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10 things made at least in part by Lee Ranaldo



1. iloveyouihateyou
The exhibition iloveyouihateyou at Magasin 3, Stockholm is based on an audiovisual work by Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo. This work is an exploration of how image and and sound interact, was staged as a live performance, book, and as an installation. Their performance work and installations combine a flow of images and sounds taken from everyday situations, moments that reveal the beauty of the ordinary and turn the commonplace into something extraordinary. -- Libraryman


2. 5 Sonic Youth songs by Lee Ranaldo

'Eric's Trip'

'Hoarfrost', directed by Lee Ranaldo

'Hey Joni'

'What We Know'

'Wish Fulfillment'


3. From Here to Infinity
'Lee Ranaldo's first solo album From Here to Infinity was originally released in 1987 by SST Records on lock groove vinyl, which allowed the listener to listen to the remaining few seconds of each composition for as long as they desired. On the original vinyl recording, Ranaldo created a few of the tracks directly in the mastering studio where the cutting of the original vinyl version took place. In addition to the locked grooves, the LP was mastered at 45 RPM (although the vinyl's record label also gave a "varispeed" designation, suggesting that the record could be enjoyed at any speed) and also contained on the album's second side an engraving of the serpent designed by Savage Pencil, which was given its own track number, title, and facetious "infinity" track length.

'The spontaneous insertion of recordings during the vinyl cutting stage proved to be both a blessing and a minor setback when it came time for the compact disc edition of the album to be created, according to Ranaldo's sleeve note on the CD edition; Ranaldo utilized a combination of the original master tapes, and recordings taken directly from a vinyl copy of the album to reproduce the tracks that Ranaldo had done in the mastering studio. Ranaldo also extended the length of many of the tracks, and cut new tape loops based on the original recordings "to replace certain lock grooves" that the artist "wasn't altogether happy with" on the original record. The utilization of some transfers from a vinyl copy inspired Ranaldo to boast on the bottom of the sleeve note that the CD edition of From Here to Infinity was "the only compact disc with surface noise".' -- Allmusic

'Lathe Speaks', from From Here to Eternity

'Kings Ogg', from From Here to Infinity

'The Resolution', from From Here to Infinity


4. Road Movies
'The literary equivalent of the dark and noisy waters of Sonic Youth's early work, the language of Road Movies mirrors the beauty of the band's emotive walls of noise. As the title suggests, large parts of the book are inspired by time spent on the road with Sonic Youth. His words evoke the strange suprises and almost out of body clarity that occurs during travel. Interspersed with grainy photographs of road side fireworks stands, cigarette machines, and tractor trailer wheels, the book recalls the everyday things that, when taken out of context, become absolutely extraordinairy. In this way he tells, in flashes reminescent of the absolute freedom attained in the literature of Kerouac and Bukowski, the story of one restless mind's journey across and through America.' -- Soft Skull


In a world where
things fall apart
form, substance and force are lost
words of violence
stalk the earth
artificial souls
feign walking edges
like a raging plague
sweeping through the fields.
Is there really a reason?
Throw out your attics full
discard your old loves and
your angels in wait
throw a black cloth over it all
lock the windows
tie down the appliances
the pets
and leave it all
just lock the door
and leave


this is the longest movie
I've ever been in
nothing can alter these images
this is life like a movie
so real to the touch
injected with feelings
with no final fading

this is the same still frame
that holds us like frozen lanterns
in mid embrace
this is the movie that should last forever
always on the screen
this is the phone left off the hook

we must be responsible
and contain our movements
to a few frames on each reel
but we can freeze the image
and extinguish the sounds
of everything outside your room
a drawn out sigh becomes the pealing of bells
your skin an endless surface
which I will explore again and again

this is a moment which we must save
to prove such things are possible
this perfect kiss cannot be erased
tho its image may fade and bleach


5. 5 duets

w/ Rafael Toral

w/ J. Mascis

w/ Leah Singer

w/ Brigitte Fontaine

w/ Zeger Reyers


6. Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson)
Amarillo Ramp's title track, a 32 minute soundscape of heightening, spacious climax remarks on Ranaldo's talent of creating (sometimes frightening) space with sound. It provides an olfactory explanation of the artist Robert Smithson's spacious, geographic artwork of the late 20th century. Although Amarillo Ramp stands well enough on its own, Ranaldo includes additional tracks which act as added bonuses to his talented, experienced opus. Among them include a soundscape with help from Sy mates Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley, a Kerouacian spoken word piece, a rare acoustic ballad piece, and a cover of John Lennon's "Isolation".

'Notebook', from Amarillo Ramp

'Isolation' (Lennon), from Amarillo Ramp


I don’t know what/whose show YOU saw last week, but what I saw was the best show I’ve seen Dylan do in maybe FIFTEEN years, a MASTER at the height of his POWERS, singing (singing real good!) and playing just INCREDIBLY, with a CRACK band supporting him (finally!), playing songs from EV’RY PERIOD of his lengthy CAREER and just doing everything right. I’m talking about before, LONG BEFORE Neil and Bruce came out during 3rd encore and place went ultra-nuts. When they were sitting with GINSBERG (& GE Smith) in VIP area, and Dylan was singing ‘Only TIME WILL TELL who has fell and who’s been left BEHIND’, how could they have felt??? Here he was, just beautiful, singing strong and loud, no mumbles - if you stop trying to force the songs to sound like his old vocal stylings and just lissen, he is doing really amazing versions—of MY BACK PAGES, JOEY, BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER—songs from ev’ry one of his MANY times. Dressed in impeccable black pin-striped suit, I felt he’d finally come through, after a decade of alkie/druggie/sexxee troubles and lame shows, he finally seemed ready to assume the mantle which he RIGHTLY DESERVES - the same respect that Neil (f’rinstance) has. It also occurred to me that in a way his lame shows of past years have actually PROTECTED him, that his not succeeding to be more successful has PREVENTED him from having to try to get over to ARENA-ROCK size audiences—the slow death of anybody good. He played fukkin’ ROSELAND! THREE NIGHTS! Hello, Axl? Mad Donna? Oh JaggerKeefHenleyMichaelPink.... Eddie... Stipe... Fukkin WEEZER n SHIT.... WAKE UP!!!

Now you know how many Zimmie boots I’ve got, and you probably also know that I lose most interest 1980 onwards, but maybe, JUST MAYBE it’s time to start collecting the ‘94-5 show pirate copies again.

(I like Slow Train Comin though….)

Now Bob, about producing that next elpee, here’s how I think it should go down...

Kind regards ,


P.S. In case you were wondering: Neil looked comfortable like he was sittin’ in an old easy chair, he was playing for fun and makin’ Bobby laugh; whereas Bruce couldn’t even follow the easy chord changes, all stiff and just watching the gtr player’s hands all through both Rainy Day Wimmen (Dylan finally giving the crowd a real chorus to sing {EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!} after confounding their lyrical expectations all night long with brilliant new forms) and Highway 61. How could I have left this show, even for Sebadoh?

