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Meet Justin-Bieber, PropertyRental, lowlifepieceofshit, BugsBunnyWarnerBros, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of July 2015


Pastry chef living in Sunriver, Oregon. I am 5'9" tall, 128 lbs., 7" dick, with an ass that's flown everyone who's had a peek at it into the heavens. Naturally, I would like to get involved in this.


weakwhiteboi, 22
weak white boi iso to be enslaved, tortured, brainwashed, turned into non thinking object by mean black men. it has been HIV+ for 8 months now, and if one more black man asks if it's "clean", it's gonna blow a gasket. it is offered "as is". it is originally from oklahoma and has a drawl.


WalkOnMyWater, 20
To tell you honestly, I'm straight, and its so weird I entered in this site for gays... I wanted to survive for my living. I'm currently a 3rd year degree holder, math major.

Well i hope this slave thing will sustain my needs. By the way, I'm 158 cm tall... yeah i'm kinda short but i do exercise, do push ups and masturbate everyday. I wear glasses, but im not that nerd. i already have S/M experiences, but with ladies. however the M (I am M!) with ladies is not that hard, so i tried different things though it's really way too different by being a slave for gays...

well i can do what i can. I can do what you want like what i do for girls, depends on you. Also, i don't blowjob or lick asses or french kiss; well it's kinda weird, but if you insist me to do it... well the S must be bigger.... :D

so much for it, if you want me to get you, contact me... thanks a lot for helping me and i hope i will never fail to satisfy you....


lowlifepieceofshit, 20
I am just two holes. There is nothing else to me except my holes. I have no purpose other than to open one or both of my holes for any reason on demand.


AustinOrChrome, 18
So... I'm a little shy... I'm honestly erotic to be around, love being raped and beaten up, but like to be loved too... I like to have fun... Um... I love it when a guy has his fist in my ass while jerking himself off... I don't know what else to say... Message me if you want... Or something... I just want a master... I like seeing people smile... Especially my master... That makes me happy... I can and will respond to the name Chrome... I have no clue why, but I do...


Anonymous - 05.Jul.2015
dont flatter yourself whore!!!!!
i write this on all slaves comments
it is my tag

AustinOrChrome - 04.Jul.2015
well then don't be shy, Anonymous. write to me ;)

Anonymous - 04.Jul.2015
he Looks like a god.
i wish, he can be a slave for me

[ if u want transgender slave too we wil get it for u ]


Anonymous - 04.Jul.2015
they Looks like a god.
i wish, they can be a slave for me


Exploratorium, 24
If you are looking for an "assistant" for the trip - to discuss the economy and politics but to play airhead slut in beds - is the right place.

They can also be holiday with you and your wife - I know the rules.

Facepic required.

I'm abelabale all the time.

I don't sent face pics, too many fakers. My face is like my body,.. nice.

In addition, anyone can find out more about me and discover my personality, because I truly do not know me well.


Anonymous - 06.Jul.2015
"Facepic required."
- This when there's not even one facepic in your profile, you bum !!! - You are the "service", you stupid slut, you lazy whore, you piece of rotten motherfucking meat !!


ExploringMyselfWithOthers, 19
under peaceful river found ray of hope that they can love again even if his heart into 1000 pieces destaramat

kiss so mush


PerfectSex, 18
Part Time slut, broke, homeless, bi curious young meat from Poland. Hi everybody!!! Im not a woman with a cock. Against any kind of wastage, even of bytes. Need a slut with a difeerent fantazy in your place 24/24? I'm human. Just treat me bad. I badly need enslavery for my psychologic requirement. Send a message and your address and wait 10 ten minutes. If you can, take me, if you don't, bye.



Hi i am slave i like to be in dress of women i'm so horny
I don speak very well english i like to be fucke outdors
I'm not gay or something i'm here only for the USAGE!
There is no room, so I'll go with you as a permanent


Maynard, 23
My name is Maynard and I'm a kind, caring, genuine, honest POSITIVE action orientated, forward moving, "out of the box" thinking young Canadian business entrepreneur, that holds respect, a good attitude, the helping of men High.

I love all kinds of Music, with the exception of heavy metal. I have a lot of fun playing my 12 string acoustic guitar, singing and jamming with my musical friends. I want to enjoy every moment of my life!

