Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Russian children's playgrounds




p.s. Hey. No news, so, onwards. ** Changeling, Newborn twins, wait, fresh baked twins, wait, both. What do newborns think, does anybody know? Maybe it's more like they feel than think. Anyway, that's very cool. Great words on Plexus' piece. The dunnos gave them a really nice undertow and rhythm. I liked their involvement. How's your novel going? Can you say? Hey, are you still heading over here? ** Tonyoneill, Hi, Tony. I'm pretty good for the most part, thanks. Excellent about the piling up of your new book. Is it too early to ask what it's about or 'about'? Are you cool with how the early stuff has gone with 'Sick City'? No, I didn't know Coney Island has a Neverland coaster. Weird. I've always imagined MJ's coasters were really wussy, I don't know why. Charles Willeford, yeah, he's great. I haven't read that one. What a good title. I've read, let's see ... 'High Priest of California', 'Cockfighter', 'The Burnt Orange Heresy', and maybe one other. Those are all really swell, if you're looking for more. Makes a lot of sense that you'd dig his stuff. Yeah, cool. ** Plexus, Goob! I'm really glad the workshop did you good. That was the idea, hope, etc. Oh, you're in Vermont for a while, sorry. Maybe it'll sink in in some interesting way, and anyway it's awesome that you fell in with Casey before you left. You'll have those emotional lightning strikes and calls from the wild to keep you focused. Any encouragement you get from me is just spontaneous combustion, man. You're the force of nature, I'm just the ... I don't know, falling tree? Shame about you murdering your family, but what can you do, right? Let's stick to the good stuff, like your poem for Casey. I love it. Yeah, shiver's even better, although shimmer wasn't shabby at all. I'm glad Vermont hasn't worn your talent down to a nub or anything. Hardly. I love you too, G. ** David Ehrenstein, Hey, D. Thanks again so much for holding down and juicing up the fort yesterday. That Franzen takedown seemed pretty spot-on to me. And you put it more lucidly and deeply than the review did. ** Math, I'll give you a one day break on the Mathster thing. Oops! I think I'm on the trail to temporary solvency due to some owed money that I might just collect in time if I'm lucky. What's your game plan for being able to afford stuff again? I might as well sell my Wii since I've been denying myself vgs until I finish my novel, and that's heading towards two years of deprivation now, scary. My goal is to dot the final i before the new Zelda hits, which feels doable at the moment. Extremely good news about you feeling the art coming again. Yeah, that walking, and the solitary thing in particular, is weirdly effective. I guess it makes total sense. If you can't talk about what you're seeing, some other part of you takes up the slack and starts talking but without the mouth's restrictions. Anyway, it'll be joyful to see what you're making when the making feels ready. Fingers way crossed that you aren't pregnant. Hope they help. They've been known to transcend their form. Lots 'o love to you, Math. ** Alan, I'm actually quite squeamish in real life. Which I think sort of makes perfect sense. How did the order change of your novel work out yesterday? You'll get it. The frustration is the only true enemy. Oh, that thing you linked to is really nice indeed, wow, thanks. I need to go thank that person. Yeah, thanks for that, Alan. ** Pilgarlic, I talked to John Holmes once, sort of. Attempted to. He was at a rock club where I was seeing Gang of Four, I think, and I thought, wow, JH likes Gang of Four, but I think he was there to buy drugs. Total jerk, if I remember correctly. ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hey, Jeff. Yeah, I hear you about the distraction of the car-related stuff and the resultant covert raids on you writing. I was like that when we were finishing 'TIHYWD', but the waylaying stress was obviously a bit more upbeat in my case. Yeah, I'm completely into my novel at the moment. I would do nothing else but work on it if I could. The ending is in sight, and that's revved me up. Hope that holds. ** Paul Curran, Consider the dust not just sprinkled but hurled. Is your reengagement proving to be smooth? What have you found? ** Statictick, When do you hear about the MRI, or have you? That Test Department metaphor was very cool. It rattled beautifully. ** Stephen, Hey! Excellent! You'll be here for Nuit Blanche, my favorite day/night of the Paris year. I hope it's a good one this time. I'll be around and just mostly writing then, like I think I said, so I'll be basically free to hang. Can't wait. Obviously, if it's easy to get Yury and/or I into any Rick Owens related things, he'd be very jazzed, and me too, but no sweat if it's a sweat at all on your end. Thank you! I'll check into what's up and going on when you're here. Well, Nuit Blanche to begin with, like I said. It's on the night of the 2nd. Very cool, S., and keep me up on your plans. ** Tender Prey, Hi, Marc! Really great to see you! Ace about you guys getting the apartment hunt behind you. Wish I could be in Barcelona tonight for Esther's and your show, damn. Let me see if italics will reach Pisycaca if your comment didn't. Pisycaca, here's Tender Prey: 'in case you read this... and are around tomorrow, would you like to come to the opening of Esther Planas's show and meet up wiith me and Wolf? It's at La Capella, the church converted into a gallery space on Hospital (link), and we're performing at around 8 I think. It would be lovely to meet you guys!' No worries about the Five Years blog show. It's awesome that it's a go. Whenever the time's right on your end, man. Thanks a million. Have a blow-out tonight, and give some of the love I'm send to you to Wolf and Esther. ** Steevee, Really glad you're feeling a lot better. I had to skip the Weerasethakul film when it was just here due to likely bewilderment caused by its lack of English subtitles, but everyone I know who saw it fell pretty in love. The Kiarostami wasn't so well liked, though, I don't remember why precisely. Long story short, how were they? ** Laurabeth, Hey, LB! Oh, I saw the pix on FB, and they're super cool. I'm just not even remotely a good FB citizen nor correspondent in general at all these days. The reading thing is on the 14th is at 7 pm. It'd be great if you were there, but don't mess things up to get there, okay? I don't know about dinner before or after yet. I'll find out what's planned or expected of me asap. Love to you, big Laura! ** _Black_Acrylic, Man, that in-concert shot of you as Philip Best is great! Everyone, click this to see our beloved _Black_Acrylic pin-spot channeling Philip Best/ Whitehouse at the AGK event other night. ** Robert d, Hello, welcome. Yeah, we think besottment can be very productive in and of itself over here. ** JW Veldhoen, Uh, wow, what's going on with all that, John? It has this drastic vibe. You're even bailing on our open eyes/ ears and hearts? Say it ain't so. Like in the Weezer song. I mean, do what you need to, but escape plans are just escape plans, and shrinkage has as many downs as it does ups. I am really into your possible idea writing-wise. That would cancel out the shrinkage thing. ** Will Decker, Thanks for your good words to Plexus. And for your kind thoughts on behalf of my appetite. I splurged on my usual yesterday in hopes that my current solvency game plan pans out. I'm reading that new Tony Duvert book. