Thursday, January 15, 2009

Power Pop Retrospectivesque (1976 - 1986)


The Three O'Clock 'Her Head's Revolving', 1982 (4:01)

20/20 'Yellow Pills', 1979 (4:19)

Let's Active 'Waters Part', 1984 (4:55)

The Boys 'Brickfield Nights', 1979 (3:14)

The Jam 'Strange Town', 1979 (3:42)

Shoes 'Too Late', 1979 (2:39)

Plimsouls 'A Million Miles Away', 1983 (3:37)

The Records 'Starry Eyes', 1979 (3:55)

Nick Lowe 'Cruel to Be Kind', 1979 (3:25)

The Bangles 'Real World', 1984 (2:37)

The Headboys 'The Shape of Things to Come', 1980 (3:34)

Cheap Trick 'Way of the World', 1980 (3:26)

Pandoras 'It's About Time', 1984 (2:26)

Dwight Twilley Band 'Lookin' for the Magic', 1977 (3:36)

Flamin' Groovies 'Shake Some Action', 1986 (4:27)

Undertones 'Jimmy Jimmy', 1979 (2:31)

The Bongos 'Bulrushes', 1981 (3:18)

The Neighborhoods 'Prettiest Girl', 1979 (3:22)

The Diodes 'Tired of Waking Up Tired', 1977 (3:50)

The dB's 'Neverland', 1982 (2:52)

Milk 'n' Cookies 'I'm Just a Kid', 1976 (2:27)

Teenage Radio Stars 'Sweet Boredom', 1979 (3:03)

Rezillos 'Top of the Pops', 1978 (2:11)

Wreckless Eric 'Whole Wide World', 1976 (1:56)


heliotrope said...

okay...that Groovies clip is really scary...Cyril in a wig! or is that a lot of hair sprayed comb-over?...George playing an incredibly ugly bass (bless him)...and...ouch, Paul Zahl from SVT on drums (man were they bad. Even Jack couldn't save them...remember Jorma's "punk band" White Gland?)...I won't even go into the whole Jack Johnson lead vocal debacle...this version of the faux-Groovies was just horrible...echoplex on Cyril's guitar? But he still has a Dan Armstrong to play. Poor Cyril. Oy.

On the other hand...The Undertones! Three O'Clock. And Dwight of course, best of all. Weird...most of this stuff hasn't aged very well has it? Or is it just my moodiness getting to me.

Anyway it took a while for me to convince myself that Chris Wilson hadn't gone hair rock for moment...he left in...what?...'81? something like that. If you want to see a cool typically low-fi Groovies vid, check the Slow Death vid...platforms, dueling Armstrongs, Alexander typically cool...Wilson doing a Jaggerish thing...

Eric said...

I think it probably hasn't aged well if you've been into this stuff for years, but I've only discovered a lot of this in the past five or so years and this list is absolute gold for me. Some new tips and some outright favorites.

But on another note (I could go on about each of these songs forever, but I won't!), "Brickfield Nights" sounds awfully close to 20/20's "Cheri." Is there a common influence or reference here that I should be excavating? It's a great sound.

Mr. Suave said...

Fantastic list. I'm going to be posting a link to it tomorrow. One thing though, Her Head's Revolving is not from 1982, but rather from 1985, and in my opinion not nearly as good as some of the early Three O'Clock videos. Sure the Jet Fighter video is corny, but the song is fantastic. And their appearance on MV3 where they sing I Go Wild is superb. Nice blog, keep up the good work.