I am very POSITIVE, never let myself ever slide into NEGATIVE thinking and each morning as I get out of bed the first thing I do, is thank God for a great day yesterday and thank him in advance for today and ask what I can do to help men today.


2bdeadteen, 19
Here is the deal, I have had serious dreams since I was 11 years old of being kidnapped by a violent guy and used for cutting, burning, extreme torture, no safe words, no limits then finally caving my head in with a tire iron or axe but I am too big of a pussy to die so I need someone who is willing to risk throwing their own lives away to kidnap me and do that.


PropertyRental, 21
New management needed.

My body is your business...make the most of it.

Own and operate my body.

The more you need, the more you make.


markthehandyboy, 20
I'm passionate by Arts, especially literature (from Proust to Saint-Ex), so it's concerning architecture, painting, dance ballet, opera, theatre...
I'll bring you insurmountable relaxation.
I love also shopping, travels, I'm curious and enthusiastic for everything! And, of course, I'm pig ^^
Just take my head and put it where you like it the most. You will love it.


BoiledBunny, 22
Awaiting instructions
Must be older than 55


Flower, 21
When I realized I was gay I figured I was a top. I met several bottoms but we just never hit it off, the chemistry was all wrong. After a while, I ended up trying to use a dildo on myself. Best decision of my life! I had never felt such pleasure in my life! But I was in massive denial. I had always identified as a pretty masculine guy, but after using that dildo once I couldn’t stop. I looked back on things and realized there was no way I was ever a top. As time went on it become harder and harder to identify as masculine. But it was hard to admit that. I still haven’t been with any Men cause I’ve just been too scared to really do it.

So I’m finely looking to give in and accept that I am a pussy boi, that I am subservient to real Men, and that I need Man cock, tongue, toys, and fists in my boi pussy. A Man who knows that sometimes I need to be put in the corner, spanked, punched, slapped around, beaten until the only thing left of me that can do the talking is my pussy. But who also knows that after you've trashed and used me, we can kiss and lick my wounds together and even watch Netflix.

I want to be trained to make my boi pussy the center of my existence and stop using my little pecker, being waxed to remove body hair (I have a tiny amount of hair in my pussy crack which I usually trim to keep short as I don’t really like it on me, but if you want I’d let you wax me not as an erotic thing but just for cosmetic purposes, I don’t shave cause it grows back too fast and feels horrible), etc.


HereISaCheapDogSlave, 22
I confirm that I was born a cheap dog slave and prisoner.
Stay in toilet 24/7 for the rest of my life.
To spend life without a shirt, and only to be put in a shirt at ugly, creepy, psycho masters discretion when taken out of toilet.
As of right now, not into sex.


BugsBunnyWarnerBros, 23
It made me pick a type of guy. I chose skinheads because it was the best choice of what was there lol. I want to be a cocksucker for a straight guy. On regular basis. I have recently seen sites and or blogs about this current fad of new straight men who like to humiliate gay men and use them for sex. And I'm totally into that. I do more than just suck too. I just love the political incorrectness of straight men being superior to gay men. I believe that to be true. And I want to do what fags were meant to do. Discreetly. (All my friends are queer activists and if they find out I secretly feel like this, they will ostracize me.)


SeekingPOZhusband, 19
It's a strange world, full of strange and wonderful people. Maybe we can connect in a strange and wonderful way.

I run a porn blog with over 7000 followers.

I'm also SPERM DONOR if anyone want kid.

-If you think your feet smell a lot even if you wash them often, I love that.
-If intimate hygiene bores you and your dick stinks and has the smegma all around, I like that.
-If you're a boy of 18-25 years who loves to drink and smoke and not brushing your teeth ... if you are one that uses the same underwear and socks and jeans for days and weeks and months,
we can become friends.

Potentially ltr if you are amazing.

I'm trying know how it feels.

Don't know anymore.


Indistress, 20
Please come kidnap me master. I will obey.
I live in Bowling Green. You can do the kidnapping in the spot where the photo is taken. If you don't recognize where that is, I'll tell you. No one ever goes there. There's no surveillance. You will never be caught.

I promise I'm very, very cute. Everyone in Bowling Green is obsessed in love and lust with me. I'm serious! I change my hair or clothes or anything, it doesn't matter. But I don't want their love, I want them to find my raped dead body in the woods!