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. I never write naked, but I usually write with dirty hair. ** Brendan, I love it when you love it. But enough about us. How are you? New studio, etc? Tell me the big and the small of everything. ** Inthemostpeculiarway, Hey. Yeah, I have a spate of brain crunching work to do first, two chapters' worth, and then I'll be just polishing the novel, and we'll see how long that takes. Thanks about my great uncle. Unfortunately, they only think he has a couple days left. I don't know, we'll see. It's very bad, though. I liked your day. It moved around a lot. Mine are so static right now that the movement in yours was really lovely. What is Manson's Lewis Carroll movie? My first thought was Shirley Manson. That can't be right, although the accent thing seemed to fit. I figure eBooks will make real books sort of like vinyl records. For aficionados and collectors mostly. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so. My day: A bunch of novel work. I went to buy food, and that boy I've mentioned who works or worked at the Monop was there, although he was standing outside in his street clothes smoking a cigarette. I smiled, he smiled, he hailed me over, gave me his card, smiled, and I guess that meant I should write to him or call him or I don't know, because there was nothing on the card but contact info. Mysterious. What else? Oh, it was announced yesterday that France is on high alert vis a vis an 'imminent' terrorist attack, and there was something about a possible suicide bomber and the mass transit system as a target and two new active terrorist cells in Paris. It was spooky, but, being a veteran of Bush's alert bullshit, I also thought it could be the Sarkozy government just lying to distract attention from how incredibly much everyone over here hates him, but I don't know. Oscar, Kiddiepunk, and I went to the movies, and we had to take the metro, and I did feel a little nervous on the trains. Anyway, we saw 'The Last Exorcism'. I thought it was pretty fun except for the stupid ending. Then we came back to the Recollets, parted ways, I ate, worked a little, Yury dyed some clothes, I did some phoning to try to solve my money problems, and then I hit the hay. How was Tuesday for you? ** Nb, Too tall for cartwheels in your weird universe maybe. My wheels are just more magisterial. That's the only difference. ** Misanthrope, Yeah, the variety of opinions, of what worked and didn't, what people loved and found wanting was really interesting. Lots of crossed wires and agreements too. Personal and reasoned and objective and quirky and etc. Great stuff. It was beautiful. Really inspiring. I love the workshops. The blog's at one if its bests on those days. NYC just wouldn't be NYC for me without you roaming around in it, man. ** Frank Jaffe, Hey, Frank. Yeah, I've been in peep booths, but not for very long, ha ha. Back when guys used porn store arcades and porn movie theaters as places to hook up, I famously went there only to watch the porn itself in peace, and I would just swat everyone away from me. Ask Bernard. A friend over here and I were just asking each other if 'I Am Love' had played here yet or not. I'm thinking it did, and I missed it, which sucks. Really want to see it. The guy who runs Alyson, Don Weise, is a great guy. He published 'The Sluts' back when he headed up Carroll & Graf. Anyway, I'm basically figuring the delay re: 'The Weaklings' is due to severe money shortage, and I'm sure his authors are all over his case, and I think it's best to not bother him when he's middle of all that shit. The most important thing to me is that some of the other books that are currently on hold get published, especially Kevin Killian's 'Spreadeagle' and Laurie Weeks' 'Zippermouth', both of which are major and legendary novels. I want 'The Weaklings' to come out, of course, but first things first. I hope Alyson's problems get resolved. It's both a very good and very promising press. Lovely day and evening to you, man. ** Sypha, Sounds like a canker sore? Is it? I used to get those all the time when I was a little younger. Pure torture. Sorry, man. I can feel that pain. ** Eli Jürgen, Hi, Eli. I think the hands on and hands in painting thing is so cool. And the results spoke for themselves, of course. You're doing combo brush and hands paintings now? Very curious to see the results. Oh, reptilian shapeshifters, ha ha, I did a post about that. Did you see it? Hold on. It's here, if you didn't. ** Bollo, Better 'Deliverance' than 'Grizzly Man'. Well, unless you're the Grizzly, I guess. Just don't go all what's-his-butt. You know, what's-his-butt. The French painter who got all into painting Tahiti or the Bahamas or wherever he ended up. Ah, you won't. I don't know what I was worried about. If I can get a pre-release heads up out of Stephen about 2 and 3, I'll sneak the news to you. ** Nicki, Nicki! Atheist! Goodness gracious! How truly splendid to see you, my beloved friend. Wow, the kiddo is seven weeks into reality already? Yikes. I'm so happy for you, don't you know. And such a stately yet easily pronounceable name! I want to meet this young fella of yours. I guess he's too young to appreciate the glory of the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, heck, I missed you. If your lad allows, dig your heels in here a little more and be with us. Major love to you! ** Right. I guess the post today is very self-explanatory perhaps so. I'll leave it to you. I'm off to work on the novel thing. See you again once daylight has refreshed the world we share.