Lee Ranaldo performs Bob Dylan's 'Visions of Johanna'


8. Sonic Youth Stolen Guitars

Hello all, this is Lee from Sonic Youth here, we have had a fucked up situation come down on us over this last night--a brand new Ryder truck parked at a Ramada Inn in Orange County with ALL OF OUR GEAR IN IT was STOLEN! All of our guitars, tools, amplifiers, drums, synth -- EVERYTHING. We are fucked, both for the show tonight at the "This Ain't No Picnic" here in Orange Co., and for shows upcoming this week in Austin and Santa Fe. Our guitars are all mostly older and either very modified and/or fucked up/beat up. They are unmistakably ours, as are some of the amps, including my own 60s Fender Concert with the red/blue/yellow "Jasper Johns-style" target on it. We are asking ANYONE with ANY INFORMATION about this to get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling our man Aaron Blitzstein in New York City at 212.343.2314, or via email to "". Call collect if you want to. Please no pranks, all, this is really serious--all the gear we've used to write our last few LPs worth of stuff, instruments used for songs old and new which if truly lost will mean those songs will be lost forever. Help us out if you can, there will be a reward for any info, I'm sure. All our road cases, etc, are fully marked up with our name on them, the gtrs are so unusual that they won't really be too hard to mistake. ANY info at all will be appreciated. If the thieves themselves read this, I'm sure we'd rather buy the stuff back from you than lose it forever (you fukkerz).


9. a random collection of cells
'In one series of ink paintings on paper, imagery from newspaper clippings are magnified and subtly altered, removed from their original journalistic context and re-presented as purely visual images. Divorced from the stories surrounding them, the pictures begin to describe a new, accumulative narrative, free of topical content. Found texts in the form of spam are often used as a component in the free-form proseused to juxtapose unrelated images, texts or sounds.' -- Hogar Collection

See all of Lee Ranaldo's artworks in the series and read about the exhibition here.


10. Text of Light
'The Text of Light group was formed in 2001 with the idea to perform improvised music to the films of Stan Brakhage and other members of the American Cinema avante garde of the 1950s-60s (Brakhage's film 'Text of Light' was the premiere performance and namesake of the group). The original premise was to improvise (not 'illustrate') to films from the American Avante-Garde (50s-60s etc), an under-known period of American filmic poetics. Members of the group include Lee Ranaldo and Alan Licht (gtrs/devices), Christian Marclay and DJ Olive (turntables), William Hooker (drums/perc), Ulrich Krieger (sax/electronics), and most recently Tim Barnes (drums/perc).Various combinations of these players attend 'Text' gigs, depending on individual schedules, so the group takes on various permutations---sometimes all members participate, sometimes not.' -- ToL Website

