Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet deathislazy, AchillesVladimirWescott, IminNevada, SuccinctSlave, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of September 2014


BillandSteve, 19
Looking for thugs to cash rape me and my boyfriend open to any thugs to come now
103 barston street
ws14 9as


Tinyenigma, 22
I've only just turned 22, but I feel mature enough to of accepted what I am.. I don't feel or consider myself human anymore. I'm fully sane and made the choice to take this path. I hate my body, and have no issues about sacrificing it.

I would bleed and scream for master. If you're the one, I would accept slaughter play as I would be your pig. I know no limits means no limits . For the one I would tolerate mutilation and amputations of any kind. I'd be your meat to brutalise, rape, hang, nail down, slice up, sell off... It would be all down to you.

I'm relocatable worldwide, I know it's a one way ticket, but I would need help with cost of your outside US. I hope to be 24/7/365, no limits pig, scat, torture, meat, blood at a masters convenience before the end of the year.


bill, 21
I think I'm looking for a master ironically but honestly I can't tell at this point.


IminNevada, 20
He is trembling....wet juicy wild young body flexing uncontrollably in orgasm it brings me great pleasure to see him lost in his xplorations of xtreme sexual delights. when he hears my voice ....his asshole gapes and instantly humidifies, pulsing and breathing steaming like a slippery caldera to the fragrant darkness god has cruelly buried past my tongue's and finger's length....i spread that hole wider wider oh my god .....insane to know him and he xplodes.....jet after jet of cum and droplets of asshole juice and my saliva leaking down his legs, a cocktail poignant as tears ....over & over & over i take the asshole to his limits....my lion's head chomping imagining im tearing flesh from bone ....the incense gassing me delirious..... i xplore the beyond....does he feel the weight of blood within him lifting.... throbbing in his asshole now flooded red and blasting his young life into my hungry mouth and throat with my desire for him and his for me already in hell and on fire

(Thats supposed to be u talking about me)


SoImBack, 23
Desperate boy looking for suspended inthe air spread eagle helpless gagged and facemask on sniffing amyl constantly and extremely punished until my blood is raining hard onto the floor.I will be forever grateful if you can make this happen.

Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!Help me please!


deathislazy, 22
I attend the local community college and I always have fantasized about being kidnapped and raped while walking home from the library. You would lock me downstairs in your basement. Rape me. Beat me. Kiss me hard and long before you push my head down and shoot your cum in my butt if it needs to come to that.


2stupid2exist, 23
I got a wish that I am made into a perm dog . I got told that someone whipped the human tight out of a guy by hypnosis. I am looking for the same to be done to me . I don't want exist as a human want to be a full dog . I am unbelievably stupid . My only limit is my own my own fluids... I want nothing to do with my spit, sweat, cum, piss.



teenpig4sugarmonster, 18
Just a boy of xxxxx years. Looking for someone to get raped by or something, anyone, 2 suicide attempts, so yea, I can say im pretty screwed right now. I´m not crazy, I live in the same world as anyone, the difference is thar ive seen more thing over here than they have. I like horny assholes, I take them very seriously, If you need someone to not give a shit about, to get your darkest shit out with, Im here.

Im really starting to lose faith in people now.


ilookhetero, 24
into total brainwashing. looking to have my persona molded into something looser, dimmer, and hotter. Wash my brain clean like I'm dirt. Make me a dumb. the thought makes me cock throb till it hurts.


CumforArt, 25
Sexually adventurous young couple based in Soho need your cum to help add to our ambitious art project. We're getting married next year but are determined to do it on our own terms. To that effect we are working on an art project called Gross Indecency.

We've had a duvet cover printed with life size image of ourselves. We're inviting 144 guys (144 = a gross) to come fuck us and cum on our duvet. The simple reason is we try to get through five guys in a night so it's less exhausting for us to play the passive role ;-)

So if you want to pop along ride a a tight arse for a while, dump a load and get to call yourself an artist in the process then we're your guys!

When complete the duvet will be hung in a gallery under a UV light to highlight the little deposits you guys have all made. Interested in making a little contribution to the arts? Get in touch!


SuccinctSlave, 19
hi honey, I am john. I am a student and a yuppy. I just needed to do this for emergency. I am not the guy in the pic but if you have him as your slave I want him to be gang banged.

he's got an 19year old A'ss with sexy lips, a sexy A'ssmouth to suck and deepthroat your big cock until you fun all over his face, A'ss or mouth. Honey, you can write inside him with your fist. I'll make it true.

Now this point may put some of you off but he's registered blind after losing most his sight in 2k (the ones who've banged him so far said this turned them on even more), so him traveling is a big hard but I would gladly give petrol money if you would pick him up and drop him off after.

(Learn to read and ask the right questions.)


Recentdropout, 19
Been there, done that.

Not that interesting. Except I need to use my body and skills and my attraction to badass pricks to get me through the day. I need to eat, rest and sleep somewhere. It's all survival. I just use my wits to do stuff like this. It doesn' t matter, I just need somewhere and someone to count on.

I have two kids thanks to my stupid ex sugardaddy who wanted two adopted kids just to walk out on me.

Sad to say I have to stuff someone else's dick down my throat or up my ass just to feed and house myself.

Sad reality.


statuesque, 20
i lick your ass clean - anywhere anytime - i love the taste of ass - please wash ur ass befiore action - i deserve that!


XxICantChangexX, 21
Middle Eastern boy shit for extremely sadistic semitic Zionist.

I am sad. i h8 life.
Family all dead becuz of you.

Thinghs i would appreciate immensely:

Extreme cbt (Perm Marks perfered)
permanent catheter (all destruction & operations nedded to)
Sounds (Largest one 1st, shoved by force down slaves piss hole)
Dragged by its balls from room 2 room by force
Head smashed again walls and floor until it can't think anymore permanently
Chemical agents rubbed all over slaves flesh (Battery Acid, other harsh chemicals)

Hope to be understand well, not confusion, make real deal, and took.


AchillesVladimirWescott, 23
My nickname is Blackness, as ever since I was young I have written dark poetry. I love blood. I like to include blood in the fiction I write. I like to write about what's happening to me as I write. I like to handwrite in my own blood. If anyone would like to make me bleed by doing horrible things to me while I write about what you are doing to me, I am ready for you. My roommates are out of town until a week from Friday. Or if anyone would like to exchange poetry about our lives and the unfortunate events that have happened to us, please message me. I love nothing more than conversing with people who understand the depths of the soul. My soul digs deeper into the underworld than you will ever know.