allesfliesst said...

ok, let's see if blogger let's me post a comment today. i love those russian playground photos. finding, selecting and arranging photos is one of your great gifts - sometimes it's almost as good as your writing, or like a kind of writing even. placing that one vid still with the kids where you did it, for example, is genius. if i was a censor, i'd have you arrested for that ;d and thanks for posting my comment on sunday. now, i'll click on "publish" and hopefully...

allesfliesst said...


Oscar B. said...

this looks like a nightmare.

david said...

Dennis, these playgrounds are among the most scabby, bizarre locales ever posted here. Hard to look at but kind of fascinating.

oh yeah the sleep study is next Wednesday, twas finally scheduled.

Paul Curran said...

What a haunting collection. But I'm sure kids love it.

Thanks for the dust, Dennis. I think it worked. I hooked up my laptop and started working on this one huge section for a while and then realised that I'd already finished that part of it in a mad rush before I went away. So that was trippy and a great thing to come back to. Then I just sat there grinning and thinking about ways to tackle the next stage. It's still a long way off a good draft. But it was a nice return.

Pilgarlic said...

Oh, hell yeah, these Russian playground picts are the best examples of "bleak seek" I've ever seen."Bleak seek" is something the band, Old Crow Medicine Show, came up with, and two of their examples were : a baby carriage, on fire & a man, laughing, and lighting a cigarette, as he drags a crying woman down the street, by her hair. Mine would be : a copious, and horrid amount of blood on a pair of disguarded child's underwear; a naked Barbie doll with the crotch burned-out.
Too bad Holmes was a jerk, but, all he could think about was coke.I've heard that Ron Jeremy is a prick, too. Hey, I too had to swat away the pervs at the movie booths...they'd slide notes under the door, and shit. I was digging on Desiree Cousteau, not knowing she was Deborah Clearbranch, from right there in Savannah, a hometown girl, as it were. Not that it mattered, of course. It wasn't like she came back home to opening premieres or anything.
Man, I haunted those Bootie-Q's, until they were shut down. I dunno whether I absorbed the subculture surrounding those places, or, it absorbed me. Either / Or, creep, or bore. I was Josh Alan Friedman's "Dudley Arnholt", and Bill Landis's "Sleazoid", all wrapped up in one fucked-up guy.Of course, video killed the porno store creep.Dead as all those sperm cells, seeped into the floor.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Deeply sinister playground. Did Yury play in places like that as a kid?