19yotwinkfag4abuse, 19
I am a 19 years old twink faggot. I have no limits in the slightest (please don't message me asking what my limits are). I prefer guys who are not around 20-50 years old.

I'm into lying, cheating, fucking over my friends, bullying and molesting children, trying to accidentally hurt and kill my friends, and more.

I have a hairy arse and no I won't shave it just so you can have some better pics, although I would shave it if we met up.


Justin-Bieber, 18

Hi prospective owners ! Call me Justin :-)

If you are billionaire ( proof REQUIRED ) you can MARRY ME ( with no prenuptial agreement ) or change your will to leave your estate to me ( LEGAL ONLY, in safety deposit box with key or code mine only ) then do EVERYTHING you want to me FOREVER !!!!!

I know it seem fake ! It's impossible !?!? No, it's real !!!!!!!

I have totally lost the control. I have a deep sex addiction that now controls my life. I start to be desperate and search for very extreme billionaires that can make me go under.

I am open for disapering entirely where I become a total slave, or start doing very extreme Justin Bieber porno movies or at least very extreme SEX with Justin if that is what You want !!!!!


Anonymous - 02.May.2015
He Looks like a god.
I wana pray to him, and drink and eat all what the god gives me.
I hope a lot of People are serve and pra to this god.


ltrlvgd, 21
I am so tight ..... first guy to fone can get me for 1 hour or can keep me forever. I want sex so desperate.

I was last fucked about 9 years ago. Thats right I was raped at 12. I been insane ever since. It took me 9 years to stop trying to be sane again.

I want u to blow your load in my tight hole. I would love to hold and suck ur cock and balls after theyr in my ass. Till. U blow it again on my pretty face. U blow ur load everywhere.


partnerindeed, 19
I am for what I am, that's how I describe myself

I suck

I lick

I get fuck

I don't want to die

I am castrated. Both balls had been removed by a doc since the year 2013. The scrotum is still there but it shrunk