24U, 19
We are two young boys in a great relationship, and we are very happy with eachother. But now and then we feel the need to get the crap beaten out of us. Maybe it's good to know that this is very new for us, and we haven't done this before. Our sexlife is great, but we are just exploring extra dimensions.

Important: We are passive, otherwise we are useless.
Guys we like: Tall, intelligent, over 40 years old.
Don'ts: Anything that will kill us on the spot, costumes.


I am a young 24 year old French slut hungry to be used every second of my life. Every second!! I want to turn a dick to a machine. I need intense oral and anal pounding 24 hours a day, no sleep, no rest, no nothing else. I arch my back a lot, I offer my crazy panting holes to everyone, I whines very good, I want more constantly !!


Psycho morality-free atmosphere assured. I spanked hearts.

Hang my head over the side of the bed and fuck my throat until I puke, then make me eat my puke and wash it down with your piss, then toss me around like a fuck doll until I puke, and repeat.

For real real real real real DOMINANT guys very, very macho, very drugged, very horrible violent nymphomaniacs, very, very durable, fuck DOUBLE SODO fist DOUBLE PUNCH without any mercy zero none at all for me.


caucasianfanofmewanted, 20
I currently live in Portugal as a houseboy, but i will leave this country, and i will leave this "job" very soon. In the next 2 weeks.

I want to be a "slave", but i want to be a "free slave". I mean i want to visit my family few times a year, and i want to use the internet for a few hours a day and watch the football matches twice a week maybe. And sometimes go and play football.

I will always be your slave but i just need smoe things i want to do. And i`m smoking.

I swear if someone will take me and make me his "free slave", give me food, give me some free time and give me cigarettes i wil be very good.

Anyone else going to PIG tonight?


BEwareOFme, 23
My fantasy is being castrated, or turn my genitals into something like pussy for Master's cock pleasure, while use my ass has a hard fist torture hole. Pull out all my teeth, for hard skull fuck... And maybe at almost last without arms and legs, so i can be tied to the ceiling and used hard for fisting sessions. I would be only an screaming hole. Of course, I most want to find the right Master who is a real sadic and like snuff, for making reality of my final dream of strangled to death and beheaded and taxidermy used to make my head a trophy on your wall.


WhiteTree, 22
I have blond hair blue eyes I'm 5'10" 170lbs I have a 6 1/2 in cut cock I want to get fisted and fucked by a dog or horse


Agony, 18
Hey I'm Tyler originally from Malaysia. I do not meet this site's age requirements. I'm a slave with no limits. My stepbrother owns me but he can only use me on weekends so he wants me to have masters that will not take no for a answer and that are not afraid to hit me and toture me and do absolutely anything to me during the week. I think what makes me so hot when it comes to this is because I'm very very young and it doesnt look like I'm into this type of thing.

No matter what I may be doing, my stepbrother will always be in my heart and etched in my head.

Likes and limit (Highest - 5 , Lowest/Extreme Limit - 0):

Abrasion摩擦: 5
Age play年龄游戏: 5
Anal sex肛交: 5
Anal plugs (small)肛门塞栓、小: 3
Anal plugs (large)肛门塞栓、大: 5
Anal plug (public, underclothes)肛门塞栓、公开场合、在衣服内: 4
Animal roles扮演动物角色: 5
Arm & leg sleeves (arm binders)臂腿袖套、固定手臂: 3
Auctioned for charity慈善拍卖: 5
Bathroom use control控制使用厕所:4
Bestiality兽交: 4
Beating (soft)咬、轻:3
Beating (hard)咬、重:5
Blindfolds眼罩、蒙眼: 5
Being serviced (sexual)被性服务: 5
Being bitten咬:5
Breast/chest bondage胸部捆绑:5
Breathe control呼吸控制: 5
Boot worship长靴崇拜: 2
Bondage (light)轻度捆绑: 3
Bondage (heavy)重度捆绑: 5
Bondage (multi-day)数日连续捆绑: 5
Bondage (public, underclothing)捆绑,公开场合,衣服下:4
Brown showers(scat)棕色淋浴、擦刮、似为以粪便涂抹全身: 4
Cages (locked inside of)锁入牢笼:5
Cells/Closets (locked inside of)锁入密室/壁橱:4
Chastity belts贞操带: 0
Chauffeuring汽车司机/运送: 0
Choking闭气/窒息: 5
Clothespins衣夹: 5
Cock worship阳具崇拜: 5
Competitions (with other Subs)与其它奴隶/受虐者比赛: 4
Corsets (wearing)穿紧身衣1
Cuffs (leather)镣铐、皮革: 4
cuffs (metal)镣铐、金属:5
Cutting切割: YES for $$$$
Dilation膨胀/扩张: 3
Double penetration双阳具插入: 5
Electricity电: 5
Enemas灌: 4
Enforced chastity强制贞操: 0
Examinations (physical)身体检查/审查: 5
Exercise (forced/required)运动、强迫/要求: 5
Exhibitionism (friends)露阴、向朋友:0
Exhibitionism (strangers)露阴、向生人: 2
Eye contact restrictions限制目光接触5
Face slapping掴击脸部/打耳光5
Fantasy abandonment幻想抛弃: 5
Fantasy rape幻想强奸: 5
Fantasy gang-rape幻想轮奸: 5
Fisting (anal)肛门手交:整个拳头插入肛门:5
Following orders跟随命令: 5
Foot worship脚部崇拜: 3
Forced dressing强迫着装: 3
Forced nudity (private)强迫裸体、私下: 5
Forced nudity (around others)强迫裸体、在其他人:0
Forced servitude强迫劳役: 5
Full head hoods完全蒙盖头部/蒙头: 5
Gags (cloth)封口、布料:3
Gags (rubber)封口、橡胶: 5
Gags (tape)封口、胶带: 5
Gates of Hell (male)地狱之门、男性 YES!!!!!!!
Genital sex生殖器性行为/正常性交: 5
Given away to other Dom(temp)赠送给另一主人、短时间: 5
Given away to other Dom(perm)赠送经另一主人、永久 YES for $$$$
Golden showers金色淋浴/屎尿: 5
Hairbrush spankings用毛刷拍打:5
Hair pulling拖拉头发: 5
Hand jobs (giving)用手、给予: 1
Hand jobs (receiving)用手、接受: 5
Harems (serving w/other subs)女眷、与其他奴隶一起服伺主人: 5
Harnessing (leather)束以马具/笼头、皮革: 4
Harnessing (rope)束以马具/笼头、绳索: 4
Having food chosen for you食用为你挑选的食物: 4
Having clothing chosen for you穿着为你挑选的服装 4
Head (giving fellatio)口交、给予: 5
Head (receiving fellatio)口交、接受:5
High heel worship高跟鞋崇拜: 0
Homage with tongue(n-sexual)用舌头表达尊敬、非性行为: 5
Hot oils (on genitals)热油、用于生殖器: 4
Hot waxing上热蜡: 4
Housework (doing)做家务: 5
Human puppy dog人扮小狗: 3
Humiliation (private)羞辱、私下: 5
Humiliation (public)羞辱、公开场合: 0
Spreader bars手足伸展棒/把两足或两手绑在棍棒两端使其尽量伸展: 5
Standing in corner墙角罚站: 3
Stocks(长袜/储备): 5
Strait jackets直接/只穿上衣外套: 5
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)穿戴式假阳具、舔舐: 5
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)穿戴式假阳具、抽插:5
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)穿戴式假阳具、穿着: 1
Strapping (full body beating)用皮带/皮鞭抽打全身: 5
Suspension (upright)悬吊、直立: 5
Suspension (inverted) 悬吊、颠倒/倒吊: 5
Suspension (horizontal)悬吊、水平: 5
Supplying new partners for Dom为主人提供新伙伴: 0
Swallowing semen吞咽精液: 5
Swallowing urine吞咽尿液/饮尿: 5
Swapping (with one other couple)交换、与另一对配偶: NO
Swinging (multiple couples)交换、与多对配偶: NO
Tattooing绞身: YES for $$$$
Teasing挑逗/取笑: 3
Tickling痒: 4
Triple penetration三阳具插: 5
uniforms制服: 3
Including others包括其他):4
Vaginal dildo阴道用假阳具:1
Verbal humiliation口头羞辱/言辞羞辱: 5
Vibrator on genitals对生殖器使用震荡按摩器: 3
Voyeurism (watching others)窥淫、看其他人: 3
Voyeurism (your Dom/others)窥淫、看你主人与其他人: 2
Video (watching others)观看录像: 3
Video (recordings of you & me)观看自己的录像: 5
Water torture用水折磨: 5
Wearing symbolic jewellery佩戴象征性珠宝饰物:3
Whipping鞭挞: 5
Wooden paddles木板、如球拍等、击打: 5
Uncontrolled furor 观看录像: 5
Snuff playing角力/扭打/格斗/摔跤: 5