You're right to suspect the "terror alerts" The only thing I saw on the news about France recently was Carla Bruni denying that she told journalists that Michelle Obama told her that living in the White House was "Hell."

DavidEhrenstein said...

BoBo Brooks likes Franzen but claims that if his characters in Freedom believed in God it could have been an even better novel.

Words Fail.

Oliver said...

Great post. Creepy, bleak and funny. Has your fingerprints all over it, Dennis.

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

These are completely amazing.

Bernard Welt said...

Yeah, Dennis used to go to porn movies and not get entirely into the spirit of the place, as most of the audience saw it. I remember this one place where I think we went to see a Toby Ross video and saw it from different perspectives, since he was staying decorously in his seat while I went behind the screen where thirty or forty guys were forming a kind of a loose fuckpile. But perhaps that is, as the young people say, TMI.

Which is reminding, a propos of nothing else, of the time I went into a porno booth with this guy who was young and French and really right out of a Bresson movie. I couldn't believe my luck. In the booth, he got on his knees and looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said, "Can you pees forrr me?" I just couldn't stop laughing. A tender moment ruined.

alan said...

A lot of these figures seem disturbingly self-aware. The tiger in the fifth photo down being but one example. Your scariest day ever.

Yes, I redid the novel sequence over the past two days. It’s weird to be figuring out the structure at such a late stage. But it was designed to be modular. Basically I’m adjusting the pacing. The first draft of the sequence involved the use of 174 colored index cards. To get to the second version I used various schema which I’ll be posting some details of on my blog this week ’cause they looked kind of cool and because I’ve been too busy to think of anything else to post. Anyway, I finished the re-cutting and re-pasting last night. Next step is to read it over to see how it worked.

But now I’ve got to go help Killer Luka cruise schoolkids at the Museum of Natural History.

El Caimán Divino said...

Hi Dennis, what a poetically compelling post! And poor children, I guess they don't sleep so well! Those bumper cars were my favorite...make me think of a particular scene as well as the general atmosphere of a movie (one of my favorites of all time) called ''Marie Baie des Anges'',by Manuel Pradal, a French movie with American sailors and a completely surrealistic storyline. For the Isherwood...I shall have to order it online, because where I live (almost polar regions) there is nothing, lest alcohol & cigarettes. I'm trying to get this novel finished right now, so wish me luck now. Peace!

Christopher/Mark said...

I love the bicycle.

Question: Has anybody taken a PC "Tower" to an Apple store and had them transfer everything on it to a new Apple 21.5 inch Imac.
Any opinion/experience appreciated as I think I am about to do that...

jose said...

that's the greatest collection of photographs I've ever seen right there.

Hope Novel work goes well, I wonder how much it's changed since the day you gave us that sneak peek. It was a while ago.


Nicki said...

thanks so much dennis - yes we're thrilled to bits! and i'd love you to meet little tom at some point - in fact, i insist upon it (although i promise not to force you to cuddle him. he is pretty cute, though, so you might find yourself tempted to give one of his little chubby cheeks a squeeze or some such).
p.s. these playgrounds are so ridiculously creepy - the rhino 'slash' pig one in particular.
p.p.s. oops - JW, my post to you yesterday was meant to say "JW it's so long since i've been on here so i'm majorly out of the loop but here's a big hug for you *hugs JW*". (tom was being a rascal so i failed to post it properly)

allesfliesst said...

dennis: i got the steirischer herbst reader today, and in the article about TIHYWD there's a subhead "Dread, Horror, Cooper"...

bernard: why ruined? ;D

Misanthrope said...

Dennis, What the fuck? Playgrounds? More like horror houses. Outdoor horror houses. With myriad death traps. I've got to remember to show these to Little Show when he's over this weekend. I gotta know what he has to say about them.

Of course, they're probably creepier to me than to kids because I scare easily when it comes to evil-looking things. Though a couple did make me laugh.

Man, it's so funny how we each see the world a little differently. And why - so many variables, environmental, experiential, genetic, etc. It's just infinitely interesting to me and why we need Art, which to me, is Life and vice versa, anyway.

Oh, here's something for you, though it's probably too late: WWE Raw is in France this week, with two shows this weekend - Friday and Saturday - in Paris. I just saw it last night while we were watching Raw. Of course, scoring some free tix would probably be a problem this late in the game, I'm sure.

Pisycaca said...