p.s. Hey. ** Juan molina, Hi, Juan. Wait, hi Juanfer. I'm very happy to make your acquaintance, and thank you very much for coming in here. And for the really kind things you wrote about my work. Of course, please, call me Dennis. Having now met, we're totally peers. I wish my Spanish was good enough that I could read your book. Maybe I can try. I would love to. How can I buy a copy? I can't imagine your work is going to fail. Anyway, you can't even think that way. If you do, meaningless misunderstandings can start to seem like they mean far, far more than they actually do. I don't know your writing yet, obviously, but I have really good instincts, and I feel like I can tell even from your comment that you have everything to believe in as a writer. Anyway, if you feel like hanging out here or even dropping in once in a while, it would be a great pleasure to get to know you and your work, so please do, if that feels right. Respect to you, man. ** Thomas Moronic, You're charged!I mean externally. Good knows your internal charge is a fait accompli. Obviously, exciting about the new writing ideas. So happy you like BS-M, and envious that you got to see her with Morrissey. I saw her live only once when I was a late teen, and it was huge. Food of the gods, yes, high five! Get some of that. I will too. We can each takes bites of ours and smile at each other in commiseration through the ether. ** Kyler, Hi, K. A Buffy fan, yes! I'm happily completely squared away in the 'God does not exist' area. It's nice and calm in here. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. 'she's OK I guess'?!?!?! You're out of your mind, sir! ** James, Hi. My pleasure. I have two favorites: Her great, very influential and most sonically experimental album 'Illuminations', and the album that I think is the most powerful group ing of the kind of 'simple', emotionally powerful songs for which she is so rightly respected aka 'Little Wheel Spin and Spin'. Really? About seeing that Williams film.?Hm. Okay, I'll at least watch the first part and see what happens. 'LCTG' will have a poster. Zac and I are supervising the design, but I think it will be designed by Michael Salerno aka Kiddiepunk. Probably it'll use a shot from the film, I'm not sure. No tagline. I think the title itself is a good tagline. ** Etc etc etc, Hi. Yay, I'm so happy to find all of you fellow BS-M fans. Nice about the Paris Review gig. You're on fire, bud. No, I never liked Bukowski's stories or novels. They must be good given so many smart people's respect for them, but they did nothing for me, to be honest. The weather in Europe or rather in Paris is pretty mellow at the moment. Life ain't, but the weather's soothing quality helps. Best to you. ** Bernard Welt, Big B! I think you must be either at Gare du Nord right now or schlepping your suitcases in its direction. It's 9:30 am. How correct was my assumption? I'm so happy that you were here for such a nice long while, and it was, obviously, super great to get to see you so much! Get back! Yes, your having done BS-M in person is still filling my eyes with stars. Have you re-looked at 'Beautiful Losers'? I loved it a lot, but it seems like one of those things that I fear I might not love so much were I to read it again with grayer eyes. Safe voyage under the channel, and let me know what's up over there. And eat a bite of a scone for me. ** Steevee, I wouldn't let one faulty hard drive make you think hard drives are a risky business. Call me old fashioned, but better (and safer) an external hard dive than the Cloud, if it's a choice. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Very happy to have put BS-M in your awareness. Excellent about Art 101's imminency! Don't forget that I would love to do a celebratory/ introductory post on the project here anytime you want. Enjoy Leeds and surrounding environs to the max! ** Chris Dankland, Hi, Chris! Really happy that I managed to interest you in BS-M. She's singular: her songs/work and her incredible voice too. Yeah, that's awesome that you've been persuaded. I'm gonna have my first serious sit-down with Drake's stuff in the next day or two. You've utterly convinced me. Maybe with Meek Mill too? Hm, I should at least dip into him, right? Your gush was instructive, infectious, and other stuff too. No regrets. ** Cal Graves, Hi, Cal. Yay, cool, glad you liked it! I saw that article about who should be removed from the canon and blah blah. I couldn't get too far into it. My eyes started rolling and, as I'm sure you know, it's very difficult to read when your eyes are rolling. Get some sleep, man. If you really want to and need it, I mean. But don't lose all of your spaciness. I mean, if you don't want to lose all of it. Spaciness can be a form of enlightenment, I think. Granted, I'm from LA. One-of-these-days-I'm-going-to-not-only-understand-the-appeal-of-Nespresso-but-actually-love-it-ly, Dennis ** Misanthrope, I knew you were going to think that. If I'd had my own personal bookie, I would have placed a not wee bet on it. None of my friends in the States like American football, thank god. Either that or they do and they know better than to bore me with their likes. I know one hockey fan in LA. But she's from Canada originally. The internet's tone destruction is why emojis exist, for better or very mostly worse. ** Sypha, I've never heard of Jeff Vandermeer, no surprise. I wonder if you'll like 'Sphinx'. I can't predict whether it will be up your alley or not. Have to wait and see. Oh, yes, of course, I know about 'Mummy Cat', and, of course, I'm very excited for and proud of the wondrous Mr. Marcus Ewert. ** Bill, Oh, god, yeah, I read that 'sex assault' thing. He's such a card. He does have excellent taste in musical heroes, I must say. From Buffy Sainte-Marie to Sparks and beyond. Then fuck the work admin thing! Seriously, fuck it, that greedy, time- and creativity sucking black hole of a beastly thing! I hate it! Want me to beat it up for you? I'll pretend it's a slave, and I will! Say the word! ** Right. Last day of the month, slaves. Like clockwork. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gig #82: Sampler: Buffy Sainte-Marie

'Illuminations, released in 1969, was the sixth album by Buffy Sainte-Marie. Though most of the tracks did away with the backing she had used on her previous two albums, Illuminations had a completely different sound from anything she had previously done. From a basis of vocals and acoustic guitar, Sainte-Marie and producer Maynard Solomon used electronic synthesisers to create a sound that was much more experimental music than folk. Indeed, Illuminations was the first quadrophonic vocal album ever made.' -- ekr

Little Wheel Spin and Spin
'In contrast to her first two albums which were entirely acoustic with occasional use of her distinctive mouthbow, parts of Little Wheel Spin and Spin added electric guitar by Bruce Langhorne and string arrangements by Felix Pappalardi, or feature fellow Native American performer Patrick Sky on guitar with Sainte-Marie. This served to pave the way for Sainte-Marie's stylistic experiments on her remaining Vanguard albums, where she covered territory ranging from country to rock to experimental music.' -- ArtMusic

