Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Galerie Dennis Cooper presents ... Carsten Höller


Singing Canaries Mobile, 2009

'Carsten Höller holds a doctorate in biology, and he uses his training as a scientist in his work as an artist, concentrating particularly on the nature of human relationships. Viewer participation is the key to all of Höller's sculptures, but it is less an end in itself than a vehicle to informally test the artist's theories concerning human perception and physiological reactions. Equal parts scientific experiment and sensual encounter, Höller's works are most frequently devoted to his singular obsession—chemically analyzing the nature of human emotions.

'His artistic work often explores theories of evolution that regard human sentiments, such as love and happiness, primarily as strategies for the successful reproduction of genetic material and he often, in a rather playful way, observes the human being as an animal amongst other animals. In the early 1990s, he invented a number of objects aimed at the products of unfettered reproductive instincts - that is to say, at children. This included, for example, a bicycle which exploded at the first push of the pedal.

'“I’m interested in the idea of the self-experiment, including the project of life as an experiment on one’s self,” Höller says. In a way, he has moved from studying the communication between insects by scent -- his former specialty -- to observing the reactions of the public, and himself, to his own extraordinary projects.' -- Martin Gayford, Bloomberg.com

Interview w/Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller lecture interrupted by naked men


Y, 2003
960 lightbulbs, aluminium, wood, cables, electronic circuitry, light signs, mirrors
Overall Installation: approx. 1300 x 850 x 320 cm

Forte dei Marmi Ballerina, 2007
117,5 x 149 cm C-Prints mounted on aluminum

Mirror Carousel, 2005

Revolving Hotel Room, 2008
Chairs, table, bed, wardrobe, light bulbs, steel construction, 4 glass platforms, engine approx. 600 x 600 cm, 180 cm (incl. furniture)
'The Revolving Hotel Room is a complete hotel room, including a bedside table and mini-bar, mounted on four revolving discs. While the exhibition is running visitors will be able to book into this exclusive room with its constantly changing view. Guests in the Revolving Hotel Room have twenty-four-hour access to the entire museum.'

Doppelpilzvitrine (10 Doppelpilze), 2009
10 mushroom replicas in different sizes (polyurethane, acrylic paint), vitrine (steel frame, glass)
Giant Mushroom Upside Down Room, 2007

Test Site, 2008
Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London

Hippopotamus, 2007
Orang Outan, 2001
Rhinoceros, 2005

bi-resin, polyvinyl, polyurethane foam and polyester resin, glass eyes, horns

Spheres, 2001

Killing Children I, 1992
Killing Children II, 1992

The jerry can is filled with gas; if one rides the tricycle, the match burns the wick.