Tender Prey,

Shit! I've just read your comment but it's 11 PM. Are you going to be in Barcelona for a while? If so, we'd definitely love to meet you guys too. If you want to, you can email me at moneezowee@hotmail.com. It's a shame we missed your show.


Thanks for the Tender Prey alert, although I just read it.

These playgrounds are crrepy. I'd love to see them.

Sorry I disappeared again. I've been feeling quite down since last week. It's been 6 months since my dad died and I miss him a lot. It still seems unreal. I guess it's normal to feel like this but it hurts. I feel like crying most of the time. I'm pretty stressed with my aunt related problems as well. I just need holidays.

Last week Xet was in Paris for 24 hours but he was working in the outskirts and didn't have time for anything. Apparently he's going to be there Thursday-Friday this week too, although they keep changing him the dates. If he gets the chance, he'll give you a ring, I already told Michael.

Damn, I read you had problems with your card, hope you can sort it out soon!



davidc said...

damn damn damn - Them plays Wednesday to Saturday - guess what days I'm in New York? That's right arrive Sunday late afternoon and leave Wednesday evening - soooo gutted... and bereft of the plan for at least one evening occupied during my stay.
These photo's disturbing I think is only word that comes to mind - mad...
Dominic says hello - tomorrow is our 8 year anniversary (the meeting one not the wedding one) so a romantic meal called for - have something special booked.
Hope you and Yury well

Eli Jürgen said...

Fucking hell! Those playgrounds are so terrifying and beautiful that I don't know where to start. but I'm glad I have the choice of sliding down an elephants trunk/sliding out an elephants ass. And I thought I'd seen some cool playgrounds in Germany as a kid..whatever. I wonder if they have playgrounds in NOrth Korea... Oh man, there's this Russian gift shop downtown that I discovered and it's AMAZING! They have all these Russian dolls, including some non traditional ones, the best one being BRITNEY! It starts from sane (?) young Britney on the outside and ends with bald Britney on the inside! Another one had US politicians, starting with Obama, then Hillary then I didn't know who the rest were. They're like 80 bucks each though, otherwise I'd buy them.

I like how childhood is way creepier in Europe. My parents gave me Struwwelpeter and Max and Moritz as a kid and I fuckin loved them - esp that image of the girl on fire with her cats crying rivers of tears.

!!! I can't believe you did a Reptillian post! I've been obsessed with them for years! For a while I was getting so paranoid that I started to believe in them. I drew a comic called Teen Reptillian that was never finished, but it's about the son of a powerful film exec who is half reptillian half human and he is expected to follow in his evil fathers footsteps but he hates drinking blood.

That's my problem with conspiracy theories, I'm too easy to convince, I think I could probably believe in any crazy theory if I stare at enough badly designed pages with blocks of text. Although I do think there is some sort of conspiracy going on. I think I'm safe from in in NZ though, but I think there's been shit going on with the US since WW2. Maybe not replitillians though! And here I go rambling about conspiracy and proving my Mental Health Issues. This was longer than I expected, but fuck (hahaha buttfuck), I loved this post.

juan carlos olivas said...

Reality is absolutely poetical when we have the capacity to go beyond it. I really like this post!

JC Olivas

_Black_Acrylic said...

What a beautiful set of photos. I bet the kids must love those playgrounds, their imaginations would run wild.

Ryan Trecartin got a big glowing review on today's Guardian art page. In the final couple of paragraphs their critic Adrian Searle is full of righteous praise: "Trecartin is the best thing in the biennial. His work is full of life, wit, pace and inventiveness, next to which most things, however good their intentions, pall. But then the world often is appalling." Not bad going for a mainstream newspaper.

I think it's worth my showing you this, the winning video from our AGK champ Rachel Maclean. It's a "sexy, sugary" interpretation of Lady Gaga and it really is a knockout.

Bollo said...

Hi Dennis
no Gauguining for me!!! i think he should be called whats-his-butt from now on. most likely it will be total rebellion against the surroundings. also down really want the syphilis : )

if you can let me know about Stephen's upcoming ltd stuff that would be great! its already on ebay for stupid money i think volcanic tongue have one or two left if anyone is looking. been listening to 'Treetops' and 'Tricorn & Queue' alot the last few days along with Steve Hauschildt from emeralds solo stuff.

Bollo said...

forgot to say sooo many good photos!
i use to play on one of the climbing frames that looks like an insect.

steevee said...

I hate to keep complaining about my health issues, but my ankle is very sore right now, making it difficult to walk. The Friday before last, I twisted it, but it seemed very minor and not very painful. I didn't think much of it until I felt a sudden snap yesterday. It's been very painful since then, especially when I walk upstairs. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment ASAP.