Official trailer for "TEXT OF LIGHT" a documentary by Steven Andrew Garcia

Text Of Light: Live at the Latvian House Toronto 2007



p.s. RIP: Jose Saramago, Tom Nicon. Nicon was in the outer circle of Yury's friends. He'd told me a number of times how unusually kind and sweet Nicon was for someone so incredibly in demand and successful. Yury and his friends are quite shaken up by this terrible news. And with that, hey. I've been hinting around at something not so subtly in the body of the p.s. with little effect, so I'm going to forefront it just this once and then leave you be. To wit, I'll be in Brest for a week starting next Tuesday, and, five days after my return, I'll go to Avignon for twelve days. As I've said, the blog will run normally during the Brest stint, and I'm doing my utmost to arrange a way to keep the blog running as usual when I'm in Avignon. The problem is that between my more limited internet access and heavy workload during those periods, it's very unlikely that I'll be able to put together future blog posts while I'm away. At the moment, it seems very possible that I will run out of posts during the early days in Avignon. If some people here have the time and inclination to put together guest posts for the blog in the next several days, that would help me out greatly and likely prevent the blog from going on hiatus for a while starting around the second week of July. If you're too busy right now or lack ideas, cool, no problem. If you can send me a guest post, awesome. Nuff said. ** David, Any appearance of nose wrinkling was probably an accident of misphrasing and my flawed attempt at a clever tone, I guess. Genre's cool. Very interesting list, of course. I hope to God that Pallett's not this decade's Rufus Wainwright. I'll hit some of those sites I don't know. Nice names. ** Oscar B, Hey, pal. Hope you got your stuff done. An awesome kind of busyness. Palais de Tokyo, def. Maybe today? What's your sched? ** Oliver, That link honored this place, man, trust me. Fantastic post/piece, by the way. That film had better open here soon or ... else. That's so true about the lazy or utopian talk of immersion as videogames' ideal effect. It seems like a fantasy of non-gamers and a very condescending one at that, as though the working part of playing videogames is their problem, the thing that keeps them from being holy like movies or paintings or whatever. Great call, man. I expect very little from the 3D systems and games, or at least to start. If Miyamoto himself designed a game for the system, that would be exciting, but I don't believe he has. Thanks much, Oliver. ** David Ehrenstein, Fascinating about Elzbieta Czyzewska. I didn't know of her at all. Yes, RIP to her and to Ronald Neame. Death has been so starved lately. ** Paul Curran, To hear French people who actually know the ins and outs, the French team's flop-out was par for the course and was long expected. Much blame is being place on Domenech and Hidalgo's bizarre decision to barely use Thierry Henri, and that certainly was an inexplicable call. ** Davidpeak, Hey, David! Welcome, and it's very cool that you keep up with my blog. I'm a fan of your writing, and in fact I tried to order 'Dreams from the Darklands' a short time back, but I got there too late. Anyway, great to have you here. Please do hang out anytime. The Locrian album is really worth tracking down. Gorgeous. No, I haven't heard the last Yellow Swans record. It's been on my to-do list for a while. I'll push it to the top. Thanks a lot, and respect to you. ** Tosh, My pleasure. So, what 60s and 70s stuff have you been listening to and especially liking, if you don't mind saying? ** _Black_Acrylic, It's real! Everyone, drum roll, the new issue of the zine to beat, the fraught and violently good Yuck 'n Yum, co-edited by the blog's maestro of a d.l. _Black (Ben Robinson) _Acrylic, is up and ready for us all to view or download, and it includes among its wonders an interview with the legendary Frank Sidebottom by Mr. Robinson himself, and, long story short, get your red hot copy right here. Stellar news, Ben. Can't wait to incorporate it. ** Christopher Higgs, Hi, Christopher! Oh, listen, it's an honor. Your novel is just mindbogglingly good. I'll be very curious to see what you think of 'Enter the Void' once you've seen it and if you write about it somewhere. I think the way it does and doesn't deploy narrative might be of interest to you, if nothing else. And thanks a lot for the tip on HTMLG about Amanda Goldblatt's 'Catalpa'. I'm excited to read it. The very best to you. ** Christopher/ Mark, Hey, Mark! I really need to get my paws on that Forster bio. Shakespeare & Co. said they'd probably have it in early this week, and I'll be there. ** Stan_cz, Yuppie Pricks ... okay, I don't know their stuff. I'll try to dig some out. Thanks. Good art galleries in LA? There are a lot. Hm, off the top of my head: Marc Foxx, Richard Telles, David Kordansky, Overduin and Kite, Patrick Painter, the Chinatown gallery scene in general -- China Art Objects, Black Dragon, Jack Hanley, etc. etc, all short walking distance from one another, ... I could go on. The LA gallery scene is maybe the most exciting in the world, in my opinion. You have a blog! Fuckin' A! Great news. I'll be all over it, of course. Everyone, the honorable writer and d.l. Stan_cz has just launched a blog, and, if you know him, and you at least kind of do, you know it's going to a be must-bookmark kind of deal. Start your addiction now and here. ** Empty Frame, England, oops. They call it Christopher St. Day? Odd. Anyway, knock a million back, don't knock too many heads together, and I'll see you in the afterburn. ** Bill, No word from the Gisele people, but G. assured me we can get you a ticket, so don't worry. You'll get in one way or another. I'll try for a ticket on the 14th. Oh, I found that Crime et Chatiment image by googling the show's name plus Musee Orsay, I think. ** Mark Gluth, Howdy, Mark! Excellent on your hunkering down. Me too, although I surface long enough to do this thing every day. No, I haven't read 'Wolf Parts' yet. I need to get it. No doubt it'll be on my year-end list. Matt Bell is awesome. Hope 'TH' did you good. ** Killer Luka, Thanks for your list, pal. I'm kind of really excited to see 'Toy Story III' strangely and not so strangely. Books aren't as heavy as paintings, dude. ** Ben Brooks, Hey, Ben! Oh, man, your new novel is just fantastic. All the respect from me that there is. Ha ha, yeah, that's what I get for illegally downloading albums sometimes, i.e. I didn't have a clue what the CC cover looked like, and I just grabbed the wrong one. Oops. Second album's the one I meant, yeah. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Take care. ** Tonyoneill, Hey, Tony. Yeah, the swell of affection and respect for SH is moving if sadly belated. I'm wondering if I should try to get over to see the theater piece in London. Do you know whether he was happy with it? Take care, man. ** Waiting for John, Oh, well, he's safe and sound sort of again, which is ... good news? Surely. I've had hours that felt like entire nights. I'm having one right now, ha ha. No, thank you. ** Tristam's Mum, All of my escorts are uncut. It's a DC's guarantee. ** Colin, Hey, Colin. 'Persistent Voices' and the Poets Theater books are on my most awaited list. The Eigner too. I don't know the Abstract Comics anthology. I'll google it. Anna Kavan pictures? The Anna Kavan? Wait ... so it is. I didn't know she painted. That's a bit of a revelation. Wow, very cool. I'll find what I can find. Thanks a lot for the list and for the news, man. ** Pilgarlic, Masquerade rings the bell. I think that's it. Nice imagery and about the Hank Williams III show. ** Alan, Habitat and Math's place, yeah, duh. That's the forgetting thing I mentioned. I did not know of Goths in Hot Weather, and it looks to be really something on first peep, yep. Everyone, courtesy of Alan, if you haven't found it yet, go directly to Goths in Hot Weather. Money's money, and I got mine for free, so, there you go, but the Schuyler book has some absolutely divine work in it. Actually, I'm hoping to be in NYC to see the Brion Gysin show at the New Museum. I think his drawings and paintings are extraordinary. I just think he's a terrible writer is all. ** Toniok, Hey, man! Did you get my email asking for more images if possible? I haven't heard back, and my email account is a bit unreliable. Thank you for the lists. I've noted everything I didn't already know, which was quite a few things. I'm sorry if things are rough. But everything you say is way more than good as far as I'm concerned. ** Ken Baumann, Not as thrilled as I was/am to plant those flowers in this bed. Or something. You know what I mean. Next year, I want a book by you, and I mean written by not published by, on my list. Make it happen, man. 'Coma' is dreamy great. I think you'll dig it. Thanks, Ken. Love and all the best as ever. ** Chilly Jay Chill, I'm only about a third through the new Guyotat, but that was enough to rate it at the top. The style is quite different from, say, 'EEE' or 'Tf500000S'. It's relatively direct and not anywhere near as disjunctive. It's dreamy but memoir-like. Yep, oversight and brain freeze on the new New Pornographers not being there. Don't know the Sacco or Lentricchia books. I'll try to rectify that. 'Mother' ... is that the film by the guy who made 'The Host'? If so, I missed it when it was here. ** Schlix, Oh, what a great music list especially, and especially since I haven't heard a bunch of your choices, and re: the ones I do know, I agree they're fantastic. Noted. Thanks, Uli, if I may still call you that, friend to friend. ** Sypha, You might find 'Coma' easier going than his other books. It's much more linear and conventionally propulsive if not at all conventional itself. ** Syreearmwellion, Hey. Oh, yeah, I could easily have had the Silver Mt. Zion and Four Tet and Gainsbourg albums on my list if I hadn't blanked out at a certain point. Angling to hear the Fur and the S. Nice. Thanks much, man. ** Steevee, The new National album is good, huh? I've been wary of getting it for some reason. I think I need to rehear/ rethink Vampire Weekend. I haven't gotten the thing yet. Haven't seen a bunch of your film choices yet. Is 'Un Lac' being released in the US this year? What a knock out that was. Thanks, S. ** Amccartney, It's really good you have a head of steam on your novel when going back into the teaching gig. I hope it elbows out a lot of space, obviously. Best to you, pal. ** Vincent Kartheiser, Quit playing hard to get and just sit yourself down. You'll see God. Ask anyone within reason. ** Justin, Yury rushed out the door before I could get the name of that camera. I'll get it tonight and pass it along on Monday. No, tail between my legs, I haven't read your FB message yet. I will by Monday, promise. I'm just barely surfacing from my novel at the moment, and everything else is unfairly on hold. Apologies. ** Statictick, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Your report a bit back about seeing his Rolling Stones band was beautiful. Thanks for the best of lists. I've written some stuff down to investigate. If Airdoll is Japanese, it might at least barely play here, but the French don't seem to welcome that kind of filmic oddballness. ** L@rstonovich, I don't do nepotism. I call 'em like I read 'em. Gout, yikes. Bernard Welt just had a little visit from gout. Man, sorry. What do you do to get rid of that? ** Inthemostpeculiarway, I've always screened phone calls and picked up when I recognized the voice leaving a message. It started with the creditors, and it became a peace-seeking habit. I can't do that now with these newfangled cell phone contraptions. Since Mr. or Ms. Blocked Number is proving to be a pest, I think my instincts were right. Man, if that ear doesn't stop its nonsense, you've got to see a doctor or something, okay? My nails can only take so much chewing. My day wasn't much yet again. Well, it was much because I worked on my novel for most of the day, but I meant much to talk about. I should have done laundry, but I didn't. I should have read and answered a bunch of emails, but I didn't. I thought that not doing those things would erase them, but it didn't. Other stuff: Helped Gisele pick out the image for the poster/card for 'TIHYWD'. Watched England do nothing much in their WC match. Oh, I had dinner with my friend Laurence Viallet. I think I mentioned already that she runs one of the best French publishing houses. They publish Kathy Acker, Peter Sotos, Matthew Stokoe, David Wojnarowicz, and others in France. She's also a translator for hire. She's translating Rick Moody's next novel into French at the moment. Anyway, I hadn't seen her in ages 'cos we're both workaholics. We had dinner at Cafe Indiana, which is this chain restaurant here that's okay with me because they have okayish Mexican food and veggieburgers on the menu, and there's one right across the street from the Recollets. So, we caught up, blabbed, ate -- I had kind of bad nachos and a kind of bad veggieburger -- and it was great and good fun. Then I came home and worked some more. Yury came from home from work and then drinks with a friend, and he'd just found out about the death of Tom Nicon that I mentioned above, so he was kind of freaked and spent the evening talking with friends and me. Bedtime took me. That's all for now. Please reveal the mysteries of your weekend, and I will do the same. ** Misanthrope, Hey, G. Self-Portrait Day: My Slobbiness. That might work. Well, Turow probably knows deep down that it's all about the here and now for him, and that when he dies, his books are going to be pulped and forgotten so fast it'd make the head on a Rodin sculpture spin. Everyone should have access to books, I agree. Maybe Congress can get on that, ha ha. ** Nb, Need to see 'Fishtank' somehow. Hm. New Solondz is good, yeah, if you like Solondz, and if you like what he was doing in the 'Happiness' days in particular. It's a sequel to 'Happiness'. A brand spanking new and official NB blog? What next?! Awesome. Let me ... Everyone, your attention please. Nb, who surely needs no introduction but nonetheless is a fine, fine writer and true blue d.l., has started a blog called 'everything we are is mostly okay', and there's not much on it yet, but what's there is hot, so go check it out and then keep checking it out forever, yes? I like what you're doing with it so far. ** Math, For a picky person, you liked a fair amount of 2010's wares, I'd say. Yeah, like I told Mr. Brooks up above, wrong CC cover. My file has no cover. Hence, my mistake. Zac's purchases blog is redolent of his strange and wonderful genius. I think there might be a slight breakthrough on the Yury vs. Charles Guslain front. Yury came home the other day and said he'd run into Charles at Colette, I asked how that was, expecting a diatribe, and Yury just said, 'I think I was wrong about him losing his hair', which, in Yury Speak, is like a Nobel Peace prize. Love your thinking about your work. Since I spaced out ridiculously in not putting your site on my best of list where it should rightfully have been, I'll do this: Everyone, Math's 'pleasure is easy' site should have been on my best of the internet list. I spaced. So, put it on the list in your minds, please, and if you haven't been over there lately, do. ** Hectocotylus, Hello, greetings, welcome, thank you. First, you have one really amazing blog there, so thank you for occasioning my discovery of it. I'll be there a lot. Everyone, Hectocotylus, who entered this place yesterday for the first time, has a really fantastic blog called 'The Tarpeian Rock' that you should really check out. For instance, the current post shares some Polaroids by the very great film director Andrei Tarkovsky, and they're amazing. And there are a lot more riches over there where that particular post came from. Yes, Guyotat is pretty much alive and looks quite hardy in fact. Can't say he's respectable even if he does dress semi-respectably and lacks any tattoos that I could see. But he has this weirdly giant head that will forever keep him a Pied Piper of the weird among us. Please do stick around, hang out, anytime you like. ** 'Stoopid Slapped Puppies', I'd say between England's blahness and Germany's loss and the USA's tie, you're on a roll, or you're on my roll anyway. Sounds like you're pulling out all the stops for Holland, and I'll expect miracles. Oh, man, I just saw your last comment as I was refreshing this place one last time today. That's so, so, so good to hear, Nick. Relieving and wondrous. And your dialogue is as knowing as knowing can be, and beautiful because the words are yours, even those that flew in. You understand. I knew you would because our barely and longing understanding had to come from somewhere. Bon weekend, man. Dang, you deserve it. ** Slatted Light, Hey, man! Your book list had my pen scurrying across a Post-It. Thanks! Is that Anne Carson the new one that has, like, a gatefold sleeve or something? I read something ultra-intriguing in that regard. The death thing has just been out of control lately, Jesus. You good? What are you up to at the moment? ** Little foal, Hi, man. Rich list. What is 'Gregory S Moss - Punkplay'? I'll wend my way into Connie Converse's universe. I don't ... think I know her stuff, or else my brain is tired, which it is. Those sandwiches really were knotty. I don't know if it's a French thing or what. You have a sublime weekend, Darren. What have you got up its sleeve? ** Jheorgge, Whoa, hey, my dear old friend! I've missed you much and wondered how you were and are. Dude, it's so nice to see you! My fucking hell, what a year you've had. Jesus, Jhoerrge, I'm so sorry for all the shit you've been through. Yeah, fuck London if that's how it's going to treat you. So, I'm glad you're heading back north. It's prettier there anyway, and if we get to gobble you back in as a consequence, nice bonus on this end. Your lists ... you've seen some films I'm dying to see right there. Glad you liked 'Un Lac'. Loved that film. And there's a bunch on your music list I need to get as well. The Deftones, huh? Interesting. And etc. Gee, Jheorrge, seeing you is an awfully nice way to start a weekend, pal. You take really good care, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and for your more regular reappearance here too. Lots of love. ** Hedi, Hey, Hedi. I'm in love with the Guyotat. It's amazing to be able to read his voice doing something like this. Yeah, it's incredible. Are the images his idea? Were they in the French edition? I thought Gary did a great job with the intro. And I've paged through the zine, and it's very beautiful even in a first swim. Thanks so much for everything, man, and have a great weekend. ** Changeling, Hi, C. I really have to download that LCDSS album post-haste. I like the Sleigh Bells album too. That just entered my field of hearing the other day. And the Phosphorescent, duh, that should have been on my list too. Another instance of spacing out damage. Glad I was right, ha ha. You have a particular weekend in mind that you hope to illustrate with yourself? Either way, the weekend really will amaze and reward you if there's any justice in this world, and I still hold out hope that there is. ** Okay, we're done. I've been meaning to do a post celebrating Lee Ranaldo for, like, a year at least, and I finally sussed it, and I hope it pleases. Enjoy this world and the real one too until I see you again on Monday.