Light Room, 2008
Double LED lamps, aluminum sheeting, cables, controller system

The Snow Show, 2006


p.s. RIP: Louise Bourgeois. Hey. It's another day wherein there is nothing too new or exciting to tell you, so ... ** Chris (British), You get winter today, and we get summer today. A simple and easily explainable fact, but trippy. It sure doesn't feel like summer outside. Does it feel like winter? So, then what kind(s) of non-shitty jobs are you hellbent on getting? ** _Black_Acrylic, Glad your hard drive was a toughie. Sorry it's an expensive toughie. ** Bill, I know, I felt really bad that my blog doesn't offer Helvetica as an option. Really nice, clear pix of the Illuseum's rooms. Would it be okay if I use them with full credit in my Illusuem post? How are your last Amsterdamian days going? ** David Ehrenstein, Wow, I knew not about that Morrissey movie, or rather I'd heard its title, and that's it. Weird about a very young Lagerfeld being in it. I wonder if Lagerfeld is why the film's not available. He's infamously controlling of every fraction of his image these days. Yeah, you mentioned Theresa Russell's jazz singing. Would imagine there'll be recordings soon, no? ** John, Good news. They say your feet are your meat, don't they? ** Alan, If I have read Zola, it's so long ago and so lost in the sands of memory that I might as well not have ever read him. I think I will now, though. Book club selection maybe? ** Wolf, No fucking kidding. Israel is starting to make the Bush era US seem like Nepal. Well, not quite. The way the fascist Israeli government plays the underdog card is what evil is all about. ** JoeM, Glad you're seeing the doc. Blood pressure issue would make sense. Definitely a very good idea to get your blood pressure checked and take whatever measures -- meds or ? --the doctor advises, if that turns out to be the culprit. ** Joseph, Milk that unemployment for your art, man, definitely. Most people I know who move and try to find a place to live in advance end up saying fuck it and getting a motel for a week or so when they first arrive at the new locale. Do you know anybody in your new hood who could do some legwork for you? Reading poems nude news, cool. Pray tell when the iron's hot. New with me? Just working on the novel 80% of my time at the moment. Nothing's new at the moment, in other words. ** Frank Jaffe, You were my single wisher of a happy Memorial Day, so it meant a lot. I'll try to remember to wish you a happy Bastille Day. I've never seen 'Repo'. Almost rented it during my last LA visit. Think I'll hold off. I don't think the topic of the Lambda Literary Awards has been creased here before. Very cool if kind of comical that Kevin Killian's book won the Best Erotica Award. Certainly deserved, but a bit of a low end prize for such a superb book. You know, I was one of the Lammy judges. It was a secret, but I think it's okay to reveal that now. I was one of, I think, five judges of the Gay Male Debut Fiction prize. Consensus judging long distance by a group of people who don't know each other at all is pretty weird, but it was fun to do. ** Chris Goode, Nicely intense batch, yeah. Since that slave's English was pretty good, I think/hope 'word' was intentional too. Doubt it, sadly. I haven't seen a piece by Ron Athey in quite a few years. Based on the number of his performances that I saw back when, I ... think he's a charming person. The high religious/ tribal/ Baptist preacher thing he was into wasn't my thing. But it's been a while. How's QUN and everything else? ** Sypha, Are you reading 'AP' again as, like, a pre-'Imperial Bedrooms' ritual? It doesn't sound like you're enjoying the rereading experience all that much. ** Statictick, Really? About Aaron, I mean? That's bizarre. Well, some industrious slave or fake slave got his hands on your pal's pix somewhere, I guess. Either that or your pal is doing some kind of secret experiment in autobiographical narrative or something. I'll briefly stand-up for the website in question and say it's not pathetic, it's just easy to misuse. Anyway, if Aaron has anything to say about the curious coincidence, I'd be curious to know. ** Tristan's Mum, Your pride is fully justified. ** Ken Baumann, Yeah, I think the book club could work. We'll see, I guess. But, yeah, I love it when this place spontaneously grows new branches, and that one seems potentially ... leafy? Hm, I shouldn't start metaphors that I can't eventually twirl. LCD Sound System, nice. I've never seen them live. The new album is pretty tasty, I agree. Ha ha, actually, you were right the first time: it's Yury not Yuri. Best of the best, man. ** Dandysweets, Hi, pal. Nice of you to say that to Oscar. I agree. That WWASP thing is totally scary. I've been looking into it a bit since you brought it to our attention. The more you investigate, the more evil it grows. Jesus. And, yeah, I'm with you: the death penalty is completely barbaric. Don't worry about the negativity. I like negativity just fine. Speaking of negativity, Rufus Wainwright's voice is one of my ideas of hell, so I stay away from him as best I can. But I'm glad it was a nice concert. I'm going to try to go to a concert tonight myself (Atlas Sound, Polvo) if it's not sold out. Have a lovely day. ** Steevee, Absolutely 100% yes on the Israeli government's never ending descent. ** Koes, If I can get Jonathan to give me sound files of his music and videos of his performance works and stuff, I will do a Day on him. He's pretty shy though, so we'll see. In the meantime, here's a slightly dated, not entirely revealing picture of him performing naked. It's your birthday! Happy birthday, Koes! Survive the family part and accept my imaginary toast! ** Ammcartney, Hey, Alistair! Is there any visa-related progress? I think we're about to try for another US tourist visa for Yury, gulp. My novel has been behaving itself pretty well the past three or so days. Excellent about the breakthrough with yours. What stage are you at right now? I mean, do have a full rough draft yet? If so, how rough? You and Tim have a blast the SF reading, and give the marvelous Michele Tea a big hi and hug from me. ** Slatted Light, If I were truly the brave, wildly experimenting author I claim, I would have used the residue (yikes, sorry) from my few bottoming test cases in my work and not just grinned, beared it, and survived. 10,000 books is a whole lot of books, man. Where do you keep them? How do you organize them? Which one did you go read? Have you read Mike Young's upcoming Publishing Genius book? It's great. I blurbed it. It's great. ** Pascal, 'Synechdoche' didn't exactly set the box office on fire, so I imagine he's in long term development hell at the moment. I think you could be right about the particular similarities/ differences/ clashings of Scalapino's work and mine. The situating of her voice inside the sexual, and her kind of act of surrendering her form and language and rhythm and so on to the herd, as you put it, or the herd sensuality or something, is impressive but not useful to me in some way. Strange. I agree she's a very impressive writer though, don't get me wrong. Thanks about the theater piece. Hopefully, it'll all be just fine, and the struggles will work their own magic. ** Misanthrope, Yeah, if Kevin Smith's stuff gives you pleasure, that's all that matters. I'll hurl my tomatoes in private. So, are they going to do more Star Wars movies? I don't know if that's a good idea or not. It seems to me they shot their wad in 'Empire' way back when, and every movie since then has been a matter of just treading water, trying to reawaken the corpse, and greed. But I'm not a Star Wars guy, obviously. I was just thinking about Rallo the other day. Sounds like Tender Prey has something up his sleeve. ** Flit, So, it's a good thing: the extended library gig. Sounds kind of