's a power-crazed unethical scum, and, two, his polling numbers are so far behind the Socialist Hollande's that he's basically cooked unless he can figure out a way to scare people into supporting him. Anyway, the halal meat thing was a non-issue until Sarkozy and his PM Fillion tried to stir things up. The only real effect has been either yawns/ derision from the general public or, and this is something Sarkozy certainly didn't intend, a rare moment of unity between those in the French Muslim and French Jewish 'communities who give a shit about the issue. ** Bollo, Hey, thank you, man! Is it sweet to be back in Dublin? I'm guessing that by now it must be at least a little. How I do this every day is one of those things that it would take a team of researchers to figure out, ha ha. ** Chris Cochrane, Hey, student! Listened to ... uh, oh, one of our d.l.s status-updated on Facebook saying he was perking himself up by listening to Bill Withers' 'Use Me' and that he thought I had said at some point that I used said song as a picker upper, and I don't think I do that or said that, and I commented to the effect, but then I thought maybe I had said I used 'Use It' by the New Pornographers as a picker upper, because I do, and I posted a link to that video, which led me off on an hour-plus long immersion into the joyous sublimity of the first three New Pornographers albums, and so that's what I listened to. Also, Yury came home from work and immediately played the last MGMT album, so I heard that as well. And you? ** Misanthrope, Even five minutes of watching 'American Idol' would turn even the famously affable me into a raging psychotic, so understood. I don't know how you can live on so little sleep. As I'm sure I've said, if I get even a half-hour less than eight -- or maybe seven under duress -- hours of sleep, I'm dysfunctional. I have a guess about what you'll think of 'Enter the Void', and I'm curious to see if I was right. ** Creative Massacre, Hey. That's all so weird and awful. The cyber-bullying. Obsessiveness is so weird. In the right dose, it's the key to success and even happiness, and I wouldn't be a novelist if I didn't get obsessive about getting a novel right, but if it gets ratcheted up or twisted like that and then takes you over, it's fucking scary. I was friends with this guy, an artist, in the early 90s who had extreme OCD, and he went off his meds for whatever reason and started stalking and harassing a group of his friends, including me and my boyfriend of the time, calling us on the phone every fifteen minutes 24 hours a day, nailing threatening letters covered with Nazi symbols to our door, and so on. The targeted friends ended up having to take him to court to get a restraining order against him, and it was weird because in the courtroom you could see that he really did not understand why what he was doing to us and to everyone else was wrong. It was a horrible time, and, yeah, I hope your stalker stops this shit before you have to get the law involved, ugh. Do try to take care, and tons of positive vibes and a bear hug from me, my friend. ** Rewritedept, Hi. Cannabis candies, oh. Cannabis just makes me extremely paranoid, sometimes even when I'm in a room where other people are smoking, so enjoy, but I won't get the privilege of popping them. Sucks about your tricky, off-and-on sickness. Mine is lifting but very gradually. But I'll take that. ** 'Matt', Hi, man! Nice to see you! Wow, you've been as busy as I've been, cool. Or, yeah, cool, ultimately. Except for the intervention re: your friend with the H problem. I did that too many times with friends, and that was one of the worst things I've ever gone through, and I just can't do that any more. I really hope it worked for your friend. 'TH' has been a great success, yeah, and we're pretty stoked. I didn't know about that Portland festival at Gaite Lyrique, so thank you a lot! If I'm not in NYC seeing the Biennial then, I'll definitely go, and, yeah, I'll let you know, but comps for Gisele and me would be sweet. It's festival time here in Paris, 'cos there's also the annual Villette Sonique festival coming up in late May which I extremely intend to attend. One night has Iceage, Sleep, and The Melvins! And then there's Godflesh, Liturgy, and The Soft Moon! And on and on from Chris & Cosey to Shabazz Palaces to Girls. Excited! Anyway, I'll let you know once my travel schedule is sorted out, thank you! Ace to see you, Matt! ** Paul Curran, Hey. Wow, it's so amazing that your novel's completion point is so incredibly close! It's been so cool to be able to follow the trail of clues from the beginning or at least close to the beginning. I can't wait, duh! ** Right. It seemed like an interesting idea to put the Drew Daniels piece here, i.e. in front of your eyes to see what you think and what he thinks, and, well, with the help of Ultra VGA, that idea became a plan, and I guess now I/we will find out where it lead. See you tomorrow.


