Monday, January 5, 2009

p.s.  Hey.  It's snowing here in Paris, but after last week's big let down of a teentsy snow fall, I'm not frolicking in my imagination just yet.  Still, it's looking pretty realistic outside so far.  An early heads up that I'll be traveling to the States on Friday.  I won't be going to LA, at least not initially.  I'm heading over there to work on a project that has to stay hush-hush for the time being, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to snag an affordable last minute ticket home and spend a week or so of the trip in LA, although that's an uncertainty at the moment.  The point is that after Friday's post, I'll be taking a long weekend off due to traveling-related interruptions, and then the blog will continue as usual starting next Monday, albeit on the US time zone posting schedule.  Other than hoping you all had good weekends, I think that's all there is from me today.  **  Thomas Moronic, Nudge felt. I'll try to get that to you today or tomorrow at the latest.  Well, those ideas you have about writing re: acid in your novel are totally fascinating, and just so pretty on the levels of the description and the mindfuck they inspire as I try to imagine how they'll scramble and reshape the prose exactly.  Of course I can't imagine how you're instituting these ideas, but that's the nature of doing frontier experiments, as I know too, and I'll be extremely interested to see the results now that I have the methodologies in mind.  That's really inspiring, man.  Really.  I don't know specifically about the Supersonic gig, but I hung out with Stephen (O'Malley) yesterday, and he said Cope has performed live with Sunn0)))) twice.  Also, I guess Stephen, Cope, and a couple of other people recorded a collaborative EP last year that has never been released.  **  Heliotrope, Ah, thanks, man.  I'm so glad it suited you nicely.  Part 2 is a jam-packed giant.  Very sweet and fragrant story about the Nikki Sudden gig and the fire escape doubling.  How are things in general on your end?  **  Mona, We'll have to compare our record collections' prized possessions and rarities at some point.  I was at the height of my record collector-itis around the early Teardrops/ Bunnymen period.  Vinyl was so much more fun.  **  Groovy Guy/ Michael_Karo, I thought mentioning your delicious 'fro would just be me gilding the lilly.  I just saw your groovy tunes link, but of course I'll head over there once I'm p.s.ed out.  I liked 'The Ice Storm' okay.  I'd need too see it again.  I remember liking the weird, quiet Elijah Wood death scene a lot.  **  Roger P., Hey.  'At ease' is quite a nice phrase when you think about it.  I'm in novel writing mode so turns of phrase are popping for me at the moment.  Of course I'm so pleased about your journeying into Bresson's work.  I like some Shrader's films pretty okay, though they've always struck me almost-rans in some way. I personally couldn't stand that Bresson quotation ending of 'American Gigolo', although I should watch it again.  It seemed like a groaner of a dumbing down act to me at the time it came out.  You have a lot going on, or at least a lot of preparation for possible things that could be going on soon.  What are your chances on the scholarship, do you think?  I mean, obviously, that sounds so ideal.  **  Stan_cz, So what are some of your plans, business or pleasure, while you're in LA? The video store job makes sense, but do check on how likely it would be to get a work visa for that kind of job.  In my experiences, the government wants a very clear reason why a business would need to hire a non-American for a job that an American would seem to be able to fill.  Obviously, check on that stuff yourself because visas are a tricky thing that must be very well calculated.  **  David Ehrenstein, Yeah, it's interesting that in most of the essays/ pieces I've read that argue for the release of the 'new' version of 'Shadows', Cassavettes' disavowal tends to be very glossed over.  There's a lot of demonizing of Rowlands, trying to pit her against him.  If Cassavettes didn't want that version released, end of story as far as I'm concerned.  Oh, Fabrice Luchini, yes.  I agree he's wonderful, and I probably won't have time to see his show before I head Stateside, but I would probably go if I could even though I'd be more than a bit lost in the inbetween songs patter arena sans sufficient French.  Thanks a lot for the tip.  I've  somehow missed out on the metro posters for that show.  Yeah, I don't really understand what the Aspen bomb/suicide thing was or is about.  It's barely had a peep of coverage here.  So you were my news.  RIP: Glenn Goldman indeed.  I'm so very sorry to hear that.  I sure hope Book Soup is going to be okay in his wake.  **  Tosh, Ha ha, Tosh, bring heavy winter clothes.  No joke.  One, it's snowing, and, two, the forecast has it that the temperature will be around -7 degrees celsius at night and around -2 during the day all week.  **  The Dreadful Flying Glove, Damn, I intended to include that LSD/'Passionate Friend' story.  It was a mental overload of a post to put together and things escaped while my attention was diverted.  Oh, and I wrote to you about this, but thanks a million for the Cope stuff you sent.  It's made Part 2 better and bigger.  **  SYpHA_69, Well, you already have a few Cope albums to check out, but if you want a quicker sense of what he's about, the 'Floored Genius' comp is quite good, all tracks selected by the man himself.  **  Wolf, Well, Part 2 will be a good initial test of your gerontophilia.  I've only heard snips or maybe a track or two from 'Black Sheep'.  I liked it, but I think I liked some of the relatively recent stuff more, and, of his later work, I think I'm more into the experimental records and projects like Ruin, Queen Elizabeth, and things like that.  Is it snowing there?  We're getting a quite a lot of gorgeous snow over here today, it's turning out.  **  Bernard Welt, Oh, how nice about the Colmar experience.  I'm going to have to get myself there.  If the Mann bio is just a flip through deal, I'll check the less distinguished literary blogs for the juicy excerpts.  Still, it might be a good plane book.  So you're back home today?  I wish you could have witnessed a Paris snowfall like the one going on outside my window.  It's like a disintegrating god.  **  Statictick, Really glad you dug it, man.  **  Oscar B., Welcome back, pal.  Nothing broken, I gather.  'Fallout 3', check.  