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thanks for the Lee post - I've always been a big fan of his, frankly more than Thurston. have a great weekend

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Dennis - The fauna are behaving oddly
around my place. This morning it was nice and cool at 645 so I took a stroll through the nearby cemetery. The cemetery road is an upside down U-shape affair. I was walking down the homeward staff of the U when I noticed eight or nine huge buzzards, er, hanging out on my neighbor's roof and television antennae. Weird Delaware.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Tom Nicon's death is indeed sad and shocking, and doubtless will be a life-marker for Yury. One's First Important death works that way.

Went to a reamkrable concert last night. A local chamber gorup called the Salastina Music Society performed at a church in Santa Monica. We were invited byourfriend Jeremy Cavbaterra --a remarkable composer/arranger about whom I'm sure we'll all be hearing great things. The cneterpiece of the evenining was the premiere of "Three Neruda Arias" --an art song cyle Jeremy worte usingPablo Neruda poem. They were lucky enough to get The Soprano du jour -- Elizabeth Futral -- to sing it. Profoundly lovely stuff. Also on the proram: Chausson's "Chanson Perpetuelle, Op. 37" for string quartet, Brahms' "String Quintet in G Major, Op. 11" and a string qurtet Jeremy made of and Astor Piazzola tango "Primavera Portena"

AS an encore Elizabeth Futral brought down the house with "Sempre Libera" from La Traviata executed in the most devestaingly off-handed way.

A truly lovely evening -- made all the lovlier by the presence of Jeremy's friend

(wait for it)


There with his equally lovely wife, he's as devestating as ver, with a full head of curly white hair.

DavidEhrenstein said...

The Salastina Music Society

DavidEhrenstein said...