like it is. It would be awesome if you want to do the workshop. No pressure or anything. The workshop happens whenever someone wants to use it. Whenever you're ready, say the word or send something to me. Love to you, pal. ** The Dreadful Flying Glove, What other country are you moving to again? I think maybe you said before, but my mind has stoned that information. I kind of agree with you on the escort texts, but the thing is that 90% of the profiles I troll through every month while looking for texts that I think are worthy or interesting or something are of the feckless, defenseless sort to the point where they all end up saying the same things with a sincerity that is hard to differentiate. The ones who try to subvert that and catch the eye, show off a bit, and assert some peculiarity end up being very refreshing, and I usually grab them. But they're a huge amount less common than my monthly posts make them seem. ** Tender Prey, Thanks, Marc, about the slaves post. Sometimes I get lucky. Yeah, very sad about Louise Bourgeois, and amazing that she was making work, and, based on the very recent stuff in her retrospective last year, very strong work up until a few days before she died. Really glad to hear you got a new drawing done. I'd really like to try a workshop here with visual art in the saddle. I'm imagining it would work best if the artist were around a lot, and if the comments were more interactive than with the writing workshop. I don't know. I guess as soon as someone feels like being the first, we'll find out. Oh, yes, I did get your email, and I meant to write back to you ages ago. I'm so fried and bad with correspondence right now, it's awful. The thing is, I love the idea of doing the show, and the only issue was/is that I'm so incredibly swamped between now and later July. With the rehearsals and then the premiere in Avignon, my time and mind-space between now and mid-July is heavily occupied and pretty full of stress to boot. At the same time, I want to do the blog show idea very badly, and I wanted to jump at the opportunity fearing it might be the only or best shot. And my confusion is why I held off on saying yes or no. I should have just said no, but ... yeah. Ultimately, I think it's just too much for late July. If there's another opportunity a little later on, I would absolutely love to take it. I'm really sorry not to have gotten back to you about that sooner. And, most of all, thank you so much for asking, Marc. I really love the possibility. ** Justin, It looked kind of purplish to me. It's some kind of not natural color almost for sure. Pixar is considering the 'God Jr.' movie, apparently, so, hey, you never know. Dance is actually pretty big over here in Europe. The famous choreographers sell out pretty huge venues here in Paris. Thanks, man. ** Will Decker, I might go to the party/event for the Duvert bio. I kind of don't like parties, though, and the not speaking French hardly at all doesn't help either. Maybe I'll try to be in the neighborhood and peek in the window to see what it is. You found yourself/us some pretty nice links there, thank you. ** Inthemostpeculiarway, I'm glad you wrote some and felt better afterwards. I can't wait until I can read some of it one of these days. What an eventful neighborhood walk you had there. Or the first part, at least. Americans are so friendly sometimes. I forget that. Nice Broadcast song. No, I haven't seen that movie 'Valerie and Her Week of Wonders'. I've always wanted to. One of the comments below the clip said the movie is on Youtube, so maybe seeing it is easy. Congrats to your engaged friend. Yeah, I guess that's good, right? If they're waiting for two years though, I wonder what the chances are that there'll be a wedding? That's too cynical, probably. I'll look for Nurse Jackie. If there's a way, I have the will. My day: Uh, oh, I met up with Davidc, a long time d.l., although he hasn't posted here so much of late, and his spouse Dominic. We met in front of the Centre Pompidou and then had coffee at the sort of famous Cafe Beaubourg. It was nice, just catching up and talking about Paris and the UK and this and that. We did that for quite a while, and then I walked them to the metro stop Strasbourg St. Denis where they caught a train to the Galleries Lafayette to go shopping for the perfect salt and pepper shakers, whatever that would entail. Not Eiffel Tower-shaped shakers 'cos I jokingly suggested that and it did not play well. Then I came home, and I worked on the novel, and I had another coffee, this time with the Kiddiepunk and Oscar B. I decided the other day I want to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days just for fun, and they said they're totally into going, and Yury's into going too, so I guess we'll figure that out. Otherwise, I just worked on my novel. I realized this one scene that I've been killing myself trying to get right can be just cut out entirely, so that was good. Ate, etc., and another day came to its not so mighty conclusion. Not bad, not great. What about Tuesday? ** JW Veldhoen, Rausch, rausch, rausch. ** Brendan, I'm glad you're you. Plus, I like 'r' better than 'l'. It's less phallic and more like an upside down butt crack. Oh, good, my first link of the day. Everyone, Brendan formerly Blendin and in point of fact the artist Brendan Lott is making awesome collages, one a day, and now they are finally viewable to those of you who are not on Facebook, and viewable means here. Go there. I think the DC's Book Club is going to work, man. Hands were raised. Yeah, give it some thought, and get back to us/me/whoever with your ideas, and let's do this fucker! ** David, Al Green strikes again! I haven't seen that 'Assassination of Jesse James' movie yet. I've been planning to for ages. Any movie that borrows extensively from Malick's work, as I understand it does, gets a head start with me. ** Creative Massacre, I hope it went well with your surgeon, my friend. Tell me what happened, okay? ** 文輝 , Wow, you're in a generous mood today. You have any ladyboy sites? I could use one of those. ** Mark, Hey, Mark! Better late than never, and thank you a lot, man. I'll go open the gift as soon as I finish this, but in the meantime ... Everyone, D.l. Mark missed the birthday party, but he's showing up late with his hat in his hand and a birthday gift for all of us. Here's the card that comes with it, in his words: 'My contribution, written specifically for the occasion, is but a trifle, but I like that it uses a lot of 5s in rhythm, melody, etc. On the other hand, it’s admittedly kind of sappy-sounding and maybe should have been kept in the vault for good, but here it is nonetheless, better badly belated than never, I guess.' How are you, Mark? What's going on? I'd love to hear. ** Jax, I know, right? Imagine my saucer-sized eyes when I found that sucker. ** Math, You don't sound dickish in the slightest. Well, O and Kp and I can try to keep you on the straight and narrow, although, uh, I'm not sure if I'll still be living here then, come to think of it. Technically, my time here is up in December, but I'm hoping to get an extension somehow. ** Marcus, Hey, M! Thanks a ton for the catch up. Very, very curious to hear the pop project album. I don't how I keep filling this place up. Thank god for kindly guest-hosts. They're probably the reason. Really, about Japan? I'm getting the sinking feeling that the hard promise I got that I would get to go along on the Japan tour has been broken, which is not happiness. But that's my problem, sorry. Take care and take it every way you can get it, man. ** Oscar B, I know, I know about Louise Bourgeois. So sad. Performance element? Let's go, you bet. Talk to you in just a short bit. ** Bye. Carten Höller is in my galerie today. I think he's pretty interesting. See what you think. See you tomorrow.