I'll put it on my list of things I can reward myself with if I get enough prose under my belt.  I didn't do nothing on New Years Eve, fell asleep at 11 pm, but I didn't care.  Exciting about the sound installation and show.  Yeah, if you haven't already sent the mp3 -- I'm behind on my email again -- do please, as I'm most interested, of course.  **  Magick Stallion, That's funny: my high school psychedelic band used to perform a cover of 'Some Kind of Love', so I should have gotten the cross-reference.  You're melancholy too.  I'm a tad better today sans any help from a gym whatsoever.  As you can surely imagine, I don't cross a gym's threshold very often.  Well, never, in fact.  I carry groceries.  Hope Happy Mondays did the trick.  For me, Pollard or New Pornographers are almost guaranteed picker-uppers.  **  David, You found my long lost copy of Housman's 'Collected Poems'!  **  Hedi, Thanks, Hedi.  Oh, that Paris/LA magazine is kind of nice, right?  It's edited by this woman I know a little because she's the main squeeze of the wonderful young ex-patriat, Paris residing artist/friend Oscar Tuazon.  Do you know him?  Anyway, I'm glad the interview turned out okay.  Thanks again, H.  **  Steevee, As I was saying to SYpHA, you might go for the 'Floored Genius' comp first because his discography is so vast and various that it's probably best to get that and find out what aspects of his work you think the most interesting.  **  Winter Rates, Cope has a lot of very, very not normal work.  This week's Part 2 will cover some of it, so wait and taste it, and see what you think.  **  JW Veldhoen, In the room to my left lives an Iranian scholar and his wife with a two week old, endlessly shrieking baby.  In the room to my right lives a German woman who's in Paris studying something or other and who has a three week old endlessly shrieking baby.  But the walls are medieval.  **  Marcus Whale, Feeling interested to know more about these characters you mentioned writing, I just slid over to your blog and read the beginnings of those most recent entries, and they're just stellar, man, and I'll read further when I clear my own blog off my decks this morning.  Are those pieces characteristic of your writings in general?  Beautiful work, very compelling.  **  Ignacio, I don't know if I'm ever going to get Bauhaus/ Peter Murphy.  It just doesn't do a thing for me, even though most of my friends dig their/his stuff.  You mean current French stuff I like?  MC Solaar seems pretty good.  I need to hear more.  Other than, say, M83, who I like a lot, I mostly listen to French noise and glitch: TGNM, Abstrakt Sound, DAT Politics, O. Lamm, Minifer, DOPPLER, etc.   Man, those hospital stories are spooky great.  **  Mat, Oh, youtube videos, fantastic!  Thank you, thank you.  I'll go check my mail and then watch them in a few minutes.  Great, man, thank you!  **  Chris, The 30th should be just fine.  I'll be lagged, but unless you want to meet up with me in the later evening, it won't be so much an issue other an occasional, brief spacing out or something.  I'll be back here on the morning of the 28th. Yeah, that would fantastic, Chris.  I really hope you can come.  'Reward' is a little piece of bliss.  Mm, just having a glance and looking at the illustrative photo, I'd guess that theater adaption of 'Eden Eden Eden' is grisly.  Looks like maybe a modern dancey thing done to a prerecorded reading of the text or something.  Who knows?  I haven't heard a word about it, but I don't know if that means anything.  That photo just smelled wrong to me, but I'll ask around and let you know if there's any word on the street about it.  **  Robert-nyc, It would be so nice to see your smiling face at the BEA. I've done signing things at the BEA twice before, and both times I've just gotten a lot of people looking at my name placard and then making a 'am I supposed to know who he is?' face.  Oh, cool, I'll check that Limp Wrist site.  How nice to be able to see new work by you, and it sounds like a site worth acquainting myself with too.  Writing's going okay for me right now.  Yeah, I'm writing a new novel that's still growing and still doesn't seem like shit to me, which is something of a breakthrough.  Otherwise, I recently co-wrote a radio play with Catherine Robbe-Grillet for French radio, and we'll be recording that early this year.  And I'm beginning work on the new theater piece with Gisele, and that'll start being a main working project in March.  And we're likely to turn the 'Jerk' theater piece into a independent film, and I'm starting to work on adapting that a bit.  So, yeah, I'm busy, and all is okay on that front.  Take care, mister.  **  Tomkendall, And hearty cheers to you as well.  Good times?  **  Alexandre, Ah, hi, Alexandre!  Yes, it would be great to see you, probably when I get back from States maybe, yeah?  Hope all is well, and give Tomas a hug for me after you've hugged yourself for me.  **  Misanthrope, Oh, I think kids reading 'Harry Potter' is fine and nothing but a good thing.  I mean it's all about them figuring out that reading fiction is pleasurable so they'll look to books for pleasure as they get older.  I think that's plenty for now, and, besides, you should have seen the crap I was reading at their age.  I think I was melancholy and may still be a little melancholy because I'm not feeling all that hot health-wise, and probably because of how fucking cold it is, and probably because I always get stressed out and weird before I have to take those long plane flights overseas.  No, I can't believe you're still sick.  You type so normally for a sicko.  Well, you should be getting better by now, right?  If not, see a doctor, dude.  I still don't remember the REM kid story.  It might be lost with whatever brain cells were storing it.  Maybe a google search, yeah.  Do one, and let me know.  **  Jax, 'Reward', right?  Genius, that little number.  You're melancholy too?  Yeah, not that you don't have decent reasons, but maybe it is winter and star/sky arrangement stuff.  Wolf would know if that's the culprit, I think.  'Intacto', okay, noted, thank you.  Yury's all better, hitting the indoor swimming pool after work today.  Lovely to see you, pal.  Work going okay?  **  Now I'm off to seriously trudge around in snow for a while.  It's real.  It's ongoing.  It has happened at last.  Meanwhile, Laure is quite an interesting figure, I think, and I hope you'll enjoy discovering her or being reminded of her or whatever else.  Until tomorrow, then.  


