Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Section one: Japanese adult videos (aka JAV)

To get started I'd like to share some of my favorite Japanese adult video actresses in some of my favorite videos.

真 美少女ウンチ 〜ロ●ータ便器〜
(aka 'Scat Tragedy 2')

Starring: 倉本安奈 Anna Kuromoto

This is a movie about a girl, who's in some sad, weird, relationship with an older woman. The girl falls in love with someone she sees on tv one night. You can find the movie here, vhs and dvd. However both versions are out of print.

The film has a prequel of sorts, 美少女排泄隊 (Beautiful Girl Excretion Corps).

As far as I know Anna found true happiness inside that television. I hope so, at least.

To check out Ms. Kuromoto's, click: vhsor dvd

強制フェラ奴隷2 笠木忍 starring 笠木忍(かさぎしのぶ)

Shinobu Kasagi in A Compulsive Oral Sex Slave 2

Absolutely one of my favorite oral sex vids, and I just want to embrace Shinobu. After the funeral of her husband, a writer, our widow, in her mourning dress, is bound...

Buy it here.

Shino Ishikki 一色志乃 in Abnormal Hunting 喪服奴隷XXIII

Abnormal Hunting 喪服奴隷XXIII
発売日: 2002.11.15 タイトル: Abnormal Hunting 喪服奴隷XXIII 女 優: 一色志乃 監 督: 秋山豊 品 番: VS-695 時 間: 70分 価 格: \15,000 内 容: 作家である夫の自殺の葬儀で男に縄縛される喪服妻。生前、不能の夫が処女妻を縄虐破瓜させた男は霊前で奪愛性戯に耽るが、亡夫への愛を貫く未亡人は後追い哀縛心中。強制背徳…痴縛妻視姦…狂気の夫婦性活の縄奴となった妻の愛辱の弔い。

Sale day: 2002.11.15 Title: Abnormal Hunting mourning dress slave XXIII Actress: Ishiki will 乃 Supervision: Yutaka Akiyama Item turn: VS-695 Time: 70 minutes Price: ¥15,000 Contents: With funeral of the suicide of the husband who is the writer in the man the rope the mourning dress wife is bound. Lifetime, the husband of failure the man whom the rope tyranize destruction melon it could point the virgin wife is addicted to dispossessed love characteristic theatre/playing at altar, but as for the widow who carries out the love to the late husband following grief truss double suicide. Forced immorality…foolish tied wife apparent defilement… Mourning the humiliated love of the wife who becomes the rope person of married couple characteristic life of insanity.

One of my favorite pornographic films, opens with this shot, set to a very Wendy Carlos circa 'Theme from A Clockwork Orange' reading of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, except more ominous, and with bells. I get a dark, lovely feeling from this movie.

You can find the original here at Cinemagic on vhs. Cinemagic has also reissued it with another film on dvd. It appears they are both still available from Cinemagic, but I'm not sure. currently shows three offers for that two-for-one, if you're interested -> see them here.

Heck I'd like to buy one of those. Maybe there will only be two used copies up by the time you see this, maybe.

Here's Shinobu from a more recent video:

Picture from the defunct 'Bukkake Mania' blog: The current 'Bukkake Mania' blog is at:

Link to Shinobu's dvds at DMM.

A page on her at BigJav:

The page for the seller listing DD-066 on amazon: here.

See some caps here.

Poor translation with help from google language tools with help with kanji from wwwjdic.

Read a bulletin board review archive thing here, in translation.

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