Now You've Been Gone for a Long Time
'Her previous album Illuminations having sold so poorly as to lose Vanguard a considerable sum of money, the label placed considerable pressure on Sainte-Marie to come up with something that would sell in larger numbers. To this effect, She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina was recorded with guitar from Ry Cooder and Neil Young and assistance from the latter's backing band Crazy Horse. There was also a change in focus of the material: covers of contemporary songs, which she had almost never recorded before, accounted for five of the eleven songs. Vanguard boss Maynard Solomon, who had produced her first five albums and most of Illuminations, surrendered production duties completely to Neil Young producer Jack Nitzsche, who was later to marry Sainte-Marie.' -- Chronology

He's A Keeper Of The Fire
'On her misunderstood and gradually revered album Illuminations, American composer Peter Schickele provided arrangements to "Mary", "Adam" and "The Angel", whilst the four tracks "Suffer the Little Children", "With You, Honey", "Guess Who I Saw in Paris" and "He's A Keeper of the Fire" were her first work to be not produced by Vanguard boss Maynard Solomon. Instead, they had a stripped-down rock sound and were produced by little known folk-jazz songwriter Mark Roth. Bob Bozina played guitar, John Craviotta drums and percussion and Rick Oxendine played bass.' -- New Weird America

'Buffy Sainte-Marie's It's My Way is one of the most scathing topical folk albums ever made. Sainte-Marie sings in an emotional, vibrato-laden voice of war ("The Universal Soldier," later a hit for Donovan), drugs ("Cod'ine"), sex ("The Incest Song"), and most telling, the mistreatment of Native Americans, of which Sainte-Marie is one ("Now That the Buffalo's Gone"). Even decades later, the album's power is moving and disturbing.' -- Allmusic

Suffer the Little Children
'School bell go "Ding! Dong! Ding!" / The children all line up / They do what they are told / Take a little drink from the liar's cup / Mama don't really care / If what they learn is true / Or if it's only lies / Just get them through the factories / Into production / Ah, get them into line / Late in the afternoon / The children all come home / They mind their manners well / Their little lives are all laid out / Mama don't seem to care / If she may break their hearts / She clips their wings off, they never learn to fly / Poor Mama needs a source of pride / A doctor son she'll have/ No what the cost to manhood or to soul / Sun shine down, brightly shine / Down on all the land / Shine down on the newborn lambs / A butcher's knife is in his hand.' -- BS-M

'After the very modest success of her previous album She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina, Vanguard again teamed Sainte-Marie with renowned pop session musicians in its effort to improve sales and the amount of money she was making for the label. Although the album itself fared little better commercially than its predecessor, only spending seven weeks on the Billboard Top 200, an extensive promotional campaign by Vanguard and extensive AM radio airplay saw the closing track, a cover of Mickey Newbury's "Mister Can't You See", become Sainte-Marie's sole significant commercial success in the States, spending two weeks in the lower reaches of the Top 40 in late April and early May 1972. However, Sainte-Marie was very upset with Vanguard's extensive promotion of the single and this was one reason why she only recorded one more album for the label before moving to MCA in 1973.' -- Wiki

Now That the Buffalo's Gone
'"Now That the Buffalo's Gone" is the first song from the 1964 album It's My Way! by Canadian First Nations singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie. The song's title refers to the near-extinction of the American bison and serves as a metaphor for the cultural genocide inflicted by Europeans. A classic folk protest song, "Now That the Buffalo's Gone" has a simple arrangement with guitar and vocals by Sainte-Marie and bass played by Art Davis. The song is a lament that addresses the continuous confiscation of Indian lands. In the song, Sainte-Marie contrasts the treatment of post-war Germany, whose people were allowed to keep their land and their dignity, to that of North American Indians.' -- Biocritics

Guess Who I Saw In Paris
'Buffy Sainte-Marie's album Illuminations is as prophetic a record as the first album by Can or the psychedelic work of John Martin on Solid Air. The songs here, while clearly written, are open form structures that, despite their brevity (the longest cut here is under four minutes), break down the barriers between folk music, rock, pop, European avant-garde music and Native American styles (this is some of the same territory Tim Buckley explores on Lorca and Starsailor). It's not a synthesis in any way, but a completely different mode of travel. This is poetry as musical tapestry and music as mythopoetic sonic landscape; the weirdness on this disc is over-exaggerated in comparison to its poetic beauty. It's gothic in temperament, for that time anyway, but it speaks to issues and affairs of the heart that are only now beginning to be addressed with any sort of constancy.' -- Allmusic