Oscar B. said...

Hey, D., i read with great pleasure today's post, thanks.
I'm off to London tomorrow, I'm both glad and sad about it. It was kind of nice to waste time in my bedroom with loud music on like the old days...
but yes, at the same time I'm very excited about lots of plans I've got, so, time to go.
I've got this question for you which has been floating in my mind since last night so, here it is: when you choose names for your novel's characters, where do you take them from?

I'm planning to write a story about this boy whose name is silence - but not the word "silence", the actual silence...

anyway, I'll send you the MP3 I was talking about yesterday.

take care til tom,


alan said...

Wow, thanks so much for this post. I've read Death Sentence several times and a little about it too but I've never come across the fact that J. was based on someone Blanchot knew. Really fascinating. Would you know where to find out more about that? (By the way, your note on this seems a little garbled. You jump from J. to Anne in Thomas the Obscure, whom I guess must also be based on Peignot.)

Jesse Hudson said...

Wow, I had never heard of Laure before... What a tragic story... And, by the way, I had no idea that Bataille had a secret society!! I am, apparently, pretty far behind. I bought Kathy Acker's 'My Mother, Demonology' a while back and, thankfully, I haven't read it yet because now I think I'll have a better understanding of it. And I still really want to read 'Death Sentence'. And the letter she wrote to
Well, this was a very intriguing post since I was completely unaware of all this stuff (like I am with most things on here). I hope everything is going good over there in Paris and that you enjoy your future trip to the States. Snow?! Hopefully it will last!!!

DavidEhrenstein said...

