Thursday, March 18, 2010

Re: the blog's ongoing 'This Is How You Will Disappear' work-in-progress posts, an adjunct: Gisele Vienne's Portraits


When Gisele hasn't been working on the creation of our forthcoming theater piece, she was engaged in making a series of formal photographic portraits of the forty lifesize dolls featured in the theater works that she and I have created since beginning our collaboration: 'I Apologize' (2004), 'Un Belle Enfant Blonde' (2005), and 'Kindertotenlieder' (2007). These portraits recently had their debut in an exhibition at the Antipodes Festival in Brest, and, whenever possible, they will be exhibited in conjunction with the upcoming performances of 'This Is How You Will Disappear'. We consider the dolls to be actors in our works almost on a par with the human performers, and, although the dolls aren't credited individually in the works, they each have names and fictional biographies constructed by Gisele. These biographies are used to determine which roles might be suited to their 'personalities'. Some of the dolls have been featured in multiple works, and several have played both male and female roles. Below you will find fifteen of the portraits, and, at the bottom of the post, images of some of the dolls 'in performance'.

Press release: Entre 2003 et 2008, Gisèle Vienne a réalisé de nombreuses poupées représentant des adolescents de taille humaine. Pendant l’année 2009, elle en tire quarante portraits en photographie numérique et argentique, afin de composer une exposition spécifiquement conçue pour le festival des Antipodes’10.

'Quarante visages d'adolescents mènent, à la manière d'un morphing réalisé à la peinture, de la figure de la Lolita à celle d'un nouveau genre de Lolita, George Miles, muse de Dennis Cooper. Ces portraits explorent l'ambiguïté de ces figures qui suscitent une fascination immense et finissent souvent en victime dans de nombreuses œuvres littéraires et cinématographiques. Les photographies des visages peints à l'acrylique et leur représentation en deux dimensions engendrent une forme hybride de portraits photographiés évoquant la peinture.' -- Gisele Vienne

'I Apologize'

'Un Belle Enfant Blonde'



heliotrope said...

always some of my very favorite posts surround your work...and therefore Gisele's. So, I can't thank you enough D for creating the travel portal from here to there.

truly amazing and weird...of course, the very thought of life-size puppets is alternately super creepy and comforting...right? I don't know...and somehow I guess that's part of the point of



wow. these are incredible. i really hope this comes to america so i can see it. Hi Dennis!

jose said...

these dolls are hott. If Giselle figures out a way of making them from warm living flesh I'll take a couple for myself.

is that creepy?

Steven Trull said...

These girls are almost the perfect boy. I am staring on the floor, too. It's neat. If I stare enough, I feel like I almost disappear.

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

Wow, these are really amazing

Matty B said...

Not sure which would is the better visual experience here -- the amazing photographs or what these bodies would look like in actual space. Glad your trip up to SF was solid. Drop me a line.