Oooooppppps, 22

I'm approached by a police officer(s), they ask the normal questions, but then notice how cute I am... I'm too cute to let go of! So the officer(s) chloroforms* me, rendering me unconscious. The officer(s) proceed to bind and gag me and kidnap me either by putting me in their car, and driving me to some remote place.

*I have no experience with chloroform, and I'm a singer, if this will damage my singing voice, then please do NOT use chloroform on me, if it will not affect it, please use it.

On to my limits:
You will not shave my head, but the rest of my body is negotiable.
You will not put my cock in your mouth or ass.
You will not hit me above the shoulders.
You will not squeeze my throat.
You will not hit me on the head with anything.
You will not cut my dick off.
You will not piss or shit in my mouth.
You will not write on me.


enjoy_till_end, 18

Hey guys my mom bought the story i am back from hospital for you to do everything you want with me you have simply to ask again


p.s. Hey. Same deal as yesterday, i.e. I'm sick. Probably a little worse today. There will be p.s. damage, sorry. ** gucciCODYprada, Hi, Cody. Yeah, a little time would be good for the response thing. But you can comment here for others reasons if the mood strikes. Would be really ace. Yeah, sick, ugh, but it can't hold out too much longer, right? Lots of love, me. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Thank you. I'm doing the fluids thing. But this whatever that I'm beset with is fucking with my sleep, so I might have to do without the zzz's remedy. My fear isn't mid-interview vomiting but rather mid-interview staring into space in befuddlement. ** Tosh Berman. Hi. You're right, I'm a work-it-off kind of guy unless it whomps me into sleep without my say-so. Oh, you're off to Tokyo today! I would love to hear how you are and about  anything Tokyo-related if the blog looks homey from down there. Safe flight! ** Steevee, Hi. Thank you. Oh, that does sound better. I.e., its politics. Re: its success. Over here anyway. Maybe it's too UK for the US. It's quite a hit in France, apparently. I heard part of the new Goat. I like it. I want to get it, I think. Thanks! ** Jeffrey Coleman, Thanks, Jeff. I did see that Quietus piece, yeah. It's good. The Quietus and Tiny Mix Tapes are in my daily site visit cycle. I listened to a bit of Orval Carlos Sibelius and quite liked it, and I want to investigate them more. Don't know Gum Takes Tooth -- nice name, yeah -- but I'll dig into whatever they do when I get well. I like what I know of Astral Social Club, but I didn't know about the new Soundcloud album. Will check it. Cool, thank you a ton for the great suggestions as always. And really glad that you heard from your friend, whew. ** Kiddiepunk, Mikester! Ha ha, thank you, I will get better now for sure. Yeah, man, I got knocked out. Sucks. I have to try to talk about JT Leroy and try watch my p's and q's this morning on film. They flew all the way from LA to talk to my unexpectedly sick-fucking-self. Fuck. Miss you, man! ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Yeah, CA are really good. I pretty much like everything Loke does. For my money, that Shellac track I chose is the only really good one on a generally blah album. Hope your headache has vacated. Very cool about that interview. I'll devour it as soon as I have the facilities to devour anything. Everyone, Thomas Moronic alerts everyone to an interview by Harmony Korine of Kenneth Anger. Pretty incredible combo there, obviously. Read it here. ** Kier, Hi, Kier! Thanks for the well wishes! And for the healing gif, yay, yum! I hope you're not getting sick. I speak with authority when I say that being sick sucks. I've never seen 'Portlandia' or 'Veronica Mars'. TV has become a distant desert to me. It's weird. My sick day was spent trying to do things and not doing much of anything other than blowing my nose and coughing and spacing out. Uh, ... what did happen? I think I wrote some emails. I know I got some. I think I made most of two blog posts. Uh, oh, 'God Jr.' is going to be audio book. My first ever audio book. Weird. That's all I know about it. If anything else happened, it's been forgotten. Sorry. I'm doing that JT Leroy interview in a little while whether I'm capable or not, so I guess I can tell you about that tomorrow if nothing else. Tell me about Tuesday! ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. I'm really glad you liked Helen Adam. She was a serious treasure. That video is one of my favorite things. Cool, obviously, re: the resumption of Art101 on Thursday! ** Kyler, Hi, K. I'm doing zinc. If it's helping, it's taking its sweet time. Maybe Wednesday morning. That's my current goal. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Thanks. Oh, man, your allergy attack sounds even worse than whatever I'm down with. You win, sorry. 'Cows' might be just the thing to change LPS's life. I'm doing fluids and vitamin C, but sleep is denying me most of its theoretically saving graces for some reason. ** Sypha, Stay away from sick people. That's my banal but good advice. No, haven't watched the 'Inherent Vice' trailer yet. Excited for it though. Well, then watch a PTA movie, right? It's not so hard to do, buddy. ** Postitbreakup, Hi. I haven't checked my email yet, but I will. Thank you for the well wishes and for the shining beacon. ** Made it. It being the last day of the month, guess what? Yep, slave invasion. Embrace them or fend them off as you see fit. Speaking of fit, perhaps I'll be fit when I see you tomorrow. I doubt it, but you never know.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Gig #64: Of late 13: Croatian Amor, Carla Bozulich, James Hoff, Dan'l Boone, This Will Destroy You, Helen Adam, Grouper, Kemper Norton, The History of Color TV, Krieg, Shellac, Ice Orgy, Call Super