Laure is indeed fascinating. I was beginning to wonder when she'd show up in here as she's got everything.

I trust you got my NPH Day material, Dennis.

DavidEhrenstein said...

The end of American Gigolo is indeed annoying, but he improves upon it in Light Sleeper, and in The Walker he puts it in the middle, in a teriffic scene where the film's anti-hero confesses to his boyfriend (who he refuses to live with because he loathes gay coupledom) that he really loves him.

jeff said...
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Paul Curran said...

Happy post-festive season.

I'm with you on getting a novel done this year, Dennis.

Beautiful excerpts today.

Marcus Whale said...

Dennis, the post was illuminating, predictable since i know very little about the woman, thanks. The characters are these two teenagers in this novel i've been fantasising/writing, which i guess is an exercise in productivity. One (Evan) is gay, i guess, the other (Thomas) is not, and they're supposed to counterpoint each other, because Thomas is totally dominated by his mother, and Evan's really promiscuous and unaffected by anyone else. The whole thing's supposed to be a little meditation on growing up, trying to make sense of my own post-high school limbo i guess.

The stuff on the blog is in a similar style, but is probably closer to the poetry because its a little bit more ambiguous. In truth, I'm not entirely sure yet, because the way i've been writing lately is totally different from six months ago, or even two months ago. Thanks for reading!

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Rick Warren -- AIDS Pimp

Oscar B. said...

I sent ypu an email with the MP3 Dennis.


david said...

Dennis - I guess "Chris" was some pet name you used, since that's who signed the dedication. I like Housman and now that I'm trying for the umpteenth time to write songs with a friend of mine I thought AE would be good refreshment for rhyme schemes and iceberg principles and true irony. My friend and I can't work to gether face to face because it turns invariably into a little party.
There exists one early 90s piece I wrote in reaction to something or other that I might send you if a. we can find the tape and b.figure out a way to e mail it unless you have a PO box in Paris in which case I'd mail You a copy. Mt e mail is

wv foolliz

I think I'n going to see Milk this afternoon. Yum.

DavidEhrenstein said...

The thing to remember about that earlier cut of Shadows is that cassavetes threw it together and showed it around in the hopes of getting th completion money to edit the film as he wished. it was a rough draft -- not a completed work at all. The Shadows that everyone knows is the completed film -- precisely as cassavetes wanted it. It is the height of arrogance to claim this rough draft as the "true" or "real" thig.

Blendin said...


Well since your US trip is super secret, I won't ask where you are going to be. But if it happens to be in the SF area, you should let me take you to dinner. I imagine you won't be anywhere near this awful place, though, and good for you. Just saying.

DavidEhrenstein - I've been very interested reading your Cassavetes posts of late. For me Carney was the only serious critic writing about him when I first fell in love with Faces. I do agree that Carney can be preachy and intractable and totally humorless. I haven’t read him in a long time. I agree with Dennis that if JC didn't intend for the cut of Shadows to seen, then that is that. But as a serious student and obsesser of his work, I also think it would be a fascinating and valuable look into his process, provided that it was made clear that he considered it a work in progress. And as much as I love Gena Rowlands, her threats to destroy the print and her other attempts to change JC's work are pretty terrible and should be resisted. Any threats to destroy a print, however unfinished, are inexcusable, don't you think? Legal issues aside, works of art belong to world, not to the artist or his estate.

Can't Gena and Ray just have a beer and watch Chinese Bookie together and then talk about how great it is and be friends?

Christopher/Mark said...

Dennis - and friends - I found that by getting a "Google alert" for "Dennis Cooper", which often links to this site, I can get in without long delays or freezing problems which remain a mystery to me.. so I missed a few weeks I guess of whatever was here, and hope to check-in more regularly again.
The weather in Miami is utterly divine (for those who don't like snow fog and 0 degrees whatever it is) and I have met some guys from London to whom I will give this blog site.

Dennis have a great trip! Hope everybody is having a good 2009. It holds at least some promise...

cloven huff said...

hi dennis

sorry for not getting back, yeah my
friends who went to the istanbul show said the show went really well, and they all said that istanbul is a cool city but a ton of cops

i just got a copy of the new LOOP re issuse of 'fade out' its awesome

ive never been to a gay church (gym)

keep safe, x

wolf said...