DavidEhrenstein said...

Drew rules!
Glad to hear the fire wasn't a big deal.

French politics is so weird. But hey -- ALL politics is. The Republican party's endless primary is exhausting even to think about . AndI'm not even paying that much attention to it. Everyone knows Obama's re-election is a foregone conclusion. But our bought-and-paid-for Republican/Corproate press woudl rather swallow poison en masse than admit it.

Empty Frame said...

God, the blog has been so great this week. Kudos Ultra VGA! Love Matmos. If anyone's interested, clicking on my name leads to my long-dead blog, and on there there's an interesting 4-part documentary about Matmos that's pretty interesting.

Hi Dennis, glad you're on the mend and the Festival continues to kick ass. I tried to answer your comments from Weds yesterday, but my Internet connection fell out for some reason. But the amin thing was - YES! I got a studio!! And it's super-charming and I am officially in love with it, and walking on air!! It's above a really old and sweet tobacconists shop in the heart of Brighton, run by this cool old couple. Above the shop there's a fashion designer in one room, a new-media-artist in another, and me at the top in my garret. It's wonky and irregular-shaped and just bloody gorgeous! I am so stoked about it! Move in all my stuff this weekend - so Empty Frame Studios is go!!

Didn;t get to see "Repulsion" yet, but I will over the next coupla days. I've had my head in that Leve book, which is absolutely brilliant. Accumulated power of a David Markson, the honesty of, say, the first half of Leiris's "Manhood", but not reducible to its influences. It's really great - by stripping emotion out of disclosure, paradoxically it becomes incredibly emotional, but in a totally fresh way. I'd be really interested in what you think about it. Sinead O'Connor is playing in this tiny church two mins from my house tonight, to like 400 people, so I'm off to see that, should be good. Rip that Pope!
Awesome weekends all round!

PS Uh, Salvador the Cat has just come marching up to the screen and meowed at you, so I guess he's saying "hi". He;s been acting strangely recently - yesterday he ate two tulips and then fell into a 20-hour sleep. Go figure.

Empty Frame said...

Forgot to say, thank you Bollo for the additional Jan Verwoert link, appreciated!

Wolf said...

Haha, Empty Framne! Crazy, i know that studio you got, on Bond St right? Marc/TenderPrey had a look at it when he was looking for a place, but did not take it cause you can use it only during the business hours of the shop underneath... Anyway, fun. Brighton is such a damn small place!

Dennis, "I also have a mission, which is better than a remission."! Hahaha, you know, that was actually Very Good Sir. Very Good Indeed.
Well, made me laugh anyway. But admittedly, i'm a sucker for puns.
You had the jerky yet? Tell Yury he can grab them from there, i think they post to mainland EU.
Otherwise, here's the company's website.

alan said...

Oh man, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t breathe (allergies) and I was so sleepy but felt like I was drowning every time I tried to put my head down like some kind of Guantanamo-style torture and Afrin wasn’t working and then I freaked out for some reason and started thinking I wasn’t going to make it through the night and even if I did what if I was never able to sleep again. Anyway, better now. Whew!

Sujatha and I just submitted the last part of her book proposal, a detailed summary of all the chapters that we’d been working on. Hope to hear definitively from the agent soon. We don’t know if she ever finished reading.

How is Yury these days? Does he like his job? Is he able to work on his own stuff at all (fashion stuff, I guess)? He doesn’t come up on here as much since you stopped doing your day reports.

statictick said...

Dennis: I need to check out the last several days I've neglected the blog. Suffice to say, Asshole #2 left, with his dog, and left a bunch of his shit here. Unfortunately, not the dog. So, I've been hiding, recomposing myself, etc...