My Country Tis of Thy People You're Dying
'"My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying" is Buffy Sainte-Marie's statement-in-song about Indian affairs. "My point in the song is that the American people haven't been given a fair share at learning the true history of the American Indian. They know neither the state of poverty that the Indians are in now nor how it got to be that way. I try to tell the side of the story that's left out of the history books, that can only be found in the documents, the archives and in the memories of the Indians themselves."' -- BS-M

'Coincidence and Likely Stories was the thirteenth studio album by Buffy Sainte-Marie but her first for sixteen years, during which time she had been raising her son and working on the children's television show Sesame Street. The album itself was largely recorded at Sainte-Marie's home before being sent to producer Chris Birkett for the final production and mixing in London. The album showed her continuing with the electronic music she had first developed on Illuminations and the tribal themes seen on Sweet America, her last pre-retirement album. Although the album received some very favourable reviews and was often seen as her best work since Illuminations, it failed to make any impression in the United States.' -- collaged

The Incest Song
'Word is up to the king's dear daughter / And word is spreading all over the land / That's she's been betrayed by her own dear brother / That he has chosen another fair hand / Many young man had a song of her beauty / And many a grand deed for her had been done / But within her sights she carried the child / Of her father's youngest, fairest son / Tell to me no lies / Tell to me no stories / But saddle my good horse and I'll go and see my own true love / If your words be true ones, then that will mean the end of me.' -- BS-M

The Dream Tree (performed by Owen Pallett)
'On its initial release, Sainte-Marie's Illuminations was an utter disaster commercially, failing to get anywhere near the Billboard Top 200 and being deleted and largely disowned by Sainte-Marie within a few years. However, in more recent times Illuminations has acquired a fan base quite distinct from that associated with any of Sainte-Marie's other albums. In addition to being cited as a favourite album by a number of famous musicians, a number of critics have seen its twisted, eerie soundscapes as laying the grounds for the evolution of gothic music as well as having an influence on New Weird America. In 2000, just before Vanguard re-issued it on CD, The Wire magazine listed Illuminations amongst its 100 Albums that Set the World on Fire While No-One was Listening.' -- collaged

Universal Soldier
'Buffy Sainte-Marie wrote "Universal Soldier" in 1962, a time when people fretted over missile gaps, Khrushchev and the H-bomb. Vietnam was still a couple of years off the American radar. She had been writing songs in college while studying Oriental philosophy. She hadn’t considered music a career. She wanted to be a teacher, a vocation still close to her heart. At the time, she wrote songs without thinking anyone would hear them. Then she got the record deal. Universal Soldier was released in 1964. It wasn’t long before the song became the anthem of the anti-war movement, despite the fact it was pretty much banned on U.S. radio. “It’s about the personal responsibility of all of us, ” she says of the song which is now in the Canadian Songwriting Hall of Fame. “Because we can’t blame just the soldier for the war, or just the career military officer, or just the politician. We have to blame ourselves too since we are living in an era where we actually elect our politicians.”' --

God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot
'The greatest Canadian song, well I mean, I think the greatest song period of all time, is "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot" by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Leonard Cohen as it appears on Buffy’s album, Illuminations, and anyone who says otherwise is mistaken. It’s the best song that’s ever written. It’s kind of like a mission statement from Cohen himself, just underlining his sort of three sides: his Jewish upbringing and his, you know, Buddhist inclinations as an adult, and his sort-of Christian monoculture that kind of binds him all together with Buffy’s own sort of Cree history in this kind of ecstasy in which she performs it, the mantra-like qualities it takes on and added to that is just the innovation of the tape-loop effects — actually I’m not sure if it’s the tape loop or if it’s a Buchla but maybe it’s a combination of both. It’s technically innovative, it fits into both of their oeuvres, so it’s the summit of the mountain. Yeah, there’s really no song that touches that song that I’ve ever come across.' -- Owen Pallett