paradigm said...

interesting and intriguing day as ever dennis. there's a dark sense of humour in part which is provocative. i love the fact that there is often an interactive element to them, interactive art i find to be quite fun and engaging. wonderment and play are great in any work and seems especially cheeky in the colder climate of art.

excited about tmrw. glad you liked it. hopefully yr ps doesn't begin with another RIP tmrw.

david said...

Dennis - Al Green is elemental in a way Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, even Stevie Wonder never were. He can probably call up tulpas to protect him.

DavidEhrenstein said...

That first Carsten Holler item looks like the hallway to the "Up Club" in New York New York.

statictick said...

Carsten Holler is difficult for me to get a handle on. I did just whiz through it, so I'll go back later. I like the fashion show / carnival aspects. Just need to pay more attention. It's early for me, and the caffeine hasn't jerked in yet.

Dennis: Of course that's not Aaron. But the similarities are bizarre, especially the green eyes. It looks like Aaron from across the room even with my glasses off.

What spurred me to write that was that Aaron was here last night, and I was grazing the slaves and went, 'What?! Aaron!' Aaron was across the room with 20/20 vision and said, 'What the fuck are you looking at?' He thought it was him for a nanosecond or something. Even looking at it this morning, it's spooky. Being a clown, Aaron was stoned enough to check his shorts to make sure his package was still there.


DavidEhrenstein said...

The Nazis Are Back -- And This Time They're Jewish

alan said...

These are fun but perhaps a bit cold? I think I like the hippo best, but then I always seem to like hippos.

On Israel playing the underdog: Nine (?) people are mowed down and it was their fault for supposedly trying to defend themselves? That’s the classic position: they wanted violence, they provoked it, they brought it on themselves.

I read a comment on a messageboard last night that would be funny if the context weren’t so grim:

“Sometimes they even manage to sound aggrieved and annoyed about it, like it’s so burdensome how people keep making them kill them. ‘Can't a guy get through a single day of stopping basic resources from reaching people without someone coming along and forcing us to kill them?’”

Are there any protests in Paris, Dennis? I haven’t heard of anything here.

kier said...

hi dennis, great slaves, as always. am i crazy or was there an almost-vincent-kartheiser-lookalike and an almost-vincent-kassel-lookalike? that first one was nice and sad. things have been bad a little while for some reason, the drugs were working for a short while, and then: blæh. can't feel the ritalin at all either, so we'll increase the dosage. it seems i'm one of those semi-rare people with a very high tolerance for all stimulants, so i've been blodtested for that.

i've always been like that; the highest dosage of all meds and painkillers, i could drink 4 cups of coffee and go straight to sleep, pot makes me feel slightly drunk and nothing more. maybe i should switch to crystal meth.

Bill said...

Hey Dennis, feel free to use the Illuseum pix! Would be my pleasure for them to appear as part of your post.

I'm actually in The Hague at the moment, got here a couple days ago from Amsterdam. Carsten Holler looks very intriguing, but I have to crank out a document and will have to save him for later.

Bill, crank crank

Wolf said...

hey dennis... sorry, i don't really have the heart to think of or focus on anything else than that sick israeli joke and its horrifyingly inexistent repercussions today, so let me just point to the following
petition , since no head of state can be assed to say anything else that "oh, please let us know what happened, it'd be nice, thank you kindly", seems that's the only thing to do.
might not be much mind, but....

i'm considering a mass spell.
all black magic practitioners please get in touch.

Sypha said...

Dennis, yes I'm re-reading "American Psycho" in preparation for "Imperial Bedrooms." I had read "Less Than Zero" last month (and "The Informers" last Fall), and I'm hoping to maybe squeeze in "Lunar Park" before June 15 but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. No, I'm enjoying it, it's just it can be difficult to re-read a book that one is so familiar with, and while I still love AP and rank it in my top ten there's no denying it has some tedious moments, which no doubt was Ellis' intention.

slatted light said...