Wow. Never knew he was a Junior Olympic Diving Champion.

dooflow said...

Dear People, Please stop dying. Thank you. Michael. xoxoxo

stan_cz said...
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Sypha said...

Well, I wanted to complete my Current 93 day this weekend but that may not happen: it's taking me way longer than I thought it would, partly because I've been groggy from lack of sleep, but also because I've been unable to sit down and type for long periods of time due to these weird neck spasms I keep getting. Hopefully by the end of the month it'll be done.

I read almost the first 100 pages of "Coma" last night, would have read more were it not for the aforementioned lack of sleep. I do find it much more enjoyable than the previous work of his I've come across. Kind of gives me a Genet vibe.

stan_cz said...
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steevee said...

UN LAC hasn't been released in the U.S., although I know one theater programmer who'd like to show it. It played at "FILM COMMENT selects" at Lincoln Center in February, where they showed all 3 Grandrieux films.

I know my list is somewhat obscure at this point. Many of the films haven't been released commercially in the U.S. But I have high hopes for TOY STORY 3, which I plan to see later today.

Changeling said...

hmm - synchronicity or something - I was just building a blog involving a bunch of them wondrous covers that SY people have made ... the intricacies of that html code, the slahes & these things '><'(do they have a name? other than angry cat face?) has me chewing the keyboard. Anyhow, his music - i'm glad it's there but it's a very occasional pleasure & I love the pile of forlorn lost guitars. I hope some of them got back home safely.
My weekend is panning out domestic & diligent ish plus I think I have Lymes disease? I might spend some time speculating about that. it's a kind of illustation of justice I guess.

Did my 'Changeling Investigates' thing arrive at your end? It left mine ... I could offer up some kind of post for here maybe? like you could have the one I complain about up there ^ or a sort of favourite wolves thing - if that would be of any use? I hope your weekend is full of wonders - or not - whichever way you like it best really.

Frank Jaffe said...

hey dennis!
sorry for the hiatus. I have been lacking internet for some days now. My dad booked hotels that charged for internet... I can't believe internet isn't free in all hotels by now. It's an amenity just like cable tv in my opinion.
But anyway, I'm sitting in a starbucks and trying to stealthily check my blogs and tumblr, but its not really working, I never realized how ridiculously graphic most of my everyday web surfing is :P
I guess I'll have to wait until I'm in my dorm room tomorrow and have some privacy. :)
L.A. has been great so far. Found a great taco place, had some really good Italian food last night, enjoying the beautiful weather, shopping a bit... Lots of stuff! Man we drove through Beverley Hills residential areas... whew what gorgeous houses. Soooo want one..... hmmm maybe one day :)
Man I missed so many good days, I really need to catch up on what I missed. Alright i've gotta find a good sushi place in Japan-town so I've gotta go, but hopefully I'll be back to my internet enabled self monday :crosses fingers:

syreearmwellion said...

i'm going to second steevee on 'high violet'. it's a really great record. but i've liked alligator and boxer. if you didn't like those, chances are it won't do much for you. - i think does a good job visually of capturing the record's sound.

i'd get a blog post up but my knowledge is kind of limited in regards to something unique like what i've seen here. constellation records, ian svenonius, or jeff noon i think might be cool if i find a good angle. but i haven't looked back far enough to know all of what's been done.

Armando said...
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Armando said...

Wow, very, very interesting post. I really think Lee is a very interesting guy, even though generally his are the songs that I like the least in every SY album. (Thurston's are always the best, in my opinion.)

Great lists yesterday. As far as music goes, for me, 2010 has been all about Scout Niblett's 'The Calcination Of Scout Niblett'. I still can't believe how fucking good that album is and how much I like it.

And, yeah, 'Eat When You Feel Sad' is the novel of 2010.

I bought the 'Shutter Island' DVD last week. Such a good film. I like it a fucking lot. I need to see it more times though. I don't think the two times I've seen it so far are enough. Have you seen it? I mean, it's not like it is the best film of 2010 at all or anything, but I really, really like it.

I think I'm making progress with my novelette. I feel a lot less blocked now. I hope it doesn't turn out to be too bad when/if I finish it.

alan said...

math, You know, I think I would have recognized it as yours even without all the corroborating details. You sort of sign your name with every keystroke.

Chris Goode said...

Hey D, lovely lovely post today.

My favourite Lee Ranaldo artwork.

Back to London tomorrow, thank God, for a few days, after two weeks on the road with the new show. Life on tour is so strange. We're in a place called Yarm tonight, in a funny little two-star hotel; I've just had a drink in the bar with John Cooper Clarke. I was a bit meh as I'm not a big fan, but then he started talking about opening for The Fall at the Sage in Gateshead last year, and suddenly I was kind of awestruck.

Will definitely set about trying to cough up a Day or two when I get back to London.


david said...

I ought to form a support group, HWHA (Hot Weather Haters Anonymous). We are
a diverse bunch, spread from the deep South to old New England's august streets.

My copy of John Cale's Words For The Dying arrived in today's mail. I bought it on cassette back in '89 and wanted a CD after seeing the two fantastic youtube clips of The Falklands Suite's premiere performance, complete with pedal steel player!
I have an idea for a blog day - Some Musical Highlights of 1989. There's a short list of pretty mainstream records that typify 1989 - Laurie Anderson's Strange Angels, the Cale, Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon. if someone wants to do this with me, I can be found at

Sypha said...

Speaking of Sebastian Horsley, just read this at the Current 93 website:

"David is devastated to hear of the death of his oldest friend, Sebastian Horsley, who introduced Current 93 at their recent concerts in London on 28 and 29 May.

David and his close friend Rossella Ferrari were at the launch night for the play of Sebastian’s controversial autobiography, ‘Dandy in the Underworld’ in London on Tuesday evening. They left at 1am after discussing a new Current 93 album to which Sebastian was to contribute guitar, and which was to feature Andrew Liles, James Blackshaw, Eliot Bates, Keith Wood, Baby Dee and Alex Neilson. Sebastian’s last words to David were, “It sounds fabulous, darling; I’m definitely in. Call me tomorrow.” Sebastian died later that day."

Man, I had no idea that Tibet was friends with him. I really need to read this "Dandy in the Underworld" book.

JW Veldhoen said...

Excuse me, hee heee heeee, good afternoon, Mr? Uh, Potter? History is one in. I said no. Another fella with a cock filled with suitcases. What I nice room! I like her tits. This way, this way. I mean c'mon, seriously? What was I saying? Oh yeah, it was a panic, an absolute panic. Who said? She's a liar. Cunt. What was I saying? Eat my shit is what. Duck and goose. Dennis do I sound like your mother when I am drunk? Sorry. Margarita mix and weak spliff. Dude, the essay is like, wtf. Amazing, really. It'll crack open a rift in time and space and make me eternally famous like a god. Trying to find the right intensity to reveal the secret, who shall I say commenced it? Who deserves the honor of that? Follow the path, I'll meet you there. Genesis is having an event on Sunday night that I shall attend. I am looking forward to what might be my last week in New York, as such, a dead man stands before you friends. I am a different man now. Who would think that amongst the beautiful and fated there was a man, who stood in the shadows, who only could not decide if he was Odysseus, or Orpheus, but who became Proteus? It hasn't been decided. New Yorkers, come decide it for me, come, bring me salvation.