LAURE. Well.. i have NO idea why i wasn't aware of her. It seems strange and almost impossible, but i'm discovering her here. Right. So clearly i've been missing out on yet one "holy shit, a sister" for years. The extracts that you posted make me wish she was still alive and we could go have a coffee somewhere in an obscure street in the 4th, and rant and drink to the Fucked Up Of The World. Or something. Even though of course it would have made more sense if I had been alive at her time. But anyway. I've subsequently searched the web but it seems there isn't much more on her than what you linked to, not more in french than english either. I'll try and get hold of her book next week, i am going to france on friday (the day you leave it.. hehe) so hopefully will raid some bookshops in marseille and find some stuff.
"Avoid contact with all people in whom there is no possible resonance with what touches you most deeply and toward whom you have obligations of "kindness," of politeness."
Ow.. Simple but True.

..and YES we got some SNOW!!!!!!!! Oh man, you should have seen my face this morning when i stepped out and was jumping like a kid in that miserable 1cm of melting snow, trying to produce a decent "crunch crunch" from my extatic DrMartens. It's all over now of course, but hey. I got to see some white stuff on the ground. And it's FINALLY cold enough for me to cover my back with my huge out-of-this-world wolf fur coat (yes, i know, i know. long story. ), if it's more than 3ÂșC i sweat buckets under it.

...WV: "prednant"
uh? i dont THINK so buddy.

laurabeth said...


How are you my love?? I've missed you, hope you saw the couple FB chat messages I left you sporadically.
My life right now doesn't resemble my life at all. I don't know how else to describe it. I feel like I'm doing some experiment, seeing how I like "the other side," and once school starts again things will be back to normal.... but deep down inside, I know they won't. I've changed for good.
Do you listen to the Disco Biscuits? Or have you? Maybe while you do some internet work today or tomorrow, have this play in the background:
It is the shows I went to on 12/27 and 12/28 at the Nokia Theater in Times Square, NYC. The place is HUGE and the band sold out five nights. FIVE! I was lucky to go to 2. I'm seeing them again on the 17th of this month in Northampton, Massachusetts at the Calvin Theater. They are a jam-band, "trance-fusion" many call it, but that leaves the imagination to think they are all electronica, which is completely false. Their early stuff is rock-opera. They create this mass following that is unbelievable.
I guess I'm one now. See, my best friends at school, Amanda, Ilana, Jenna.. they all have been following this band for years now. The NYC shows were Amanda's 48th and 49th DB shows! Reminiscent of Phish-followers, many of the older crowd at the shows used to be.
I rolled balls (bahaha, what a funny saying, but I don't know how else to describe it) at the NYC shows. It was a new feeling. I can't.. describe the effect it had on me.. physically feeling and seeing things differently for the first time in my life, new sensations running through my body... I'm glad I waited as long as I did to try ecstasy, because I think I waited until it would be the most impressionable.
Also on the NYC run, (see, these shows Dennis, they changed my LIFE) I met a boy, Dan. He's 25, I'm only 20, but, he is so sweet to me. He lives in NJ, I'm up in Boston... BUT since I came home (he is really good friends with the famous Amanda), he has talked to me every night either on the phone or online, and yesterday sent me this video-message on my phone of his nephew saying "hi laura beth i miss you!" AHHHHHH I miss this boy wonderfully. He will be at the show on the 17th, though, so under 2 weeks until I see him again. Everything revolves around the Disco Bisuits in this random new life I'm living. But with Dan, I was on the phone with Amanda the other day, said something about him, and her boyfriend/one of Dan's best friends Austin said into the phone, "LBN Dan really misses you" AWWWWWWW. This kid is just so sweet to me, he's like a great big teddy bear hahaha.
Amanda has just been waiting to recruit me, to bring me along to this "scene" of hers. I am fully in love with it already. My last night in NYC, which was actually spent not in Hoboken (i guess that's really NJ) at Dan's apartment, but in real NJ at her house, and she turned around right before we fell asleep and said, "this is a weekend you're going to describe to Dennis, isn't it?" YES!
This took up too much of your time, sorry love.
Tell me a story!

Oh, also, I loved today's post. Very interesting woman, I'm going to have to google some more of her. Also, hmmm, secrets secrets... what US time zone will you be residing in? EASTERN???

Laura Beth :D

p.s. My grades for fall semester:
3 A's, 2 A-'s = 3.880 / 4.000 GPA

laurabeth said...

pps. Glad you got some snow :)

Pisycaca said...