Croatian Amor Slim Stomachs
'Loke Rahbek is a busy man indeed - as if Sexdrome (RIP), Var, Damien Dubrovnik and Lust For Youth (plus running a record label) weren't enough work. But here we are with Croatian Amor, the self styled 'bubblegum industrial' project of the aforementioned Dane. Genitalia Garden is a collage comprised of field recordings, samples and warm bubbly synth that comes together to form the soundtrack to a grimy European arthouse flick that doesn't exist yet.' -- Fucked by Noise

Carla Bozulich Deeper Than The Well
'Never fenced in by genre, Bozulich has been an art punk (Ethyl Meatplow), an avant-garde country crooner (The Geraldine Fibbers), a noisy improviser with one of the world’s greatest guitar players (Scarnella), a storyteller capable of reimagining a classic Willie Nelson album (“Red Headed Stranger”), and the leader of a misfit trio that creates intense, uncomfortably dark music (Evangelista). The only constant is her unflinchingly honest point of view. “Deeper than the Well” is taken from her upcoming fourth solo LP Boy and indicates that despite being in the fourth decade of her career, Bozulich isn’t close to losing any steam, delivering one of her most left-field compositions yet, as well as a clever and intensely sexual set of lyrics.' -- collaged

James Hoff Blaster
'New York based conceptual artist James Hoff returns to PAN with Blaster, a document of his explorations of computer viruses as agents within the composition process. Specifically, Hoff used the Blaster virus to infect 808 beats and then utilized the mutated results as building blocks for seven new compositions. Hoff’s interest in computer viruses lies in their ability to self distribute through (and ultimately disrupt) networks of communication and Hoff’s agency as an artist centers on placing these parasitic forms into pre-existing genres, such as dance music. Blaster is a timely exploration of the infectious qualities of sound, and how it too, as a carrier, makes it’s way through social networks, reduced to bits and programmed to infiltrate and replicate.' -- p-a-n.org

Dan'l Boone Part 2
'Uniformly adventurous musicians Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), Neil Hagerty (The Howling Hex, formerly of Royal Trux), Alex Moskos (Drainolith), and Charles Ballas (Formant) have just formed Dan’l Boone, and nothing makes any sense. “I’d come downstairs into Charles’ basement and Nate and Neil would be making competing diagrams that represented the record. I was so lost,” says Moskos. And to supplement the visual philosophizing, Hagerty stated the following, “cryptically,” in a voicemail to Ballas: “To create music by reverting to zit-popping thrash, you must believe that the prognosis is so dismal that it takes time to hear them retain enough for your face before summary dismissal.”' -- Tiny Mix Tapes

This Will Destroy You War Prayer
'There's rattling, dubbed-out drums, unhinged strings, levigating shoegaze guitars, electronic drifts and blowouts, synthesizers that seem almost sentient, and layers of gentle, toy-box notes over woozy, kitchen-sink noise. The jazz of "Mother Opiate" evokes Bohren & der Club of Gore, and on opener "New Topia", deep synthesizer washes and plaintive guitars build up for a minute and a half, before slow-motion drums march in front of friskier noises towards a huge, blissful, earplug-rattling wash. "Serpent Mound" offers twisting, churning electronics and aching guitars worthy of My Bloody Valentine and the ghosts that band's known to pack into their sprawl; "The Puritan" is an ambient refrain that feels like wind drifting across a burnt-out prairie, and the explosive martial pace and windy space ringing inside "War Prayer" send chills. Some songs make me think of laying on my back in a planetarium, wondering about friends who've died.' -- Brandon Stosuy

Helen Adam Fearless Junkie Song
'A 'bardic matriarch' to the San Francisco Beats and, in her narrative voice, 'a sorceress with distinct powers over and within [that] community', Helen Adam's early life as the daughter of a Presbyterian minister in the north-east of Scotland appears to offer little indication of what was to come. Having moved to America in the 1930s, she settled some years later in a community in which formal experimentation was often the poetic mode-du-jour. Adam's reputation, however, rested on her retention and mastery of the ballad forms of her native land. Her importance was crystallised in her inclusion in Donald Allen's seminal collection The New American Poetry 1945-1960, and she was to extend her artistic vision into experimental filmmaking and collage production, as well as the writing of a successful opera. Personal circumstances hindered her endeavours in later years, precipitating a slide into obscurity. Indeed, it is only since her death that Adam has begun to receive once more the recognition her work merits.' -- Spl

Grouper Call Across Rooms
'Recorded almost entirely in Aljezur, Portugal while Liz Harris was taking part in a residency, Grouper's new album Ruins might be the most stripped-down set of songs she’s released so far. The songs came about when Harris happened upon a room with an upright piano – she had a 4-track Sony recorder with her, so that became her setup. After long walks through the ruins of a small village nearby, she would sit at the piano and process, in her own words, “a lot of political anger and emotional garbage.” The result is the most naked, raw recordings we’ve heard from Harris – a far cry from the comparatively sunny Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill.' -- Fact Magazine