On this flotilla massacre, wat I really hate is less the totally hypocritical 'we had to hold the blockade at all costs' argument than the liberal Israeli take on the matter, which criticises the IDF for not taking softer and more developed measures before saying, in sombre moral tones: we played right into the hands of the Islamists and Leftists. See Amos Harel's
blog post at Haaretz for example: "Ultimately, Israel walked straight into the trap that the flotilla organizers set, and has found itself in a massive diplomatic mess." This maddens me no end. It's so insidious because what it ends up doing is redounding the blame back onto a covert intentionalist motive in the protestors and makes the Israelis in their assault no more than unwitting pawns. What fucking trap exactly? Exercising the right of free protest? Trying to run a blockade with that threat of all threats - humanitarian aid? To really see how attenuated the middle moral compass in Israeli opinion is, look no further than Harel's opening paragraph: "The Israel Defense Forces had little trouble explaining the naval commando raid yesterday to the Israeli public. The troops slid from helicopters into a violent crowd, which attacked them with sticks. It's no wonder the troops opened fire in self-defense." You'd almost think this was tongue-in-cheek, except it's absolutely not: it actually thinks being attacked with sticks is a 'no wonder' reason to open fire with semi-automatic weapons and totally warranted in calling that self-defense. No sense that bringing that kind of weaponry into that kind of confrontationalist, fear-inducing context was itself practically begging for murder to occur. Unbelievable. It goes beyond sick and into sad.

mark said...

Ah, so many great DC days to catch up on, now that I'm back! This truly is the Best Blog Ever.

What have I been doing? Hm, shooting more bondage porn, on the one hand, and, on the other, creating all of the video content for a theater piece which played this weekend...


Also, I may be in Paris sometime this month, if my artist employer, who's there now, needs me badly enough and pays my way...

Bollo said...

Hi Dennis
this morning was a disaster, a bust light tripped a switch which then set off the alarm the the apartment, no code and the landlord didnt know it either, the alarm was 20yr old and fuckin loud. 4hrs later the alarm guy came, its all off now but it was the worst way to start the day.
Carsten Holler yay, the slides were in tate modern last time i was there. (its been too long london) doesnt someone in chanel have a slide from thier office window? and HUO got stuck holding her bag for a night cause she disappeared down a slide? its in his curating book which ive lent to a friend so i cant check or was it art review? the upsidedown mushroom room is great. that vid of the guy dropping his pants is great! did Holler do the same? it looks like hes doing up his belt at some stage.
hope alls well.

those collages are great! thats the upside of owning a magazine stall, infinite material!

alan said...

slatted light, That’s a very interesting link.

_Black_Acrylic said...

I really enjoy Carsten Höller's work. Seems to me there's not enough fun in the world and he helps redress the balance just a little bit.

I'm still living on borrowed computers but I have a wee announcement to make. The Yuck 'n Yum AGK now has an official advert online, and you can see it here. Sorry to use you blog for so much pimping of my own projects, rest assured I'll be much more truly interactive once my laptop's fixed x

Brendan said...

Thanks Bollo!

JW Veldhoen said...

Yep, yep, yep. Fuggin' kill them Jew bastards is what I say. Nuke 'em. 'Merica gonna change sides. RACE WARS! Till then god bless Charlie Manson, cuts and hair cream, Lohan pics, double insertions, Marlboro Lights, graphite pencils, and Zeiss lenses. I say art for art sake blah blah blah. Hope they nuke them A-rabs, too, build a Christian bonfire, etc. This is boring, anyone got some coke? I kinda want to fuck. Know any horny ladies? You guys can watch if you want, I don't care.

JoeM said...

I hope they don't put me on blood pressure meds because I've managed to avoid meds up to now (the odd Paracetamol and anti-acid thing doesn't count). Also Misa doesn't speak too highly of the side-effects. Though I do like to point out to him that, unlike in The Land of The Free, I'd get them and all prescriptions for near nothing in Scotland, and everyone will get all prescriptions completely FREE next year - even if they're working. Goddam Socialist state this place.

Does it really cost $90 to visit a doctor in the USA? Even if you're not working?

What I really fear is being put in one of those big claustrophobic scanners. Though I would love to have a head/brain scan. I know there's a whole lot wrong up there.

Jax, I'm afraid the dancers left me cold. All I could think was, well at least they're not hitting anybody there. Then a girl was hit. Accidentally...

The only character in it I sympathised with was the little dog. What did he do to get landed with a junkie and just out of jail tagged methadone addict as owners? Maybe he was Lassie in a previous life.

I'm so on the wrong side of the PC fence on this. I remember that reading we did, when I said something like 'They should pack off all the thieving slashing scum to an island where they can all be selfish cunts together' and the Right On Lesbian contingent (75% of the audience) suddenly turned to ice, from their identikit scarves to their Doc Martens. Cue Jax getting loving hugs goodbye and me left in the corner to mull over the error of my ways...

Funny, I love all that stuff on Shameless, where it's fictional, but in a world where a mother gets into a car and burns herself and her retarded daughter to death because of the abuse they'd been getting from those poor misunderstood Bad Boys and Girls, it's not so funny.

Pascal said...

Hey Dennis, I just wanted to clarify that I didn't mean anything derogatory when I wrote about Scapalino's writing being concerned with the 'herd'.

Saw your mention of Pixar and God Jr. Wow.

And, yeah, goodbye Bourgeois and Orlovsky

Koes said...

Ah ah I love those colorful animals there. Pretty cute.

Dennis, don't tell me about Jonathan being shy, it makes me totally go gaga over him. Shy boys ftw. What do you think?
Thanks btw for the photo, it was def one of the better bday presents I have to say! And also one that makes me go gaga over him. AHhhh!

I survived my family.
Oh I emailed you a song some days ago.

Now I will sleep <3

the Dreadful Flying Glove said...

Dennis, hey. That's illuminating - what you have to say about the slaves - and I'm sure it makes sense. It wasn't a criticism of your selections, of course!