Thanks for this day, Dennis! I had no idea about Laure and the post came right on time since I'm finishing Bataille's "My mother".
Great to hear you're traveling to US. Hope you can make it to LA.
It's freezing in Barcelona, although we didn't get any snow so far.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Opportunities for a beer and a quiet chat are long gone, Blendin. Carney has been quite proprietary about Cassavetes in ways that I'm sure you understand rub the woman who devoted her life and art to him the wrong way (to put it mildly.)

I don't know about threats to "destroy" coming from Gena. Sounds like Carney hype to me.

She is the executor to the estate and that's that.

Tonyoneill said...

Hey Dennis-

Wow Laure sounds fascinating, Im off to abebooks for a copy of death sentence now. The excerpts you posted were fantastic stuff. Im drunk on absinthe and coca cola at the moment and feeling fine. I wrote 2,000 words today and paid bills. i feel productive. marianne Faithful is on the stereo. Its a good day.

david said...

TonyO'Neill - I read your response to that Guardian asshat concerning the Burroughs exhibition. Bravo for you!

steevee said...

I just read DEATH SENTENCE, so I'm intrigued by today. I didn't know it was based on a real person. I read BLUE OF NOON long ago.

I can see some value to having the first version of SHADOWS available and certainly don't want it destroyed (is that really what Gena wants to do with it?) but I can't see much use for it beyond a DVD supplement.

I'm now listening to the Swedish band Lifelover, an intriguing blend of black metal and pop. Yes, their name is silly and probably sounds better if Swedish is your native language, but they're doing very interesting things, such as integrating piano into modern metal.

Alexandre said...

Thanks. I'll do that!
When do you get back from US?


Misanthrope said...

Dennis, If my memory is correct, then your Januarys are like my Junes. Tough, sucky business. I hope your melancholy lifts and you have a good trip. And I'm glad Yury's all better. I'm getting there myself, I'm almost over the hump and on towards feeling better.

Man, another super secret mission! You work for the CIA, don't you? What are you guys up to? Or is this more research for your D&D/Morrison novel?

The reason I type so normally is that I save up all my resources to type here. Really, I do. I've barely been on FB and just check my e-mail on aol. But here? I make an effort to get here every day and say hi to the people I like.

I already tried a google search for that REM kid, but it wasn't a very good one. When I get my wits about me more, I'll do one then.

So tell me what you about this: Do you think Laure runs the risk of having her work overlooked because of her interesting life? Do you ever worry that'll happen with your work?

winter rates said...


Your secret mission is exciting.
I really dug the excerpt from Laure's Fragments of a Notebook - it reminds me of when I first moved to Portland 13 years ago that I set rules for my new friendships as I tend to have a million acquaintances and realize after awhile that so many of them just drained me... i try to only mingle with those who inspire now, and of course try to help the dear ones return to that state if they slip into despair etc...

A friend of mine, the guy who introduced me to you via a copy of My Loose Thread, Adam, is a scriptwriter in LA.... he is embarking on the making of a new film and is blogging about it here: here his approach seems very fresh and I think it may be of interest to you and the DCers, so check it out if you feel like it...

Started a poem a week project today... this year it's all about attainable goals....


winter rates said...


from Wikipedia:

The music video was directed by James Herbert, who worked with the band on several other videos in the late 1980s. It depicts a young skateboarder (Noah Ray) rifling through an abandoned, collapsing farmhouse and displaying the relics that he finds to the camera.

SYpHA_69 said...

I think I need a secret society of my own... thanks for the Cope suggestion, Dennis, I'll look into it.

Man, am I depressed. I had to call in sick to work today. Twice now over the last 6 days, I've been having these very large, very difficult to pass BM. This despite the fact that I've been drinking much more fluids, cut all dairy from my diet, etc. Hell, today I even tried eating some bran flakes to get more fiber in my diet. It seriously feels like I'm delivering a baby through my ass or something. I'm almost at my wit's end over this business and frankly just want to end it all... just getting out of bed in the morning seems to be a pointless activity. In any event, I will be seeing my specialist doctor soon (finally got an appointment) and I'll see what he says, though I'm not holding much hope. I supposes assholes can take a lot of wear and tear, right? I mean, I'm sure there are a lot of guys who stick dildos up there every week or so.

magick stallion said...

Dennis, I would love to hear what your band sounded like(I'm sure I'm not the only one here)
Did you guys ever produce any recordings?
If so, you must share.
Also, pics would be great too!

Ok, so what are your thoughts on literary workshops?
Do you think they help? Or discourage?
My opinion is that, and I'm pretty confident saying this, they have the power of being death camps of creativity.