Yesterday, Mr. Gluth gave me a writing assignment based on an offhand fbk. comment. He'd like me to write a book called Too Laid, and base it in 1991. I can interrupt Minus to do that.

All best to all.

MVdA said...

Hi Dennis; great. I'll come to the pompidou for the shows but also bit before to see the exhibition. I'm looking forward & I'll see you there. all the best, m

_Black_Acrylic said...

Drew Daniel's book on Throbbing Gristle is really good.

Death Paints Red Daubings was all hitch-free but no longer. So I'm now sat at home instead of shooting the film, as last night the gallery painted the floor and it's still too wet to film on. This has thrown things a bit out of whack. We now have to reschedule for a day when everybody's free to attend, so that'll be next week sometime. It's not a total disaster but it's annoying and frustrating, most definitely.

In happier news, my fave artist Sophie Lisa Beresford is still making what I think is incredible work. She has something on her Vimeo channel called Geometric ARt! :) and it's really a treat.

steevee said...

Walking around today, I suddenly noticed that almost every street food vendor who sold meat touted that it was "halal." I wonder if American conservatives will ever take a cue from their French brothers and sisters and freak out over this. The "Park 51 mosque" controversy was just as silly.

Jeff said...


I think I said 'hi' to this guy after a Matmos show in Boulder. Or maybe it was the other guy.

The show was good, I recall. During my favorite part, they did a kind of sexy soundtrack to 10th-generation decaying porno films. I recall it was sort of the aural equivalent of smoke slowly spreading through the room. They also half-serious/jokingly encouraged the audience to go ahead and light up weed if they had it, because "they can't kick us all out!" Or something like that. It was a fun night.

Speaking of good concerts, I highly recommend checking out this Ulver show. I watched this concert a few nights ago, and it's pretty much fantastic in all aspects. Great music, good video, attractive band members, a mannequin dripping black ooze from the mouth, what more could you ask for? It looks like most of it has been uploaded to youtube already, actually, so, enjoy.

Anyway, trying to get mentally prepared for this job. I ate two lotus petals and slept for 20 hours, to get my biorhythm back on track. Well, I was in bed for 20 hours, not sleeping the whole time. They say sleep paralysis crops up most during significant life changes and depressive episodes, and that seems to be the case for me.

I take drugs now that make lying in bed unable to sleep more pleasant, for the most part. I was sort-of drifting off to the noise of my fan, which I run to help me sleep, when its drone gradually morphed into the sound of low demonic voices, and the room started shivering, and I could see it about to burst apart at the seams.

Spooky. I don't know if it bodes well or ill. It probably means nothing.

Chilly Jay Chill said...

Hey Dennis,

Nice Drew Daniel post. I recently read his TG book and was really impressed. It's exceptionally well written and even though he schematically goes through 20 Jazz Funk Greats song by song, there's a nice sense of drama to the chapters, each reaching a sort of crescendo.

Did your love of French lit ever extend to Camus? Recently read 'The Fall' for the first time and had this drastic push-and-pull relationship with it - some parts felt slippery and menacing and surprisingly modern while others felt forced, gimmicky, and an excuse for musty existentializing. You recall your take on that book?

Chris Cochrane said...

I think I might be getting the flu, I may have to kill you for that - hopefully it will pass me by. Beck, Dinah Washington, outtakes from George Harrison's Wonderwall, one my favorite beatle's solo records, if not my favorite, Bjork, Elliott Carter, xtc, big star, your favorite Erykah Badu, have a great weekend, enjoy Attila and Stephan....oh you must be happy with the news of another gbv and robert pollard solo, aye?

Creative Massacre said...