Preeeeeeeeeeee, I filled yr assss with commmmme

玫友 said...


JW Veldhoen said...

Fuggin why don't none of you want to show me your tits? Fuck. Want some more of this? *slurpssss* Bitch says I'm looking for a partner in crime instead of a challenge, and yeah. My nut feels funny again, not fucking coming enuff. Fuck!!!

JW Veldhoen said...


wf: parting

Ken Baumann said...

A book by next year? Alright. Consider it done. ;)

Joseph said...

Hey Dennis,

I've been outta commission here lately...will be outta commission probably more or less until Smothered In Hugs is released 'round here. I'm making my 11-12 hour move tomorrow. Finally, concretely, getting the fuck outta FL. Sold my car for 2000 dollars cash...I don't really plan on returning very often if at all. Thanks for helping me get through the latter half of my stay, both in the blog and in your books (I'm in a real thanking people for stuff as though i'm never going to talk to them again mode right now. of course, i'll be back on here, but it's part of my mode and I mean it too.) Moving everything is such a bitch, but it's worth it, or will be. So yeah, next time I come here it will be from DC!

I'm 3/4 through Imperial Bedrooms right now. Do you have any thoughts on it? I have several. If you've got some, I'd like to hear'em.

OK. I'll holler once I've got internet set up. Bye Dennis, bye all.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Tony Heyward Goes Boating

toniok said...

Hi Dennis.

Oh, sorry. No, I didn't get your email. I'm afraid my email account works when it wants to. What did you say? More images? I'll try.
I've sent you something via email today. I hope you like it (and I hope it arrives...).

Thank you.

Empty Frame said...

Christopher Street Day was brilliant, and this from a confirmed Pride-hater. Give me shame and weakness anyday. (As you said last year, Pride's should be choreographed by Hermann Nitsch). But anyway, this one was weirdly good, everyone just spun off in a million directions and it was a bit like all of human life was there and hyper. Old friends reappeared, new ones loomed into view. So yeah, good.
England, what a load of crap. The only consolation is the French are distracting attention from everyone else with their ridiculous hissy-fit ongoing soap opera. The French privileging the individual ego over the collective good... who'd a-thunk it? That's probably not fair, but it's hard to watch Gallas and Henry without thinking they're going to start pulling each other's hair or informing on each other to teacher. And now Anelka has called the manager a dirty son of a whore and been sent home. It wouldn't surprise me if they strike or stage a sit-in or something. Priceless.
Do you like Gottfreid Helnwein's work, Dennis? Good weekend?

Empty Frame said...

Beautiful piece on Sebastian Horsley, Tony. Sad loss, a true original.

math said...

hey. gosh. i'm mute about todays post sorry. my lover of 12 years and best friend, Steven, broke up with me yesterday.

it's confusing and shitty or whatever. he fell in love with someone else. we had a totally open relationship; hes always been able to do what/whomever he pleased. our only rule was no secrets, to be 'open' in that other way too. but, this girl he kept a secret, for, yknow, obvious reasons.

so, he's been seeing her since january, and then i went to san francisco for 7 weeks or so, and they saw each other a lot and that confirmed it. what's sucking pretty bad for me right now is that i also fucked around [even 'dated'] in sf but only got lonesome for him, which has always been what happened whenever i traveled, usually for both of us, but this time just me i guess. i got back really excited to be with him, and, yea, he's so not into it. i pretty much wish i hadn't come back. i didn't really have to, i came back for him, but i know, things happen that people don't plan.

other hard parts include being told that he is a 'more boring' person than he previously thought so he needs to be with someone 'more traditional', that he actually wants to be monogamous [but not w me of course], and that he doesn't want to do drugs with me ever again. like.. Steven was my favorite drug buddy in the world. i would never have explored all the substances i have if not for his reassuring presence next to me. he said, 'it feels good to become more a part of normal society.' so, it's not just losing a lover, it's, i don't know, losing my best bohemian ally in this really intense way. i haven't cried so much or hard in a long time. it sucks so much. i didn't see it coming.

blerrrghhh.. do excuse me, i'm 27 years +4 days so i'm a baby at loss and grief. this is the first really beautiful thing i've lost. i know a lot of yall are veterans.

so, i have to move out pretty much asap. Dennis could i pretty please ask you for frontpage italics again?

hey, it's math.. i need a place to stay in Nyc, starting July 1, in the $600-800 range. i am an artist and would like to live with other artists/writers/scholars/etc. ideally i am looking for something in brooklyn, like east williamsburg / bushwick near the art scene. this might be for short or long term. i am responsible and pay for shit on time.

ugh i just feel so bad
love you guys


david said...

Joseph - Good luck with your move although I guess you will not see this.
A**z*n says my impetuously ordered copy of Imperial Bedrooms arrives tomorrow. I waited until Lunar Park hit the remainder tables but liked it so much I was glad I'd ignored the publication buzz. The downside is my probable desire to get LTZero. ( For some reason, I don't have a copy.)

math - we don't know each other really but have a mutual pal, the gifted Felix Larkin-Tree. When I was
27, the person I thought was the love of my life had to get out of Dodge quickly, with no goodbyes, after some pretty spectacular misbehavior. We met up later but thinking of it still gives me an ache and a pain twentysome years later.

wv butgly a useful contraction

slatted light said...

Coop: Buddy, old pal, old sport. Not much been happening over here. Just reading mainly. Trying to do some writing but my brain is being hostile in a blank way. How are you doing? I've never really read Brion Gysin but why is it that you find his writing so tedious, if you don't mind offering a capsule review? It's interesting what you and Oliver were saying about videogames and immersion. Immersion is this weird dream of a certain military orientation toward gaming, I think: it has a lot to do with why the armed forces are so enamoured with the idea of game simulations for battlefield training. Mind you, that's not to say that simulations in themselves gear a person to kill, and certainly not to kill efficiently, that old saw about games train people to murder, but I think the military's ideology of the videogame as a tool of immersion is transmitted via their manipulation of videogames (among many other platforms they manipulate). Because erasing the working part of games, what they supply in terms of knowing pleasure, is seen to approximate negating the wear and tear of actual battlefield killing, the understanding of what one is doing. First thing soldiers report feeling in the field is abstraction, disorientation then fatigue. All qualities of immersion, not of alienation. The working part is really important, I think, it's like the truly aesthetic side of videogames, or something, imbricating you in the operations of the object itself, the strokes and visions.

Math: Shit, I'm sorry to hear about your break-up. That sucks so much. You probably already know but I just wanted to say that all the stuff he said to you about normality seems to me more self-justifying than anything, you know? Like, not a non-interested critique. I say this because it's so easy in those situations to take it into your head that, I don't know, you were inherently failed as a person for him in some way, an idea that a person leaving you for another person and trying to contain the moral damage wont do much to alleviate and may even actively spread. Not that I mean to suggest his desire for a more conventional thing isn't true, maybe he does want to settle into a more closed relationship structure, but any idea that you are inherently a person with whom commitment isn't doable should be fucking rejected. You are seriously one of the most mature and deep-feeling people I've had the pleasure to (sort of) know, Math, and the whole association of you only with drugs or lack of monogamy or whatever risks becoming a kind of slight because it puts it in a relation of immaturity, or stunted development, in relation to 'settling down'. Which is bullshit. The virtue of being kickass is turned into being into the negative attribute of being 'too bohemian', too much to handle, by those lights, and maybe he needs that to emotionally tailor his transition but I just wanted to say I hope you don't let that fucked-up notion in, because you supremely rule.

steevee said...