Anyway, danced the blues away yesterday, all Manchester style, but without the glow sticks or baggy pants.

Kiddiepunk said...

Awesome! Having just read Death Sentence a week or two ago, today's post is extremely fascinating. That whole first half of Death Sentence, that occupies itself with J is so vivid and profound... just absolutely stunning.
Thanks, Coop

jeff said...
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no more teenagekicks said...

Sypha 69: Sorry to hear you're in so much distress. Body stuff can really suck. Try to remember it won't be this bad forever (hard to do, I know). It's good that you're seeing a doctor. And yes, it's my understanding that that particular orifice can withstand a good deal of whathaveyou.

Another day, another author I've never heard of, except here, maybe, in the past, and if I did, I never followed up on it. Shame!

But, per usual, looks good. I love those fragments from her notebook. Also I thought Death Sentence was out of this world good, so obviously she's going on the list.

Just finished Chris Adrian's "A Better Angel." Highly recommended. He's one of those writers who is able to use very conventional story structure to do some pretty unconventional things. As a side note, I've got a serious aversion to literature about precocious children, and his book is lousy with 'em, but none of them ever annoyed me much -- no more than they were supposed to, anyhow. That's a good trick. (What's your take on the whole precocious kids thing, D.? Your boys tend to exist somewhere to the side of those sorts of categories, when they're not downright thick (not their waists, of course, yuck yuck yuck), is my sense. Gifted at art sometimes, or listening to music, or experiencing taking drugs... hmm. that pop star from the first book is an interesting one -- at once affectless and exceptionally articulate in a way that's pretty charming (he's one of my favorite characters of yours, incidentally). anyhow, not going anywhere with this, just killing time until I load in tonight's episode of law and order: criminal intent. (Or if MY better angels move me, I'll keep reading -- I'm on a kick of huge fat books from the distant past, so if I do 30 or 40 pages in that direction, I'll be on track to finish one of them by the end of the month. -- speaking of huge fat books, amazon now has a cover up for vollmann's new one -- 1295 pp., and retails for 55 smackers!)

I didn't do my top ten lists when the doing was good, so I'll just say I really loved Happy Go Lucky -- it's probably my favorite thing this year. Will be interested to see how it holds up to a second (and third, etc.) viewing. I think part of why I liked it so much is I'd like to be more like the Hawkins character. Which isn't really coming off, so far.

Happy New Year!

Misanthrope said...

wr, Haha, in my search, I saw the Wiki link but didn't click it, assuming that they wouldn't mention the kid's name or anything. Ah, George the Douchebag strikes again! Thanks for that, wr. Now I'm off...

Misanthrope said...

So the REM kid - Noah Ray - is the lead singer for a punk band called Music Hates You. Which isn't supposed to be bad at all, from what I've read. If you do a search on google for his name the first link that pops up is this article at onlineathens which describes how traumatic being in the video was for this white trash kid who became more popular than the popular kids at school overnight.

Dennis, I forgot to tell you: when I was a kid, I didn't read anything. It was just sports and partying and maybe a fraction of a novel for a high school class. I missed out on all those children's classics or whatever. Until I discover our muse, Mr. Mojo Risin' in college...

jeff said...
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roger p said...

hello dennis

very interesting Day about Colette/ Laure, i swallowed it in one strike last night -i hope i could do that every Day... it will be probably difficult to find something by her here, but after reading the post and some of the comments these last weeks about it, i must definitely read Blanchot´s Death sentence soon -thanks a lot again

well i don´t feel that way towards the end of American gigolo, but i also understand it can be annoying -it´s just difficult to get me annoyed i guess; and i agree with David E that the ending of Light sleeper is an improvement upon it anyway. this movie is one of my favs of Schrader´s, i particularly recall the strong (if conventional) soundtrack by some American rock guy, tried to find it some time ago but couldn´t

re: the scholarship i just don´t know. i applied for it twice before without success. i think what i´m doing here is valuable but in Spain many things work in terms of the people you know and i´m simply not very good at that. besides mine is a social science, humanities project, and as you probably know this kind of stuff is never very much in tune with the powers that be. on top of all that i´m slightly above the recommended age for applying, but don´t think i´m pessimistic about it, i still have some chances!

yesterday my Chinese friends moved out to a new apartment with the kid -it´s strange to be alone here after more than 4 months! i´m gonna miss them, butat the same time i love to be on my own, and i guess this was the best option for everyone

nice to hear about the snow in Paris -and about your trip to the US; i hope it´s somehow related to your porn project and it means that it´s going ahead

JW Veldhoen said...