I have some good news, though: the editor of FILM COMMENT asked me to contribute to their column on underrated/overlooked films, which appears in each issue. I have several ideas; he asked me to turn in 5 or 6 potential films to write about. They have to be in English, as the idea is that they were once mainstream enough for their reputations to have faded, and I can go back as far as the '30s.

UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES was wonderful. Apichatpong's brand of Buddhist surrealism is as enigmatic as ever, but his touch - matter-of-fact and mystical at the same time - is unique. As with all his work, the film has plenty of surface pleasures, including lush cinematography depicting the rural northeast of Thailand.

CERTIFIED COPY takes a long time to get into gear, but once it does, it's very powerful. Juliette Binoche and William Shimell, an opera singer who's never acted on filn before, both give very strong performances. It feels like a departure for Kiarostami in some respects - strong female characters are almost non-existent in his films, and he's never depicted the ins and outs of heterosexual couples' lives before - but the layers of artifice and deception are straight out of CLOSE-UP. It reminded me a lot of BEFORE SUNSET, but a friend thought it was closer to Howard Hawks' screwball comedies.

steevee said...


In the spirit of today's photos, here are some photos of beautiful mushrooms.

im not an asbo im your next Prime minister said...

hahahaha these playgrounds amazing. there the type of playarea's that would make your child complex :P good choice of last image.
and dennis i had an amazing weekend, i decided to go to london, because i was getting stressed at suburbia (i had an argument with the women in the post office because they didnt sell envolopes) so thought i should prolly leave for a bit. was fun. but i did acerdently fall in love with a boy in a Bruce Davidson photograph. and also ive realised that all though the twilight series is badly written erotica for 9 yr olds its given its fans a healthy interest in being bitten. which is also fun. :)
i hope your having fun and keeping out of trouble :P

the Dreadful Flying Glove said...

Blogger, you fuckbag.

the Dreadful Flying Glove said...

Christopher/Mark, something along those lines is certainly technically possible. Whether an Apple store will do it for you, I dunno -- when I needed to do that, I bodged it myself -- but moving documents and most data from a Windows PC to a Mac is within the core competency set of most self-respecting IT technicians. There may be fiddly things along the way if you use any particularly specific applications on your PC, but there's a pretty good last resort of (buying and) installing one of several Mac applications that can pretend to be a Windows PC, which is good enough for most purposes.

the Dreadful Flying Glove said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the Dreadful Flying Glove said...

Dennis, really enjoyed today's post and as you might have gathered, my initial response was deemed not good enough by agents of fortune, so:

Really like what you did with these images, and the video still had punctum. Among them is more than one attempted representation of the Wolf and Hare from the (really likable) Russian series of cartoons Nu, Pogodi. Here's the first one. Great music starts c. 2'20".

Responses, in approx chronological order: 'well, some of these are certainly ill-judged'; 'yes, but given how the grotesque has been beaten out of children's imaginations here in the West, is that such a bad thing?; 'aren't many of these sad objects examples of people doing the best they can with terribly finite resources?'; 'do glossy professional children's amusements function as metaprogramming of one kind or another?'; 'i mean, basically, does wallyworld serve imperialism?'; 'well jesus, that one's just creepy as hell'; 'clearly some of these are vandalised, which doesn't help'; 'and others still are just either a) covered in i) crap, ii) snow, iii) insufficient natural light, which also doesn't help'; 'we, the human race, assessed on evidence of our perceptible priorities, really don't deserve to explore the rest of the universe'; 'then again, some of these are very beautiful'; 'i mean, again, for invention and wonder and genuine good humour, the mosfilm adaptation of winnie-the-pooh knocks disney's version flat on its arse, and even when these are crap they're at least interesting crap...'; 'where does this (very compelling) fascination with our urban dissipation come from, exactly? what is it that I, me, find just so attractive about the (extrapolated) spectacle of our urban environment being slowly reclaimed through neglect and depopulation? because i never consider the freight of human displacement and suffering implicit in that transition? because it's a fantastic catharsis of private unhappiness and misgivings? or because it's what eventually happened to the shed at the bottom of the garden when I was a kid?'

To bed, late, with strange ideas.

Brendan said...

Hi Dennis,

Got the keys to the studio yesterday. I'll be moving stuff in this week. Hopefully I'll get to start on a few things by Friday I'm excited about being a real artist again, or at least looking like one.