Have you heard the new Devo reunion album? I was in a record store that was playing it earlier today, and I was startled at how good it sounded. Much more rocking than their last incarnation.

My Dolphins Into the Future CD arrived yesterday. I've only had time to listen to the first, half-hour long track, but it reminds me a lot of the Orb.

Math--I'm sorry to hear about the breakup and the excuses behind it from your ex.

Matt Cassidy. said...
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_Black_Acrylic said...

@ math, such awful news. You have my commiserations, and slatted light's advice seems very wise.

@ Armando, 'Eat When You Feel Sad' shall be promoted from my Amazon wish list to the shopping basket on the strength of the buzz it's generating.

@ Olivier, I'm desperate to see Trash Humpers and have emailed the DCA in a bid to get it screened here.

@ Dennis, the full lowdown on Friday's goings-on: a few photos of the launch can be seen here, an artful photo of Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson in the mix is here and a list of the records I played is here. Most of the records are from the new wave of Chicago house music that I'm very keen on, a style based on the Roland TB-303 bass line synthesizer. I didn't see any bodies jacking but I gather it all went down quite well.

I'm keen to break my duck and do a first blog day. I was thinking about archetypal British humour, so how about Carry On films or maybe even saucy seaside postcards? I saw a good documentary on the iPlayer today called Rude Britannia about the history of this kind of low, vulgar material that we do so well.

l@rstonovich said...


Ever have roommates with incredible record collections that you get to think of as yours and then you move and are suddenly finding yourself with huge gaps? One of those gaps is the vinyl of "From Here To Infinity" you can just put on one of those lock grooves and trip the fuck out. I downloaded the CD version but it ain't the same.

I've started putting together a Woodring post for you to help out when your swamped.


Bill said...

Hey Dennis, thanks so much for the ticket inquiries on my behalf.

I haven't been keeping up with Lee Ranaldo since (geez) the early 90s. This is a nice batch of projects.

NB, look forward to updates on the new blog. So is Let's Pretend the End Never Happened officially kaput?

On possible blog days, I thought about our earlier discussion of a conjoined twins day, but the wikipedia site is already pretty good. Any interest in a post on medical wax models?

I'm really looking forward to the Brion Gysin show next month; that will probably make my best of list. In the meantime, a few more items that came to mind:


Arias with a Twist

Live stuff:

Martin Kuchen solo saxophones, Sowieso, Berlin

Bymel/Frangenheim/Heenan/Rodrigues 4-tet, Sowieso, Berlin (same night!)

Arthurs/Babel/Isohata/Ohlmeier 4-tet, Wendel, Berlin

Visual arts:

Hans Belmer/Louise Bourgeois, Museum Berggruen, Berlin
Walton Ford, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Bedrich Dlouhy, Muzeum Montanelli, Prague
Jan Svankmajer sculptures, small gallery in Prague


p.s.: Math, so sorry to hear about the breakup... good luck with the move...

Jax said...

Ah Math. The crying does help - nothing wrong with crying. You are so cool and so talented and so full of life and lovely...

Man, I've turned into Athiest!

But seriously? It hurts and the hurt's worth feeling. It is what it is.

wv = facet, which can NOT be coincidence!

Dennis! Been following your novel's progress with complete fascination. Once I collect more thoughts I;ll write more...oh and I'll try to get a savate day to you for when you don't have blog access.

DavidEhrenstein said...

That Royally Sucks, Math.

Here's Dusty (with Burt)

l@rstonovich said...


Just posted to The Cartophile Imprint the second augmented field recording by Pine Needles (Scott T. Carto- go-founder). It's an audio tour of a local mall, recorded unknowingly the day after a shooting. Organ and (my primitive) percussion were then added to it. I think it came out great, it's perfect for background listening whilst one writes or surfs the net.

It can be found here.

DavidEhrenstein said...

And here's Harry.

you-x said...

Dennis, I'm sorry to hear about Yury's friend. Very heavy, he sounds like he was a great guy.

I saw your call and I put together a blog day. It's picture intensive with no text except for a title. I just went ahead and emailed it since you are looking for days soon. Hope it's usable.

To jump back, I wanted to say cool post on Kazuki Takamatsu's work, new to me. Have you seen any of it in person? I wonder what it looks like, what it does up close.

I love your lists and am catching up on the music you had on there that I hadn't heard. I'll try to put mine together soonish. But really, so delicious and exciting - your lists.

I am something of a multi-tasker, but definitely don't do it as smoothly as I'd like. Just like you guessed. I think I'm still trying to figure out what things work together or something, or how much space each thing needs (or I need for it).

So now the multi-tasking is easier, there's less happening, than in the 80s for you? I would imagine that the internet kind of amplifies it all but helps too. Do you have any multi-tasking tips?

you-x said...

Math, really sorry, i can hardly imagine. all my best to you.

inthemostpeculiarway said...

math, slatted light basically said everything perfectly but just wanted to add my voice to the 'I'm sorry's and that. Sorry, man, and I really hope you find a nice cheap place soon.

Hey Dennis,

I've already seen the doctor twice. I think part of this is because I waited so long so I'm just going to have to deal with it a little while longer. But these side effects really are pretty awful.

I'm glad about the novel, naturally.

I'm going to do laundry after this so I feel your pain.

No, I don't think I've heard about your friend, or if I did I completely forgot already. That sounds like an amazing publishing house. Sorry about the badish food, though.

Oh, poor Yury. I'm sorry about that. Is he okay now?

My weekend:

Yesterday I woke up and took a shower and did all of those fun things, and after changing my contact realized my seeing problem was partly the contact and partly the medicine, and since it's quite possible I have anxiety or something I can't deal with something like vision impairment because I'd freak out about going blind so I stopped taking the pill that was causing it. Bad idea, that was.

Read some more of Crooked Little Vein and it's okay. There's one great conversation in there though about the internet and the mainstream vs. the underground. I don't want to ruin it.

Went to my grandparents for father's day (my father was clearly there as well) and they surprised me with a birthday gift, which is strange since they normally don't get me anything, but my kindness to them was rewarded by a new iPod touch, the 32g one (I am told this is quite a bit) along with a $50 iTunes card. So yeah that was pretty great.

After that we sat outside because it was a cool 92 degrees and their dog started going crazy. Everybody looked, my stepgrandmother went "oh no" and my grandfather just sighed, because the dog was chasing a poor innocent rabbit. Yes, a cute little bunny, who was probably eating grass in a most adorable manner, who then tried to avoid the dog by diving into the pool. I asked if rabbits could swim, and my grandfather said "Not very well, no," as the dog just kept barking at the rabbit who, well, I'm not going to describe it because it was sad, but by the end of the night it was no longer with us. It was sort of frightening, though. I mean, the dog's normally sweet and loving but even I was intimidated.