Return to simple beings, to childlike reactions, a difficult return.

My body is all I had.

Kenneth Goldsmith says there is an art to transcription, or at least a simple pleasure, and many remembrances.

The kid that was crying was with a mom and dad, and it was really uncommon, he turned apple, and was really losing it, but in this really broad, complicated, stagy way, punching mom finally, but the really weird thing was this was on the west side highway, where I like to scream into my recorder, as you know. It was out of this world, or part of an old world, it was like they were a family of grifters and if I asked what was the problem I'd have been sucked in to something, which doesn't sound as bad as all that, really.

Reading lots of odd fashion magazines lately for work, kind of absorbing, too. I pucker, suck my cheeks between my molars, even better cheekbones that way.

I didn't know Pierre Mollinier killed himself because he was going to lose his anus to a surgeon till yesterday. Very good intro in a book by Scott Watson who was a champion of Attila Richard Lukacs, I was reminded. Do you know Atilla's painting Dennis? He was a big deal for me and some people that I used to know.

What else... Almost done the last of 2666. What should I read next? Another long novel? Michael Fried (who I met the other day, BTW) suggests that photo-artists have a thing for "The Man W/O Qualities" and it has lingered unfinished for so long, it makes some sense.

Lots of famous people died last year, did you notice? Is fame dying? The past is dying. Is that beautiful? I think so.

SYpHA_69 said...

Thanks No More Teenage Kicks...

laurabeth said...

If that is the same band as the one my friends call "Sound Tribe" (I've never heard them say Sector 9), then they play by my school a couple times a year. Next time they come, I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads-up :)

laurabeth said...

Sypha-- :( If you want to talk out any of the sadness, feel free to send me a message on FB, or catch me on FB chat, okay?
Hoping for the best,

david said...

Schrader's soundtrack for Light Sleeper was a compromise, although I like those mildly overwrought songs myself. He wanted a group of Dylan songs but couldn't get them. I don't know why. ps funny how Neil Jordan nicked the end of AG/LS for The Crying Game. I've not seen The Walker myself, not yet. The Rehoboth Beach Film Festival substituted it for some of the screenings of I'm Not There that the distributor supposedly forbade. When you're looking forward to the then new Haynes and get the rug yanked from beneath you, Schrader isn't a proper substitute. Nothing against him, Light Sleeper is one of my key American 9s films that's not labelled "indie". His only miss is Cat People, which comes under the What Was He Thinking category.

Movie I'd love to see: Close Encounters shot using the Schrader script ... or even Hannibal as written for the screen by David Mamet.

wv tothesto it must want a pack of butts

jeff said...
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Jax said...

Dennis, that's so cool 'Jerk' is gonna be made into an independent film! Really exciting - more details, obviously, please, if / when you have 'em?

Work is..on-going. Rememebr that script I mentioend agaes ago that I wanted to do? The thing about the two junkies? I started it, mainly to try to get some kind of flow back into bloody writing.Got loads of ideas for a 6 x 30 minute expansion of it.

It's going okay - apart from my mind being like 3 miles ahead of the page at this stage, but I just want to get it all down then see what I've got, you know?

Yeah, melancholy: what you gonna do? Might well be Wolf's planetary alignment stuff. Along with that, I'm getting my usual bursts of joy at sunset skies and dark frosty mornings. Started running again, and there's nothing better than belting along frosty streets at 7.30 am.Makes my heart soar, you know? If only for 30 seconds...

Enjoy yer snow!

hedi said...

That was fascinating. I knew a little bit about her. But I had never put it all together. In that interview in the French Mag you mention being afraid to run out of posts. Well they keep coming.

I saw Synecdoche NY last night with your friend Michael S. I was taken by the ambition of it, the innovations in narrative... but ultimately disappointed by how the lyricism fell flat towards the end. The structure is very well thought out but the monologues about the passing of time are not so great.
The whole time I was thinking of Tarkovski's the Mirror which I saw back in PAris in my 20s. (on acid).

The chapbook I am working on is called "by the time you'll read this I'll be gone" and it's collages and writing about my relationship with culture. I mean, like consuming culture in my 20s and 30s. I am trashing a lot of magazines (15 years of les inrocks...) cutting them out and reflecting. I am not sure. It's like I have to let some of it go. I am doing it with silkscreen. A little bit like the Jess chapbooks. I'll send you the first one when I am done.