Kemper Norton Her
'The music of Kemper Norton streaks across the ages like a tipsy beach-comber, enthusiastically and expertly skipping across time's tide and handpicking an array of instruments, contexts and influences to form what he succinctly describes as "coastal slurtronic folk". Far from being a romantic nostalgia trip, like the rash of recent releases that turn today's laptops into yesteryear's Radiophonic Workshop to relive their youths spent watching cult TV, Kemper Norton's music exists within the continuum, encapsulating a free range of sounds and stories spread throughout history. Here, medieval mandolins meet modular synths, or a 19th century harmonium harmonises with its future cousin the Casio keyboard, evoking anything from pre-Christian myth to post-modern polemics.' -- The Quietus

The History Of Colour TV 1-800-BADNITE
'The History of Colour TV is a Berlin-based shoegaze outfit whose origins began in 2010 as a conceptual audio-visual project of musician Jaike Stambach. After self-releasing several experimental cassette-only EPs and accompanying videos, the project began to take on a fuller shape as Stambach brought in additional bandmembers to color his dreamy, darkly textured pop songs. Their first release as a group was 2011's Colour TV EP, which still incorporated some of the more abrasive ambient textures of Stambach's earlier solo work, but was far more anchored in song format. A deal with Texas-based indie Saint Marie Records was struck and they released their debut album, 2012's densely layered Emerald Cures Chic Ills. Stripping down their sound, while keeping it no less potent, they returned in June 2014 with When Shapes of Spilt Blood Spelt Love.' -- collaged

Krieg Ruin of Our Lives
'Krieg has returned. For anyone even remotely familiar with US black metal this demonic wrecking crew needs no introduction. Over the course of their 19-year career they have produced some of the finest albums to emerge from the US black metal scene. And their latest is no exception. Transient, which is being released by Candlelight Records, continues their tradition of challenging and expanding the boundaries of the genre. Jameson’s vocal performance is gut wrenching throughout. Some of his side projects and previous works have suffered from a lack of variety, but this is definitely not the case with Transient. You can feel the venom and vitriol oozing from every syllable. His vocal attack fits perfectly into each of the songs. From deathly bellows to throat shredding growls, Jameson puts in the vocal performance of his career. It’s a far cry from the standard black metal screech we have all heard a thousand times since the dawn of the second wave in Norway.' -- metalbandcamp.com

Shellac Dude Incredible
'You know the Shellac drill by now: born of Albini's very own recording Arcadia, Electrical Audio studios; the extrapolation of simple practice-ideas that gradually become live staples; recorded without question to analogue tape; aluminium-bodied Travis Beans (this isn't some kind of metaphor); nothing really resembling a chorus; tangerine trousers; sombre yet mirthful; released, as always, on Touch And Go; and a carefully considered artwork package, which this time is a chipboard square and glossy macaque print (more about them later). Whatever you want to call their shtick - math-rock, post-hardcore, minimalist jugular-cutting, or just a white, angry man talking with style – it remains just that. Dude Incredible sounds "like a Shellac record" according to Bob Weston, and he's right. Not that that's a bad thing of course. When I eat my once-yearly Cadbury's Cream Egg I expect the sugar content to make me feel dizzy and I'd be irked if it didn't. And similarly, when I hear a new Shellac record I expect it to kick me in my imaginary balls.' -- The Quietus

Ice Orgy live in Brooklyn
'Ice Orgy is about as cold and indulgent as the name suggests. These crawling drones come courtesy of an autoharp and electronics, painting grainy streaks of disharmonious tones, and gently throbbing them into your ear holes with a plodding, pounding pulse that gradually doubles-down into a rolling rollick – the kind of thing that you’d imagine zombies dancing to. The upper register is a swarming mass, a cloud of uncertainty and unknowing seeking out any relaxed corner of your brain and infecting with a discomforting notion of simple dread. Ice Orgy is pure anxiety in sound, a cold sweat for the ages.' -- collaged

Call Super Coney Storm Drain
'Since I’m reviewing a techno long-player, I’m supposed to make some sort of comment about how it bridges the theoretical gap between the club and bedroom/headphones/whatever, right? It makes sense, given how many artists botch the album thing on a regular basis by just going the banger-interlude-banger route or toning down their club sound into inoffensive nothingness, but Call Super is one of the few who doesn’t even need to distinguish between the two, creating a self-sustaining space so unique that the two collapse into each other. Unlike, say, Kassem Mosse’s brilliant record from earlier this year, Suzi Ecto isn’t just a collection of well-engineered cuts that work outside the dancefloor, but a world unto itself, full of unnaturally iridescent chimes and hissing, crunchy sound design. Its neon skylines work wherever, alien enough to remain interesting after the umpteenth listen but comforting enough to make you want to spin it that many times.' -- Tiny Mix Tapes