I'm due to be heading out to South Africa for a few years. There is an absolutely demented amount of shit to organise in order for that to happen, and I'm just getting started. I'm sure you can relate! But it's good, I think, change on that level. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

I'm pleased by the reality of scientists and cyberneticists reaching into the art world. This guy - Carsten Höller - I like his work, it appeals to me. I'm not at all sure why.

On this occasion, I'm grateful for the distraction from considering the lying, murdering bastards who control the state of Israel. Ron Prosor was on the radio again this morning, drooling his lies. The role of my country and its past leaders in creating the circumstances that led us here are a dismal stain on my conscience. Words don't seem to be enough.

Joseph said...

I don't know any of this person's work, now i do, so thanks! the yellow rhinoceros is really good, somehow.

Oh yeah, so the nude poetry. It's been awhile since I said I wanted to do the video magazine thing, I'd essentially everyone I talked to was pretty much like "Oh that'd be sweet! I'd totally read/watch it." but i got the sense it'd really fall flat due to an absurd lack of willingness to submit. So I just decided to do that shit myself under the pretense of "book trailer" for the upcoming chap Dipierro worked on (here's the cover btw, he's really fucking good http://virgograypress.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/new-releases/) and just read a poem from it. After I did that, Ana Carrete (I don't know if you're familiar with her writing at all or with her magazine New Wave Vomit, but it's good stuff) told me to do the same only with one of her poems and so I did. So that's that, and here's the result. I'm slightly tips in both videos hence some of the stuttering-ish sounds.


The main reaction thus far is "Why?" ha.

Oh and i think it's possible I found an apartment!!!!!!! Not totally sure though. But yes, as to your question, my dad is thankfully working for a little bit in DC so he's kinda serving as a liasson or something. I'm really glad about that or else it'd be even more impossible. I hope this thing works out. It's so close to the metro.

Anyhow, I'll shut up. I love to hear you're spending such a large percentage on the novel. I look forward to it immensely, SIH will hold me over though I suppose.


trees said...

Hey Dennis!

Really love Holler's work— have only seen it on the internet, unfortunately. Definitely looking forward to seeing more in the future, perhaps in person.

Things here have been pretty crazy— I got a job at a cafe, so I've been getting up at 5 in the morning for the past three days, as well as continuing my night-owl ways. On Sunday, I saw my friend Evan (who put out "The Swan's Rag" chap that I gave you in March) read with Rob Halpern. Both were astounding, but Rob was....flooring. One of the best readings I've seen all year, but that's no surprise, really.

I got a book titled Lustmord the other day, and it has been giving me insane dreams about bleeding from strange orifices. Like a weird mouth in my neck, a la that kid from Charles Burns' Black Hole.

Hope all is well with you. I had more things to write, but the cafe where I'm typing from is closing down.


david said...

kier - I know what you mean. They gave me a shot of dilaudid in the ER when my hernia was still uncorrected, warning me that it would cause drowsiness. I finished reading Augusten Burroughs' Dry ( his only must read book imo)and wrote a few pages in my notebook before they decided to send me home with some scribbler's helpers (Percocet). That crystal meth is dangerous shit, I'm told.

JoeM- An American can see a doctor for free if s/he is poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or has been injured on the job.

Joseph - Your link doesn't work.
wv dogizede

Chris Goode said...

Hey D --

interesting day on Holler; I was always quite a fan until the hopeless Test Site at Tate Modern, though, as I've said before a time or two, the real problem is the Turbine Hall is an inherently stupid (and/or stupefying) site, so it's practically impossible to place work there that doesn't immediately become dumb, which Holler's helter-skelters certainly did, and more recently the underachieving Balka installation that I performed inside.

Interesting on Athey too. I couldn't agree more about having no real use for the whole performative ritual / quasi-religiosity of it (especially when applied to developments from Bataille). It so often gives rise to this kind of insular narcissism. Athey in particular is one of those artists who when they make their work seem to have one eye all the time on how it will be photographed and documented. Which I suppose is fine in a way, but heaven knows it ain't me. Still on balance I like (or am, despite everything, a little seduced by) what I know of his stuff and I guess I should reserve judgement on its live effect/affect until I've actually experienced it live a time or two.

QUN went well, thanks. At the weekend I'll have a few hours to complete and upload a video version of the piece. In the meantime somebody posted a really nice review here (scroll down). She's very kind about me but between Jonny's presence on video and Kier's amazing photography, I was pushing on an open door from the get-go.

Oh, shit -- RIP Peter Orlovsky -- or did we do that already? My head is full of cotton hay and rags.


Chris said...


Carsten Höller is pretty interesting, you're right.

It feels like Winter. It's quite cold. It's been raining pretty much constantly for a week. A lot of the South Island is flooded. Wellington spends Winter in a perpetual cloud. The houses here don't have central heating, either. And they're all made out of wood. And this one is a ground floor, wood floored flat. Great in Summer. Yeah. Er. :)

Jobs? Policy. Government policy, maybe. Less rote adherence to procedures, more thinking. That's the only thing I can really do over here. Well, the only thing I'm qualified to do over here. Otherwise, I'll carry on writing while I don't have a job. I'm lucky I'm as good as married, otherwise I'd have to get a crappy job.