Damn Dennis, that whole situation sounded awful.
I'm glad it didn't get any worse than it already was. Luckily, for me, the person bothering me lives in another country. I may not get anything physically done to me but sometimes the emotional stuff (name calling, the tweets, comments, etc.) can be just as bad, if not worse. I figured the best way to handle this situation, aside from going to the police, is to not give them any reaction whatsoever. Usually, but not always, some people who do this are trying to get some sort of emotional response from their victims. So I've read. So, I figured I would just ignore them, until of course, it gets any worse. I do know this person has a history with depression and self-harming, I know this for a fact. When I first started talking to this person, the first three months was spent with me playing therapist. Having to sit and listen and they describe their fears of the future and what they would be with their lives, etc. While I just sat back handing out friendly advice and reassuring them everything would be okay. Had I know then what I know now, with all this mess, I would have ran away. Sounds mean, but it sure would have saved a lot of time and migraines.

People can snap in an instant. It's a scary thought.

Anyway, today has been a much better day. All has been quiet on the bullying front. No crude remarks or comments, stalking of my blogs, twitter and such. Hopefully, they will get the message and eventually leave me alone!

Speaking of snapping. I mentioned last year, I believe it was, that a neighbor of mine killed a guy with a baseball bat. Well, I found out today she got three years for that murder, in a plea bargain.

Crazy shit, huh?

It's a very mad world we live in.

Kyler said...

Hi Dennis, made a pilgrimage to the Whitney tonight, but couldn't get in to the 4th floor because of a dance performance there...oh well, I'll try again next week. Glad your flu is almost outa there.

Received my hard copy of Ashé Journal in the mail today and it's so good to see my story in print. It's been getting a great reaction. Nothing like holding one's work in one's hands, huh? Such a quiet sense of satisfaction. I look forward to that day when I'll hold one of my novels...must be like a mother holding her baby for the first time. I live for that day...may it be sooner rather than later! And hopefully, I'll still be alive when it happens! Take care, buddy.

Misanthrope said...

Dennis, Hahaha, okay, so let's draw this out just a bit: tell me your guess as to what I think about "Enter the Void" and I'll promptly tell you how right -or not- you are. I will of course be 100% completely honest and truthful. And that's all I'll say about that so I don't give you any hint about my thoughts, hehehe.

Speaking (or not) of American Idol, did you see where Adam Lambert is going to front Queen for a bit? I really think he's the only legitimate talent to come out of that whole charade. But I hate the music he's chosen -or has been chosen for him- in his career. He could do so much more.

Ha, I did get some sleep last night, but it was broken up several times by a recurring nightmare: a little boy with a crazy mess of blonde hair kept approaching my bed, intent on attacking me. I finally turned on my light, then turned it off and turned on the TV, which I muted. I woke up again when it became light outside and turned the TV off. Then I got a phone call from a friend and was up for the rest of the day.

But yes, sleep, sweet sweet sleep. I alternate between days of sleeping all the time and total insomnia. It's grating.

Misanthrope said...

Kyler, I hope I'm alive too! :D

Jeff said...

My discovery for the day: this guy's stuff.

Ok, the paintings are kind of goofy, and these interviews might not win converts, but I like it, and find some of what he says, how he seems to live his life, inspiring.

Ok, bedtime.

Eli Jürgen said...

Hey D thanks for changing the name, i appreciate it. Exotropia day would rule haha, there's heaps of good pictures. I also read something that said "One study has found that children with exotropia are three times more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder in comparison with the general population." WOAH. So crazy eye is actually linked to crazy brain.

Suddenly my friends are like yeah eli your eye does twitch...WTF>>> one said she thought it was just me being deep and thoughtful lol. but i'm even more deep and thoughtful in glasses.

been so crazy busy! i did a casual life drawing class that was on at my studios, it was awesome. never done life drawing before. the guy modelling actually had a really nice body too, it was really relaxing to draw.

yesterday went on an awesome march for the wharfies on strike in auckland at the moment. marched with my union and unions from all over the place, including overseas. NZ is a really shitty place politically right now, right wing privitisation and crap.

and finally i thought you might appreciate this video game i bought for my wii, it's called babysitting mama and it comes with a toy baby that you put the remote in and then it cries at you constantly. if you move the baby too violently the game stops and a horrible voice shouts NO NO NO DON'T SHAKE THE BABY. it's just awful.