p.s. Hey. ** Bernard Welt, B-ster. I can't guarantee this is the real me, and, besides, 'real' ... wha?! Well, that is all very interesting. I don't know that Robin Williams film. Should I correct that? I think the only movie I've liked him in was 'Secret Agent'. Maybe. Don't hold me to that. I think we will be hunting for perfect pastries in a mere couple of hours, so I suppose I will save everything else I can of to say until then apart from saying, yes, you did blow my mind. Because that's easier for me to admit in print than vocally. ** David Ehrenstein, If you were speaking in part to me, I do know that Straub film, yes. Excellent film. ** H., Hi. Lovely reaction to Ben's post, thank you! I'm glad that you're glad you invested your time in the new Ashbery book. He released a new poem, I think onto the internet/social media, a couple of days ago on his 88th birthday, and it's a beauty. ** Steevee, Hi. Look forward to improving myself a little via your new interview. Everyone, Here's Steevee's interview with Stevan Riley, the director of a new documentary on Marlon Brando, and it's on the site of the excellent magazine Filmmaker to boot. Man, you should really invest in an external hard drive and back up your stuff regularly. It would save you a lot of stressing out about that. ** Kier, Hi, Kier! Hi, buddy boy! Yay (said at the top of my lungs in a volcanic voice)! About the new apartment! Wow, so do you move in on the first of the month, meaning in two days? Oh, wait, you said beginning of next week, so, yeah, soon enough. That's exciting! Give us a new house tour when you're in the house! Please? I'm glad your work is good with and without electrical fences. Yeah, you did say you're going to see Iceage! If you talk to them, say hi to Elias for me. Things are good here, the usual very busy. I think we finished the new film script, and we're going to show it to some trusted people now for reactions. Doing early grunt work promo blah stuff re: our film's premiere, which I've been ordered not to talk about until it's official. Starting on the script for Gisele's puppet TV show that Zac and I are writing. Other stuff. Things are good. Well, we should definitely eat Indian food together, of course! Mater paneer is amazing. The two main ingredients are mater (peas) and (paneer) Indian cheese. It's all thick soupy and spicy and orange colored. Here's a picture. You eat it with rice on the side and, in my case, cheese naan, which is, as you can imagine, seriously yum. When you visit Paris, Zac and I will take you to our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant, and we will feast ourselves sick, or at least faux-sick. Hugs galore! ** _Black_Acrylic, Thank you so, so much again, Ben! It was supreme. And thank you even more than ever so much for the Belgian New Beat Day (!) which I will set up very soon and then let you know the launch date of. You're the best, Ben!  ** Thomas Moronic, Morning, T. Have you gotten that new charger yet? Wait, it's 9 am. Soon? Almost? Yep, agreed about sci-fi fantasy, although I don't mind it and even am kind of drawn to that stuff sometimes in movies for some reason. Hm.  ** Chris Dankland, Hi, Chris. Loved the book reviews. I noted and will soon be all over the books there that I didn't know and/or haven't read yet. Zachary G. is rather private about stuff, yeah, so who knows? I was reading stuff about that new Drake thing yesterday. I don't think I've ever even heard Drake, which is pretty weird, I guess. Maybe it's his name. The name seems so wholesome or something. My day yesterday wasn't bad. Work, a bit of a coffee and walk, more work, not bad. How was yours, man? ** Misanthrope, 'Americans don't like soccer': generalizing much, ha ha? Maybe you're right, in the grand scheme of things, but everybody I know in the States other than you who's into sports at all is mostly only into soccer. And a bit of basketball. And a little baseball. Well, or I at least manage to fake knowing when you're joking. But, no, I think I do know. In person, it's easy 'cos you put on your 'joke' face when you joke. You do. It's subtle, but it's there like the light in a lighthouse. ** James, Awesome about your excellent cover! I'm excited to see it! I am excited for the film's premiere, but there's a bunch of shit-work we have to do now to get ready for that vis-à-vis promo materials and blah, but so it goes. ** Cal Graves, Hi, Cal. Yeah, sure, that makes sense totally. I don't know why my imagination isn't very tweaked by sci-fi lit. It's weird. I was quite into Cyberpunk, or the best of those books, back when it was happening, though. The literary canon makers are boring and anal in the bad way and as conservative as the bad justices on the Supreme Court. Their imaginations suck. They will die lonely and forgotten, ha ha. Way yum Indian food there. I want some. But today will be all about hunting down scrumptious French pasties with and for visiting pal/d.l. Bernard Welt. I have an itinerary. I-bought-this-really-cool-and-ugly-cigarette-lighter-yesterday-that-looks-like-it's-covered-in-snake-skin-but-isn't-ly, Dennis. ** Okay. Today I am devoting a gig post to the very, very, very great Buffy Sainte-Marie whose work seems to be really weirdly undervalued these days for reasons that I simply can not understand. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. See you tomorrow.