p.s. Hey. I'm sick with a bad cold or the flu or something, so this p.s. is probably going to really suck, sorry. ** David Ehrenstein, 'He can move stuff around but ... he has no real ideas of his own:' that makes sense to me. Early on. when he'd only made 'Seven', 'The Game', and 'Fight Club', I'd expected differently. ** Jeffrey Coleman, Hi. When my brain returns, I'll try that lecture. Thank you. I hope your email to your friend gets something going. Doll Food, cool, yeah, as soon as my ears aren't all clogged up, I'll check that out. Thank you again. ** Damien Ark, Hi. Cool that the post triggered art making longings. Sometimes pauses can be the best medicine. Yeah, thank you a ton for the posts! So great! Peter's really nice. He's pretty easy talk to about anything. We talked about The Rolling Stones, whom he loves, for instance. ** Misanthrope, Dig, about the ghost stuff. I've never been so scared that I lost control of my bodily functions. I was so scared once when I was a little kid that I went into shock, though. Eragon, what's that, oh wait, I remember, never mind. 'Cecil B. Demented!' What an underrated wonderful movie. ** Steevee, I love being pleased by your reviews, so cool. ' ... it's very mainstream (in the UK tradition of THE FULL MONTY & BILLY ELLIOT) and suffers from a formulaic screenplay': that's a flashing red light of a blurb if I ever read one. ** Thomas Moronic, Thank you again, man! So lovely. Oh, I'm going to run your gp #2 (EIF#7) on this coming Friday. My weekend was varying degrees of ruined by sickness, but it was okay within that context, I guess. The webpage for that collaborative art group is really nicely designed, and I'll check it out once my brain cells cooperate. ** Dan, Hi. Oh, cool. Shit, I'm toast above the neck, and pretty much below it too, but I'll cast my hazy eyes over the email and get back to you as best I can today. Thanks! ** Kyler, Good about the southern quiet. Oh, okay, I see, about ghosts being able to die or 'die' or die again. Weird, cool. ** gucciCODYprada, Hi, man. I've started, but it's going to take me a while. Sorry. But I've started, and it's too early on to say much, but it's awesome. I did like Gesaffelstein. I listened to a bunch more in fact. Might put some on the blog in fact. Love from sluggish, feverish me. ** Hyemin K, Hi. Yeah, sure, okay about the no interview thing. They're usually red herrings anyway. So are solid perspectives. I'm into confusion, you know. Definitely don't risk an unfortunate accident. I'm trying to avoid them myself until I can actually think clearly again. ** Keaton, Sculpture is God's Halloween candy. Satan's too, I guess. 'Paper craves design': whoa, that's nice. ** Kier, Hey, buddy boy! Record fairs! I love them. I miss them. I don't think they have them here. Or maybe they do. LA had/has great ones. Yay about the great drawing day. Too bad that the other day didn't work out that way, but that happens, right? Uh, this will be a shitty report because my head is shit, but ... Kiddiepunk, yes. First I saw him on Friday. We hung out. We hung out with Peter Sotos. PS is visiting Paris right now. Well, duh, how else could we have seen him? Kp and I saw Stephen O'Malley's drone symphony performed at a church. That was beautiful. I started getting sick then. The next day I really getting sick, but I drank coffees with Kiddiepunk anyway, and that was nice. Then I got sicker and sicker. I couldn't see Lust for Youth and Croatian Amor because I was too sick, and that was very depressing. While I was sick, I did minimal things not very well and blew my nose and coughed and felt like crap. I'll spare you the sickness details. So, now I'm sick, but I need to get better today somehow because at 10 am tomorrow morning this film crew is coming over to shoot a giant interview with me for a new JT Leroy documentary. Ugh. How was Monday? For sure it will be a billion times better than mine no matter what happens. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Oh, shit, more Art 101 delays? Sorry, man. It'll be so worth it all, though. ** Sypha, Oh, I remember that character existing, but I don't remember what he looks like. Oh, wait, that's the guy who's seen giving someone a blow job with smoke coming out of his mouth in that amazing brothel scene at the end, right? Nope, I've never seen that band's name written anywhere. Usually, I at least know boy bands' names. Yeah, I probably won't pick that album up, ha ha. ** Derek McCormack, Hi, Derek! Cool, so weird about Giles being on my doorstep, no? I tried to ask around and find out why he was here, but no one knew anything. That dark ride really, really looks like a dream. I bookmarked that page, and I keep looking a it. Oh, that's sad you won't be here this fall, but, yes, spring! Spring in Paris is famously and justifiably beautiful. And I have so much to show you, so do make sure to come. I'll go to David's show for completely sure. Oh, man, I so hope the surgeon can clear up your guts' problems. Whoa you finished your novel! And you're finishing the Count Chocula book! Holy shit, Derek, that's such amazing news that I literally feel like I'm not sick at this very moment. Seriously, I could climb to the top of this gigantic tree outside my window in the pouring rain -- it's raining right now -- and ... do whatever one would do at the top of a gigantic tree. Scream in terror to be rescued? Anyway, you get the picture. Tons and tons of love to you! ** Jonathan, Hi, man! Stephen's thing was really beautiful. I have 24 seconds of surreptitious video of it on my phone I can show you. Super sucks that I didn't see Croatian Amor 'cos I'm sick as a dog. I'm glad your Friday thing was at least fun enough. I'll so go get matcha cake with you if you can wait a day or two for me to be normalized again. Or just go yourself asap, and I'll drag you back there again. ** Right, well, that p.s. sucked. You don't have to be nice and tell me it didn't, but thank you for the thought if you did think that. The gig today is quite good if I don't say so myself, and find out why I said that if you want. I'm going to go try to get well now. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thomas Moronic presents ... Lee Bul Day

Lee Bul (b. 1964, Korea) grew up in Seoul and received a BFA in sculpture from Hongik University. Considered one of the leading Korean artists of her generation, she has achieved international recognition for her formally inventive, intellectually provocative oeuvre. Demonstrating virtuosity across diverse media—from drawing and performance to sculpture, painting, installation and video—her multifaceted production is representative of the most innovative aesthetic currents shaping contemporary art in the global sphere.

Lee Bul’s work has been featured in solo presentations at museums throughout the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1997); Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland (1999); Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia (2001); MAC, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Marseille (2002); the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (2002); Le Consortium, Dijon (2002); Japan Foundation, Tokyo (2003); The Power Plant, Toronto (2003); Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2004); Domus Artium, Salamanca (2007); Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (2007–08); Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2012); MUDAM - Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg (2013-14); and most recently at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2014). Forthcoming exhibitions will take place at the Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló, Spain (2015) and Musée d'art moderne de Saint-Etienne, France (2015). She has also participated in major group exhibitions around the world, and in 1999, she was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 48th Venice Biennale for her contribution to both the Korean Pavilion and the international exhibition curated by Harald Szeemann. The artist currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

From here: http://www.lehmannmaupin.com/artists/lee-bul


Nothing's perfect, but that doesn't stop us chasing the dream – a Catch-22 that has long fascinated Korean artist Lee Bul. In the 1990s, her cyborg sculptures took an obsession with prosthetics and plastic surgery to a gleaming conclusion: ideal robot women. More recently, she's turned to the futuristic architectural fantasies of the early 20th century. Elaborate sculptures and installations are crafted from twisted metal, decked in crystal beads and chains, set in mirrored boxes or hung from the ceiling like castles in the air. Hectic and gorgeous, they suggest another kind of post-human world, where shimmering modernist buildings lie in seductive ruin.