Otherwise I am working hard and not doing much else. LA is a lonely place, full of unreliable people. I don't think I am a single person's top priority in this town. Usually that doesn't bother me - I just go about my business - but I've been feeling super lonely lately. It's weird. I wish I had more people I could depend upon. I wonder if it is just an LA thing or if something else is happening. If it wasn't for ice cream I would have no joy in life.

I am reading Blood of Mugwump, per your recommendation.

I watched Fosse's Sweet Charity last night. Could've used a bit of editing but otherwise totally inventive and fantastic and weird.

And you, good sir?


Chris Cochrane said...

Mr Cooper:

Good morning. I've become slightly obsessed with Helicopter, your story and the song. A deep sadness hit me today about it all.

That aside, which was something of a thing for me today, somehow.

A business reminder: please get back to Ben about your travel stuff so he can book your flight and save some money and confirm your dates

See you soon,



the Dreadful Flying Glove said...

Bernard, I loved those anecdotes, both of them, very much. _Black_Acrylic, I think you're bang on the money about the playgrounds.

Oh, and:

Nu Pogodi

Winnie Pooh w/ English subtitles

alan said...

Dreadful Flying Glove, That was beautiful and right on the mark.

inthemostpeculiarway said...

Jesus, I would not want to play in any of these playgrounds. Put a clown in there and it'd be a kid's worst nightmare.

Hey Dennis,

I'm really sorry about your Uncle Ed.

Oh, Marilyn Manson's Lewis Carroll movie that he's been making for years now is what I was talking about.

Hopefully you're wrong on eBooks. I feel like you're right, but that makes me sad.

Oh, the Monop guy is always so intriguing. Have you two ever actually had a full conversation?

That is kind of scary about the bomb threat stuff. Hopefully it doesn't happen. You're still whole by now and all that.

Glad you liked The Last Exorcism and why is Yury dying clothes?


Wake up. Bad sleep.


I briefly considered making breakfast then realized that a bottle of water would more than suffice, so that was that.

Put random movies on in the background as I read One Day. The ending was sort of, I don't know, tear jerker-y, so that was really annoying. I feel that ending hurt it and made it more successful, you know what I mean? I'm sure some of my friends would just love it, tell everyone not to watch/read it because it made them cry, then go in groups to the theater.

Went on a walk and thought I was coming up on a dead animal, but then saw it was a piece of dead rubber. So that was relieving.

Shower, lay down to take a nap, friend texts me. So I go to a small relatively shitty coffehouse after listening to her tell me about how her stairs scare her, and thinking back on them I can see why. The wall curves just so that you can't see anybody coming down them if they were, her light is one of those nasty dingy yellow ones on it's last legs and everything scares her.

So we get there and meet her other friend. He was cute. Talk, sort of. I'm tired and not sure what to say because he's cute and he's trying too hard to kill the silences and trading me cigarettes until he finally left and we wandered around Walmart, bought a lamp and coffee. It's kind of an ugly lamp but it's not mine so whatever, I guess.

Come back, take my nap that I needed, woke up, got on here, and now you basically know most of everything about my Tuesday. How was yours?

DavidEhrenstein said...

I miss porn theaters too, Bernard.

DavidEhrenstein said...

I'm listening to Samuel Ramey sing "If I Loved You" from Carousel -- surely the darkest musical ever written.

When I saw the movie version back in 1955 I sobbed uncontrollably during the final chorus of "You'll Never Walk Alone."

Sypha said...

I really love creepy looking playground imagery, so today went down like a treat.


Wow, that's all I have to say for today! Oh well.

laurabeth said...

It's totally cool, I can miss my writing seminar, but I should probably try and make my 1-2:15 class on China and head south from there. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Since I don't have Dan anymore, I don't have a place to stay in Hoboken anymore... I'll be driving back home to Amherst the same night lol.
So, story! I've been pretty... daring? bold? lately, not normal, shy lb. It is interesting to say the least- I have gone to some fantastic parties and even have a little fling going on with this adorable boy :) So, continuing with this now over a month-long bout of social confidence, the day before my 22nd birthday I went and made an appt. for the ghosts. Turns out the had an open spot the next day, ON MY BIRTHDAY<3 . One of my best friends, Shamby, came with me. I think we just laughed the entire time, I don't know, first I was nervous so she was getting my mind off it, then the artist, Ryan, was hilarious, and afterwards we were so high on life why stop laughing now?
It was a fantastic thing to do on my birthday. I had such a stand-out birthday this year, I really owe it to my roommates. I guess I've been a good friend 'cause they really went out of their way, I need to think of a way to thank them.
I guess this has slowly turned into a rambling, so I'll end for now and see you tomorrow!

misa: YES. fb me your number, I would love to see you that day! Esp. because I will be all alone in nyc!

nb said...

