Saturday, November 10, 2007


'J.D.s is seen by many to be the catalyst that pushed the queercore scene into existence. The editors had initially chosen the appellation "homocore" to describe the movement they began, but later replaced the word 'homo' with 'queer' to create Queercore, to better reflect the diversity of the scene and to disassociate themselves completely from the oppressive confines of the gay and lesbian communities' orthodoxy and agenda. G.B. Jones says, "We were just as eager to provoke the gays and lesbians as we were the punks." According to Bruce LaBruce, J.D.s initially stood for Juvenile Delinquents, but "also encompassed such youth cult icons as James Dean and J.D. Salinger."

'The zine featured the photos and the "Tom Girl" drawings of G.B. Jones, stories by Bruce LaBruce, and the "J.D.s Top Ten Homocore Hits", a list of queer-themed songs such as "Off-Duty Sailor" by The Dicks, "Only Loved At Night" by The Raincoats, "Gimme Gimme Gimme (My Man After Midnight)" by The Leather Nun, "Homophobia" by Victims Family, "I, Bloodbrothers Be" by Shockheaded Peters, "The Anal Staircase" by Coil and many more. Groups like Anti-Scrunti Faction were featured in the fanzine. Contributors included Donny the Punk, comic artist Anonymous Boy, author Dennis Cooper, artist Carrie McNinch, musician Anita Smith, punk drag performer Vaginal Davis and Klaus and Jena von Brücker.' -- Wikipedia

You can download pdfs of two issues of J.D.s for free here from the great Queer Zine Archive Project Site.

Or you can buy a special box set of meticulous recreations of the entire run of the J.D.s zine for the unpunk rock but rather art world price of $80 (Canadian)


lost child said...

down loaded!
soo great!

Puella Aeterna said...

Have to chime in with Lost Child here.... really great stuff. Just downloaded them too...

Dennis, I have often wondered what ever happened to the creator of the zine Raised By Wolves and the zine itself (which you allude to in Try)? Is it possible to get a copy of it or a copy of a copy? Any ideas?