Bul was born in 1964 in a remote South Korean village where her dissident parents were in hiding from the oppressive government. Something of a renegade in the Korean artworld, she made her mark in the late 1980s through outlandish street performances. Her first sculptures were designed to be worn: covered in freakish protrusions and decked in sequins, they suggested a metamorphosis that was both grotesque and sensual. In the late 1990s her sci-fi inspired, mutant cyber-women, with missing heads and limbs like the female torsos of Renaissance sculpture, established Bul's international reputation. As with the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson, her work pointed to a terrifying future where technology is less freeing than debilitating.

The past five years have seen Bul make a break with this aesthetic, though beauty gone mad remains an abiding theme. Her 2007 series, Sternbau , was inspired by visionary architect Bruno Taut's proposals for a crystalline city in the Alps, which date from 1917; darkly sparkling, chandelier-like hanging sculptures sprawl outwards, laden with out-of-control décor. An installation from the same year, Heaven and Earth, explores her own country's embattled modernisation: in a scruffy, white-tiled bathroom resembling a torture chamber, a bath is filled to the brim with foul-smelling black goop. Reflected in this well of horrors is an ice-white sculpture of Baekdu mountain, the mythical birthplace of the Korean nation. Luxurious and sinister, Bul's art mines a terrible beauty that seems to stretch endlessly into past and future, grimly dehumanising and forever compelling.

Taken from/continued here: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2010/jul/21/artist-week-lee-bul


Like a lighthouse perched on seaweed-covered rocks, a temple stands on a landscape of black hair, atop a structure that is taller than I am. The whorls and skeins of hair form a canopy over the wall of an ancient building that is pierced by empty windows. Beyond the wall is another landscape of undulating hills, with a writhing highway whose multiple exits go nowhere. With me so far? It is confusing. The entire structure stands on a concrete pillar set on to a rock at its base. The rock is impregnated with large crystals that seem to have grown there.

Is Lee Bul’s Excavation, 2007 a model of a place, or an image of a body – the spirit up there in the temple, the comings and goings of the highway like speech or thoughts, the lower functions rooting us to the earth?

There is an awful lot of fabrication and jiggery-pokery in Lee Bul’s constructed worlds. But there are no people, even though a few figurines, like the ones that populate model railway sets, would add a sense of human scale.

In another model that looks like a towering mountain of petrified goo, a pylon flashes an illuminated sign that reads Weep Into Stones … Fables Like Snow … Our Few Evil Days. The phrases come from Hydriotaphia, a meditation on mortality by the 17th-century English writer Thomas Browne, which inspired WG Sebald’s tour of East Anglia in his novel The Rings of Saturn.

Here, Browne’s words illuminate a psychological terrain that has its roots in South Korea, where Lee lives and works. Elsewhere in her Mon grand récit: Weep into stones … is a scale model of the studio she occupied in Seoul in the late 1980s. It was on the top floor of an abandoned tower block, the typical remorselessly utilitarian architecture of a country under a military dictatorship. Her idiosyncratic art resists the conformity of the culture she grew up in, and constantly returns to the idea of a failed utopia, dreams of a better future and the ruins of the past.

It also revels in its own excess. Or rather, she points out both the plenitude and complexity of the world – and our inability to control it all. So it is with her work. Sometimes dark and doomy, frequently decorative and definitely strange, Lee fills two floors of the Ikon in Birmingham with sculptures and maquettes, installations and drawings. One work is a maze of screens and mirrors, culminating in a chamber of infinite reflections and bright lights, your own shadow disappearing in a vortex. This is fun, but infinity mirrors are such a cliche.

The exterior walls of this maze have been papered with pages, in English and Korean, from American psychologist Julian Jaynes’s The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. You can only read fragments – the pages are disordered, pasted upside-down and semi-obscured by deliberate stains.

Lee’s references add heft to what she does, and help her work come alive, but they don’t always make it better. I get lost among all the ramifications in her more complicated works. Look – there is a tiny jade-green model of Tatlin’s Tower, no bigger than a peanut! And here are dozens of drawings. The best are those with pendulous bulges and pouches, their phallic and breast-like and shoe-like forms. They remind me of the early drawings of Eva Hesse, and their almost human forms provide relief.

Elsewhere Lee has installed “cyborg” creatures and sculptures of vomiting dogs. These had yet to be unleashed on my visit, which is a pity. I do like a vomiting dog. Twinkling lights, more infinity mirrors, and a tunnel that’s mirrored on the inside and like a ramshackle shanty on the outside, through which you can stoop and crawl, give her show a kind of fairground liveliness. There is so much going on everywhere that the whole exhibition becomes an obstacle course. There is no let-up, and after an hour or two, you wonder if there is any way out.

Taken from/continued here: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/sep/11/lee-bul-review-techno-terror-sculpture-south-korea-ikon


Monster: Pink
1998 / 2011

The monstrous and phantasmic bodysuits she wore during those performances eventually developed into sculptural artworks such as Monster: Pink in their own right. Through various sculpture series including “Cyborg,” “Anagram,” and “Live Forever,” Lee investigated the limits of human desire, ideals and potential.

Untitled (infinity wall)

In the “Untitled (infinity)” series, which is fixed to walls or the floor of the gallery, Lee uses mirrors to create illusions in which oddly shaped objects resembling fragments of architectural models appear to continue endlessly into the distance. Thus the desire for immortality, which was apparent in “Live Forever,” is here transferred to the spatial concept of infinity.


The works in the “Anagram” series, which takes its name from the English term for changing the order of letters in a word to make a new word, consist of various parts that are joined together interchangeably with the result that their appearance reminds us of plants or insects. Many references to literature can also be found in the works. For example, the work Chrysalis refers to a stage in a moth or butterfly's development, but one may recall at the post-apocalyptic world found in John Wyndham's science fiction novel The Chrysalids (1955), in which society attempts to eradicate animals and plants made mutant by exposure to radioactivity and humans who do not conform to strict norms.

Sternbau No. 4

In 1919, the German architect and urban planner Bruno Taut, who is best known for works such as his Glass Pavilion (1914), became inspired by the fantasy novelist Paul Scheerbart's essays on Glasarchitektur (Glass Architecture)(1914) and thus developed what he called Alpine Architecture(1919), in which buildings are giant artworks arranged in mountains as a kind of ornamentation. His ideas of Sternbau, which glitters like a star or a glass building reflecting the sunlight, resonate with Lee Bul's ideas of an ideal society, a fantasy landscape. It also reflects the notion of the incompleteness of utopian architecture theories. Several of Lee's “Mon grand récit” works thus suggest the influence of such.