Joseph said...

Hey Thanks David,

Hopefully this shit works.

Chap Cover:


For some reason I'm watching "Wishmaster"

Joseph said...

well, i give up.

Justin said...

Very interesting Gallery Day, I love the mechanical aspect of the works. Are the canaries in the mobile real?
You mean the guys hair right? Cause for a second there I thought you meant the other boys testicles, or lack-there-of.
In all, brutal, honesty, I don't know if you were joking about Pixar adapting "God JR" or not because it's the only book you've written that I haven't read. It's supposed to be a lot more accessible to run of the mill readers I know, but it's one I've avoided because the plot is so routed in reality (a family falling apart at the seams and the loss of a child) that it seems like it would be too depressing.
Maybe we'll get lucky and some choreographer who frequents the blog will see you're interested in doing a Dance piece and they will approach you. But because I suggested it I wanna producer credit, mwhahaha.

DavidEhrenstein said...

9 or perhaps as many as 16. Israel is now in control of all information on its crime.

alan said...

David Ehrenstein, Yeah, I said nine because that’s what the number the NYT was giving out, but I’ve since heard up to 19, with scores more injured.

By the way I appreciated your post this morning, and especially the link to that excellent Glenn Greenwald piece.

slatted light said...

Alan: Thanks for highlighting the Greenwald piece David E. cited. It was really great - and it had way more spine and critical range than I've come to expect from Salon. Though it shouldn't have, this comment on the blockade made my mouth drop: "Dov Weisglass, an adviser to Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister [said when it was first imposed]: 'The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger'." Extraordinary.

Will Decker said...

I am praying you make it to the Publication Party for the new bio of Duvert. 'Tony Duvert: The Silent Child' available only in French on Amazon France.

I never pray.

What I am thinking is you just might run into someone who will be valuable to you there. Heck in a way you are a Tony Duvert (Sort of).

This is a Tony Duvert SILENT CHILD: Paul Dano in the Movie 'L.I.E.' Dano and Brian Cox joined up again in 'The Good Heart'. They get to finish in a sort of kind of way what was begun in 'L.I.E.' Darn it was good to see them together again.

The Good Heart Trailer
The Good Heart Full Movie
PS: I will not mention the Publication Party again: Promise! W

Frank Jaffe said...

hey dennis!
So I shall be leaving early to head back up to Tallahassee to visit the boyfriend one last time before heading out to L.A. in less than 2 weeks! Very excited about all of this. Me and my dad have been planning our roadtrip and it looks like we'll be staying over in New Orleans, Austin, and Phoenix before arriving in L.A.
Cool, one of the judges?!? So what did you think of the winner of your category? Blue Boy wasn't it?
Lemme know, i've been looking for some good gay fiction :)
Alright gotta end this convo early, need to wake up bright and early tomorrow!! :)

Creative Massacre said...

Dennis - Hi! So I can officially say that this medicial stuff is over. My surgeon basically said I had tons of tiny little ulcers in my stomach and that I had over produced acid. He said for me to take my meds until it runs out and not to come back unless I have to. :) So yay for that! Also, the source of my stress and nerve problems have been demolished so as of right now I'm doing great!!

inthemostpeculiarway said...

I love the lightbulbs.

Hey Dennis,

Well, first off I have to say I am very impressed with myself. I don't remember a thing about last night and as such had assumed I didn't make it to the computer to report my day, but it turns out I did and there weren't any tell tale signs. I'm guessing. So yay!


I'll look for it on YouTube later. That'd be nice if it was there. If it is I'll let you know.

Yeah, that's not really that cynical about my friend. I'm thinking the exact same thing. But if it will last it will last and all that.

I hope Davidc and Dominic find their perfect salt shakers. And Eifel Tower shakers? Those would be awful. I think some of those reside in Paris, Texas, and that's where they should stay.

Oh, Amsterdam, fun. When?

I'm glad about the scene. Not that it had to go, necessarily, but now that it's gone hopefully you can breathe easier with the rest of the novel.


Woke up and worked out. That was interesting. Perhaps I'll make this part of my regular routine, but if it goes the way of Regis and Kelly viewing it'll become sporadic at best. That's probably likely. Anyway,


Since I love the original TV show, I tried to watch Return to Green Acres and oh God, couldn't do it. I realize pointing out inconsitencies in a show/'movie' like this is pointless, but Arnold the pig was still alive. And the Ziffels were dead. What little I saw of it made me want to break my TV, and it's a nice TV, so I turned it off.

Cleaned. That was thrilling.

I didn't really do anything today. But since I was still a little drunk when I woke up I felt good, and then later after it ended I just felt progressively worse and more like myself. So ugh about that. But no conversations or interactions with anybody today. Tomorrow probably. Maybe.

Read about Marilyn Monroe's picture with Bobby Kennedy and JFK and expected it to be something scandulous and then I saw it and no. I would link you but it's really not even worth it. They're just standing there with their faces away from the camera. Speaking of Monroe, though, Naomi Watts is going to play her in an adaption of Blonde. There's another Monroe movie coming out, too, but I can't remember the details right now. But I think the Watts movie can be good. I liked Blonde, what I remember of it anyway, so this is good news to me.