Dennis, Whose universe are you calling weird? In mine you write Sears Catalog descriptions and there is a talking fox that sometimes hangs out on my fire escape and hums the Mork and Mindy theme song until I give him pickles off the cover of some French dude's book about instructional manuals for homosexual living. Stop taking Yuri to playgrounds. Will you be visiting a state-side haunted house? Yours, A big giant fucking bear.


DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Don‘t Ask. Just Don‘t Fucking Ask.

Killer Luka said...

Russian playgrounds built on mass graves still retain a certain charm.

Don't listen to NB. His brain is, at best, knitted and crumbled.
So check it out, Ugly Man is my train reading. On the way home from Yaffa Cafe, I was flashing it around and this guy sitting next to me dressed in black said, "Dennis Cooper is The MAN". He looked like Mike Patton. Then he got off. I mean off the train.
Earlier in the day, Alan and I were in some bar situation in SoHo sitting next to a couple on a date. They were blabbering and we were blabbering then in a silent instant what echoed from my mouth was, "So Dennis has actually fisted boys?" The couple cracked up and the dude was like, "Well that's a conversation killer...". Excuse me it was a literary artful discussion. hahahahahahahahaha. So the dude said to me blah blah blah fisted har har so I held up the pickle book and said, "Well he is a writer." And the couple nodded in a oh I see that explains it way.
So I spent the rest of the day pushing my way into crowds and brothelytizing about how fisting is the new religion. Then I watched NB make out with an ATM.

I have my meeting with Jimi on Thurs. Excited.


Alec Niedenthal said...

hey dennis,

oh, deb olin unferth is judging, and the winners are announced in i think january? in any case, my fingers aren't crossed, i'm only curious how i'd fare.

how's the novel treating you? what are you reading now?

i got the new amelia gray book in the mail but haven't cracked it yet - i have a huge pile of books i asked for to read, because i figure that if i ask for the book, i should read it as soon as i have time. the queue includes: lydia davis's new translation of madame bovary, tom mccarthy's new novel (have you read that? i really enjoyed remainder), amelia gray's book, the NYRB's new compilation of elizabeth hardwick stories (read sleepless nights over the summer and adored it, might be one of my favorite novels--have you read it? though i started the collection and wasn't too engaged), a few others. i'm really loving the proust. maybe you should pick up swann's way--we could talk about it. what he's doing is so fascinating, in terms of the aesthetic space it's opening up, and he's writing in a way that's groundbreaking and infinitely ballsy even now. a point of collision for (of course) the modernist novel, deleuze, and--weirdly, but also necessarily--kant at any given moment. and then there's proust himself: also and always (more than but also only) his novel, a man and book as machine, a mind which can not not be body. i've never even read--or, well, been able to understand--deleuze except when he's interpreting others, but reading proust, i get a clearer sense of him than i did attempting, and failing, to read different/repetition and anti-oedipus. and the writing, the insights, consistently astonishing. i probably sound like a dick here, but i'm really finding a lot to sound like a dick about in this book.

anyway, okay, i'm going on too long--hope you have a good one, i'll talk to you tomorrow.

destroyed beyond emptiness said...

hey dennis

yep, i think the breaking out problem just had to do with nerves. in the end i went to see my adviser of studies yesterday, partly because on monday i realized i didn't have enough time, and partly because i was really frightened and unable to get it together. anyway, i went yesterday morning, and i got some really excellent news. like, really, really excellent. basically, my adviser of studies explained that since i've already completed fifteen out of the eighteen subjects which constitute the ba (hons) degree, i've done everything i need to qualify for a plain ba degree, just without the honours part. all i have to do is wait until the january exam board meeting, where my degree pathway gets changed and then it's just a further wait until my degree gets processed and confirmed and whatever in the usual way. i graduate in february or something, but not as a law student, but that's okay because all of the law students that i know graduated in other years, and i never wanted to attend graduation anyway. i mean, c'mon, it's graduation. beyond lemonade and cupcakes, what am i getting there, right?

i just feel really, really happy about this. i get to leave university with a ba degree, i get to tell my friends and my family that i get to leave university with a ba degree, i get to visit the university library as a graduate, that is to say, in the most nerdy capacity ever, and the running away thing just isn't a part of my life anymore. i still wanna move to england, but i don't have a reason to run away, to abandon everything. and that's really, really awesome.

anyway, yeah, things are kinda great. thank you for being such an amazing friend throughout all of this, dennis. and if anybody else that's given me advice and stuff is reading this, thank you as well. i'm gonna get ready for work and eat breakfast. have an awesome day, and talk with you soon.

lots of love,


Mike tyson said...

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