Bunker (M. Bakhtin)

Bunker (M. Bakhtin), which looks like a black rocky mountain, has a cave-like interior that can be entered through a large fissure. The invisible key to this work is the ghost of Yi Gu, the man who was born as the heir to the Korean Imperial family and died in 2005. Lee Bul is fascinated by the dramatic life Yi led in the shadows of the modern development that occurred under Park Chung-hee's military dictatorship. Inside the cave, Lee juxtaposes the sounds of the visitors' footsteps with vibrations from locations that had significance in Yi's life. In this way, she creates an amalgam of history and Yi's memory with contemporary times.

Taken from/continued here: http://www.mori.art.museum/english/contents/leebul/introduction/




Lee Bul’s Official website: http://www.leebul.com/


p.s. Hey. The honorable Thomas Moronic leads us through the weekend on the coat tails of the work of the very interesting artist Lee Bul, and I strongly suspect that even a minimal exploration of his post and her work will intrigue and pleasure you up enough to get you to Monday with flying colors and all of that. Enjoy, and thank you mightily, Thomas! ** Hyemin K, Hi. Yeah, it's a pretty weird and racy book for libraries, I would suspect. I dig about the non-interview, and I like the idea of me being distanced to the point 'dead' in your writings about me. Okay, whatever you think is best for you and your style re: NYC is definitely the best. ** Jeffrey Coleman, Hi. Oh, that would have been interesting to do a switch out and illustrate those deceased people's birthplaces instead, although it might have been a lot harder to find photos of wherever those places were, I guess. Weird, Swans are playing here tonight. It's sold out, so I'm not going. I do remember you telling about that guy from high school whom you lost track of then found again. Well, given your history with him, it's no surprise that his silence would make you worry about and imagine the worst that could have happened. That has happened to me a bunch of times. I'm a worrier. In my cases, it always turned out to be something simple and to do only with their issues and not about me, if that makes any difference. I kind of vaguely remember Antonio posting about that band here, but it's a very vague memory, and I have no idea when it would have happened, and Blogger doesn't have a sophisticated enough comments search engine to help. But that was an amazing story, and really intriguingly told. Thank you, Jeff. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. That Ira Sachs video looks intense and disturbing/ depressing, so of course I'll watch it. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. No, I didn't notice anything about those locations actually being tagged as haunted. I guess I was hoping to implant the ghosts or something. Thank you! ** Empty Frame, Wow, thank you a lot, man. Yeah, I felt particularly pleased/ proud of that post, I must admit, Thank you! The gif obsession is deep one. I haven't quite figured it out, but there's just something about them, their limitations and little magic and their poetic and stuff that kind of drives me crazy in the good way. But, yeah, poor anyone reading this blog without a super computer. Mine is no super computer at all, and the internet signal here at the Recollects sucks, so if loading those posts feels like building a pyramid, at least making them is like that too. Yeah, really nice, totally, about the face/ architecture juxtaposition thing. If you didn't find the answers to those questions, I can fill you in. You know, I think I hadn't seen George Shaw's paintings until I googled his name just now. They do look really haunting and strong. Thank you for that, and, yeah, again, for your very kind words. Excellent weekend! ** Keaton, Hi, K. Thank you, man. I wrote a poem about Brandis's death. There was a weird power there. The 'writing it' part is the part that sucks. But needs to be. I wish my imagination was Cape Canaveral and paper was Mars. I need a good desk too, or an infinitely less cluttered one. Love back. ** Thomas Moronic, Thank you again so very much for our weekend's enlightenment/ entertainment combo. And thanks a bunch about the post yesterday. Yeah, I was into the playfulness of the gifs re: everything else, thanks, great eye as always. I ... think you did tell me about going into Brandis on acid. Yeah, thanks, buddy, and have a superb Saturday and Sunday. ** Scunnard, Hey. I keep thinking that 'Disintegration' is the big hole in my limited interest in The Cure 'cos it seems to be the go-to album for Emos and stuff. I think I'll stream it and fill that emptiness inside me, or I guess exaggerate it, if the Emos are right. Love 'Pornography', though. 'A Strange Day' is one of my all-time favorite songs, which feels kind of embarrassing to say for some reason. Keep it up, man. ** Paul Curran, Thank you re: the post, sir. And, yeah, a lot for your words on 'TMS' and 'MLT'. Voice is always first for me too. I wonder if that's true with fiction writers in general. I guess I get the feeling that most writers get a voice at some early point in their development and then just blindly use it to do what they want. I can't figure out why anyone would want to do that at all. But I think maybe if you study writing, that's what they teach you to do? I mean to use the entirety of you imagination to work out premises and plots and shit? ** Steevee, It does have smart defenders for sure, and a healthy contingent of smart pooh-poohers as well. Interesting case, in any case. No, I didn't know there was a new Yob, but I'm certainly interested to hear it. Cool. Obviously very interested to read your take on 'Gone Girl'. I'm in the camp that thinks Fincher is very overrated. ** Creative Massacre, Hi, Misty! How really sweet to see you! It has been a while! I'm doing really well, thanks. Really busy but for very good reasons, I think. It would awesome to see you more often, it goes so much without saying. Lots of love to you! ** Kyler, Hi, K. Oh, shit, I'm sorry about your family stuff. Hang in there, or maybe I mean hang in here. Not here as in the blog, but here as in your life outside your family. Very interesting about that hypnotism/ past-life regression things or things. But, wait, you were a ghost at one point? But I thought ghosts didn't die, so how did you manage to escape the eternality of ghost existence and get reborn? ** Sypha, I don't remember who that 'EtV' actor was? The main guy/ghost who got killed? Cat Day sounds like a total joy, and I'll be very excited to get and host it. You rule! I've never heard of 5 Seconds of Summer. What a ridiculous but weirdly almost kind of interesting name. ** Misanthrope, Good question about Corey Haim's ghost. What do the experts say about that? Do you get to idealize yourself when you become paranormal? Yeah, if LPS ends up in your neck or house, you obviously would be doing him a huge favor by helping him learn the basics. I don't believe in ghosts either, but I guess since the movie that scared me the most as an adult was 'Blair Witch Project' that means the idea of ghosts must scare me to some degree too when their premise is combined with the right cinematography or something? ** That seems to be that. Lee Bul has you so completely covered this weekend thanks to the good graces of Thomas Moronic. Enjoy what that entails, won't you? See you on Monday.