Soon after this I left, came home, went to sleep. Woke up, watched Alice in Wonderland, which I had put off because of Bendy's dislike, which is stupid, I know, but I didn't like it either so that's okay. Then I followed it up with Veronika Decided to Die, which was probably the best movie I've seen this year. I recommend it. I wanted to cry at the end, truly.

Had to call my cousin, who I hate but is good with technology to come hook up my iPod because I'm technologically retarded, but it's all there and he somehow got me onto a WiFi network. So I think I'm piggybacking on the neighbors, or maybe I had it and just didn't know it. Not sure. But one of the first things I did was come here. I thought about typing my report but I'd like to have thumbs by the end of the day.

Watched True Blood (Bathory's bed, Christine cameo, vampire Nazis, blood gellatin). Not much happened but it was good, in it's way.

That's it. I'm rushing this because my friend is coming over to watch it and I still have to shower and all that. So how was your weekend, Dennis?

nb said...

Math, Fuxor. Let me know if I can do anything, or if you need a shoulder to, you know, on. I sometimes get emails at work about people looking for roommates, and I'll see what I hear or hear what I hear or you know. My thoughts are with you.

Bill, Thanks. And no, it's still around, albeit in a different form, mainly photos I like and cute boys, etc. I suppose you are one of three readers. Ha ha.

Dennis, Thanks for the shout out. If I can come up with a day I'll try and send it. Personally, I don't know how you do all these days, I would post one sentence and be like here. (Maybe I'll send you a mind-blowing sentence.) Hey, before you get busy, which I guess is Tuesday, what are your LA suggestions? I get there on the 15th. (I'm also seeing the Grand Canyon, want pics?) Be good, N.

Justin said...

Cool Dennis, I'm eagerly awaiting your reply or something like that.
Yesterday I got a sun burn from hanging my arm out the window on a long trip.
My Dad is in Fortworth Dallas and I haven't spoken to him in a week, I've only been able to exchange e-mails because something is up with the towers here or there.
Thank you whoever submited Goths in Hot Weather, for someone whose social anxiety is deeply rooted in a fear of being made fun of or mocked I really like laughing at other people. It went to my favorites with People of Walmart and the Do's and Don't's at Vice Magazine. I am a terrible person. Oh yeah, there's a link on Goths in Hot Weather to another site called Poorly Dressed People. It's pretty self-explainatory, I figured some of the others here, and Yury might find it funny.
inthemostpeculiarway, you forgot Jesus (pronounce it like that Christ one) the Mexican who hasn't raped anyone yet on your True Blood round up. It's funny you mention it being entertaining although nothing really happens, it seems like that a lot with True Blood and Doctor Who, and even older shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Maybe it's because I don't really get into a lot of television shows because I don't have the patience to follow and wait on storylines to wrap up, but do they all seem to just stretch the overall plot of the season as thin as possible until the last 4 or 5 episodes?

Creative Massacre said...

Dennis – is your new book set to hit shelves on the 29th? I went to a local bookstore today to pre-order it and they said that it wasn’t set to be released until July…?

I got some crazy news the other day. The band that I work with got signed to a new PR firm, and apparently during one of their meetings with the CEO of this company, my name got dropped by one of the band members. They told this firm everything that I’ve done over the years and whatnot, and apparently the CEO thinks I’m awesome for all that I’ve done, so now I’m to email the CEO. I’m not exactly sure what it means but I’m pretty stoked about it. :) I’ll let you know what comes of it.

JW Veldhoen said...

I took a picture of Gen tonight. Amazing. I feel kinda bent out of shape about it, probably the start of another writing somewhere, something active about it, deeply touching. Reading about Louis Sullivan all day and then walking from Canal street. Butt-fucking. Reading about love vs. sexuality as Peter Hallward reads Alain Badiou, made part of the afternoon. Then the P.S. 1 catalog of Robert Bergman. The essay by David Levi Strauss is required.

Fuck, Math. My life is so fucked for some of the same inter-dynamics, there is a tendency to feel betrayed that a person changes (in this case it sounds like regresses). I am gonna try and stay if I can find work that feels like I'm gonna get canned every five minutes. Shit. I wanna stay so bad. Exile I will live through, or maybe I am... Banff and... FUCK. FUCK. Broke angry too much love and not enuff tiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misanthrope said...

math, Aw, math, that sucks so bad. I'm really sorry to hear that. You're a great and beautiful person, and though it doesn't seem like it now, you'll persevere and be an even greater and more beautiful person later on. Love you too.

Dennis, Ha! I was thinking the same thing about Turow. It's all about the here and now for him at this juncture because really, who's gonna buy his shit books, say, 50 years from now? Or even 25. Man, in that panel discussion - and it pains me to say this because you know 'capitalist' isn't the worst word in the world to me - he looks soooo capitalist.

What's funny about your mentioning Congress (especially to a Libertarian) is that if all this finger-crossing pans out, I may be working very close to the old boys in the not-so-distant future. Lots of stuff has to happen, but oh, do I hope it does - just for peace of mind (read: money (fuck, I've turned into Turow from talking about him so much!)).

Money sucks, but I guess we need it. I just see it as a machine - to use to do other things. Travel, read, write, charity, etc. Fuck, I think I've actually said that here before.

Lee Ranaldo is one of those names I've heard a lot but have never been exposed to his work. So this is a nice introduction. Thanks for that.

Hmm, I'm trying so hard to come up with something to do as a Day here. Maybe if I weren't so lazy, you'd already have something. Sorry about that. My laziness, that is. Fuck, it sucks. But the sleep is good. When I'm not waking up from a nightmare.

Oh, funny Little Show story: the little dude did something insane for money the other day. He licked my grandma's rotten big toe - 1/2 thick nail, all crusty looking (but clean, suffice it to say) - for $3.

Later, he goes, "I'll do anything for money." Me: "Would you lick her butthole for $50?" Him: "Shoot, I'd do it for $5." Maybe Justin was right about us Wineses.

Misanthrope said...

*1/2 inch

Todd Colby said...

Mister Cooper: Yay Lee! Thanks so much for posting all of this!

postitbreakup said...

I can't promise something super cohesive, but if a postitbreakup day pt. 2 would help out, i'd be happy to oblige.

if yury doesn't totally hate me give him my condolences/best wishes

I'm super sorry and I'm sending good vibes your way, sincerely.

little foal said...

hey dennis

punkplay is a play which was published in issue four of play a journal of plays, sometime last december. here is a kind of good review of punkplay which describes it really well too.

y'know the way you wanted my weekend to be awesome? it totally was. i met with my best friend on saturday and it was nearly perfect, though i was sniffling a lot cuz of hayfever. and i watched american dad, and listened to music, and wrote this new thing which is here, and made lists of my favourite films and music and stuff, but i dunno if i'm going to put them up anywhere, i just kind of like making lists i guess. what made my weekend really amazing was that it was abundant with this deep sense of friendship, not just cuz of my best friend, but cuz of other folk too, folk from here, and as i write this i feel profoundly human and grateful.

i hope your weekend was awesome too. have a great day, man.

hey math

i'm so, so sorry. slatted light and jax are totally right: that you fucking rule, and the thing about letting yourself feel it, they're the truth.


julin said...

Being the curator of Leah and Lee's show that is "#1" on your list, I wanted to leave a comment saying just that.
If you don't have the book I'd love to send it to you.
You can find my email here:
Richard Julin