Oh, and I read about something you probably already know about but I figured I'd tell you anyway: Cleo, in 3D. Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and based on Cleopatra's life but set in the Roaring 20's, it's also a rock opera using Guided by Voices's music. Are you looking forward to it?

Watched Glee and it was okay. I liked it.

That's it. My day sucked. Sorry. How was yours?

Misanthrope said...

Tender Prey, I like the blog idea for Rallo. I think it'd be easier to maintain. I mean, fuck, if I can maintain two of em...

Brendan, Let us know what's up when what's up is what's up re: the book club.

Dennis, As far as I know, there aren't going to be anymore Star Wars movies, though I believe that there are rumors about a 7, 8, and 9 that could be done. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them done; I just wouldn't let Lucas anywhere near them.

Right now, they've got the animated Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, which aren't half-bad.

My idea would be to pick up the sci-fi series in the bookstores about the young jedi knights, the descendants of the Anakin and Luke and so on. I could see a really good weekly TV series being made out of that. Or just based on that premises. Of course, I'd use real kids and teenagers and not the almost-30 peeps they get to play those roles nowadays.

I saw a thing in the Parade magazine that comes with the Sunday paper about why older people are cast in those roles. The governing opinion is that younger people aren't good enough actors. I say bullshit to that.

I liked/like Holler. Especially the animals, the shrooms, and the amusement park-type rides. I like functional art, though I in no way think that art has to be or should be functional. Just think it's neat when it is so.

JW Veldhoen said...

Or if you are cute and we're having a good time... What? I mean, have I gone to pot? Why... Yes. Yes I have. Tired and bored. Giving up, maybe. Silence, relegation, failure? I have this face, will have this face... For sale, for sure. I'm advised re: writing (mine) that I need to sacrifice more of what I am, write for something outside of my self, or to or about someone outside of me, but that strikes me from the start as being impossible and fruitless. I feel like I've lost a battle in a war regarding objectivity, and I am wounded. I believe failure can mean another kind of success, but if I could, I would rise superior to the challenge that I have likely failed. Do you believe in objective reality Dennis? Or are you with me, and think that that is all hogwash? I want to escape. How?

Sypha said...

Misa, Shai and I would sometimes on Facebook ponder ideas for a gay Star Wars. I think we had Brent Corrigan and Zac Efron in mind as Jedi knights.

slatted light said...

Coop: Interesting work today. I get the sense that this is work - despite its almost sterile appearance - elicits all kinds of refined and precise sensations when you're physically within its proximity. They seem almost functionalist in their image despite the fact they're quite anti-functionalist - i.e. the oversized quality of the bird cages. I hope I get a chance to see his work in person some day.

Maybe bottoming is the logical end point (ahem) for your five post-cycle novels? Not that bottoming doesn't already structure and inform the perspectives of the existent works in ways both obvious and oblique but I'd really love to see what your voice would do grinning and bearing it. It'd be a tough taskmaster but supply some fascinating results, I reckon.

Gosh, the books. They're everywhere. I don't have a study or anything so they literally colonize my room. They're in my drawers, shelves, boxes, cupboards, in massive, massive stacks on my floor, my desk. The older excess is stored in a storage room upstairs in a series of archive boxes. It's really terrible. And terribly compulsive. Oddly enough, they're organized entirely by memory. It looks completely chaotic but I can basically remember where every book I own is, and it's rare I accidentally buy the same thing twice. My head is a catalogue but don't ask me to remember birthdays. Classic absent-minded professor material, here. The dream is one day to have a room of floor to ceiling shelves and aisles and what not so that I can arrange and catalogue them all properly.

I picked up the book of Schuyler poems: the uncollected ones. Very nice. Someone close to me once said I had a Schuylerian sexuality, which I never quite knew was intended as a compliment or not, but it was certainly a memorable remark.

I can't wait to get my hands on Mike's new book. I haven't read it yet but with your added thumbs up, my saliva is salivating.

Alright, I'd better go. Hope you're well, dude.

math said...

i approve

Jesse Hudson said...

Fascinating day and many thanks to the magnificent Paradigm!!

Alan: My book arrived and I wanted to thank you profusely for the extraordinary kindness!! I also thought the card was really nice and am now using it as a bookmark, haha. Thanks!!

Slatted Light: It's amazing because the way you describe your books (or, at least, the way you know where every one is) is exactly how I have mine. Mine are on shelves (most of them anyway) but they are in no discernible order. However, when ever my surrogate mother/roommate asks me where a particular book on the Middle Ages is (even if I haven't touched it in years), I know right where it is! God, I love books. Both reading them and hoarding them like mad. I have three on the way tomorrow I believe. Blanchot Reader, Derrida Reader, and one by Baudrillard.
By the way, I have not forgotten about making you copies of the first Waitress. Just give me a little bit of time since I will need to go out of town to do it. The only print shop here involves the owners copying the pages themselves. And that might be icky. If I had a fucking scanner, things would be so easy, haha.

Dennis: I hope your writing went well today! I see any amount of writing (or tweaking thereof) to be incredibly productive since my writing right now consists of nothing outside of my mind and a few odd notes here and there.
But, yes, I hope breakthroughs were made!!

And a Happy Birthday to the Marquis de Sade. I'm sure that if he were still alive, he would be a rabid fan of this blog. We'd have to have an orgy. It's worth the arm or leg or toe or prick that it might cost.